Sarah Jane Framing


There are two ways to mount your medals - Court Mounting and Swing Style  - both are shown below


Ribbons are threaded through the ring or suspension bar and then sewn onto the brooch - most medals are supplied with sufficient ribbon to 'swing mount' but not usually enough to 'court mount'. In our experience most customers opt for swing style whether for wear or framing. The drawback is the medals when worn 'clink' together and consequently may be scratched or damaged .


The ribbons are threaded as per swing style but instead of being sewn to a brooch are then 'wound over' a piece of buckram and terminated and sewn at the top of the buckram underneath the visible part of the ribbon. The brooch is then sewn to the rear of the buckram . Medals are then invisibly sewn to the buckram to stop movement - avoiding any damage when worn. It may be true/not true that court style was introduced during the reign of Queen Victoria because she didn't like the clink of medals from her courtiers !!


If you don't want to pin the brooch directly to your jacket we can supply pocket holders that attach to the brooch and then just slip into the breast pocket of your jacket - neat and easy for both swing and court style mounting.


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