TomTom POI files for Pubs on this site

If you have a TomTom Sat Nav you can add a POI (points of interest file) quite easily when you connect your SAT NAV to your computer. For most of the pubs on my site you can download the two files you will need from here. One file is simply an icon that will appear on your map, the other is a file, with the extension .ov2, that contains the names and coordinates for the pubs.


First download the two files pubs.gif and pubs.ov2 from the links here:

pubs.gif - Do this by right clicking on your mouse and choose "save target as" ("save link as" in Firefox)to save the icon in a suitable folder on your computer.

pubs.ov2 - Do this by right clicking on your mouse and choose "save target as" ("save link as" in Firefox)to save the file in a suitable folder on your computer. (last update NOV 2011)

Now connect your TomTom device and switch it on (if TomTom Home loads, shut this down) and open up the main folder from your "My Computer" icon.

Next locate the folder containing the map for your device (i.e. Gt Britain and ROI or Western Europe) and simply copy the two files into this folder. Disconnect your SAT NAV from the computer by turning it off and then unplugging.

Switch it on and go to the menu for POI's and enter a tick by the pubs icon. The new POI's should appear on your map.
You can use PoiEdit to add your own pubs - this can be found from a link on the TomTom Home website. On the TomTom site there is a general POI for pubs called "pubs_HQ.ov2" which has its own icon. This has pubs from all over the UK including a few in Cumbria not on my list.


I have a TomTom ONE and TomTom GO 300 and this method works fine for me - I take no responsibility for any problems you may encounter with your device.

REMEMBER: You should always make a backup using TomTom Home before you make any changes.

(Some of the pubs have been located using Postcodes and might not get you right to the front door.)

GARMIN & NAVMAN users. I believe there are free programs on the Internet that will convert TomTom POI's into ones that will work on other machines e.g. PoiEdit from DNote software, but I have no experience of them.