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This educational charity was formed in November 2005 to continue the aims and activities of the Roland Harris Educational Trust which for nearly 30 years published as the Clunie Press.  The stated aims of the new charity are: To advance the education of the public in general and in particular of those closely involved with young people, by promoting the understanding of children and young people and of their emotional and intellectual development in the family, school and community.  To further this purpose by means of the publication of clinical experience and original research findings undertaken both in this country and abroad in the fields of psychoanalysis, human relations and related spheres.


Editor and literary executor: Meg Harris Williams

Trustees: Meg Harris Williams, Adrian Williams, Oliver Rathbone

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A Meltzer Bibliography





A guide to psychotherapy

for children


with a note for parents and carers

by Judith Edwards

published for the Association of Child Psychotherapists


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Harris and Bick



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Martha Harris



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Martha Harris




Negri and Harris


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Psychoanalytic Group of Barcelona

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Object Relations)


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