T h e  H a r r i s  M e l t z e r  T r u s t






Adolescence by Donald Meltzer and Martha Harris

Talks, papers and supervisions by Donald Meltzer and Martha Harris – some not previously published in English.


FreudŐs Lost Chord by Daniel Sapen

This work explores the hitherto almost mute role of musical appreciation in psychoanalytic theory and focuses on jazz as an analogy to psychoanalytic process.


Post-Autism: a narrative by Marisa Pelella Melega

History of a case supervised by Donald Meltzer


Looking and listening: understanding early childhood by Marisa Pelella Melega and Mariangela Mendes de Almeida

Translation of a book widely used in South America based on the teaching of Esther Bick and Martha Harris.


Reflective learning with social work students by Martina Campart

(provisional title)

An account of practical work with students, focusing on the interface between experience and theory, with reference to the educational ideas presented by Donald Meltzer, Wilfred Bion, Donald Schon, Gregory Bateson and Lennart Ramberg.