Apricot LS Pro

This is an Ultra compact machine which can be used as a standalone or network computer. It is based on the AM386SX/SXL-33 this one has 4MB of Ram, they say that it can be extended to 16MB but I had no luck, none of the SIMMs that I had would increase the memory so they must all be the wrong sort. This is fitted with an 80MB Quantum Prodrive ELS hard drive and a Sony MP-F77W-OA 1.44 MB floppy disk drive.

This is well geared up for networking as it has 3 different types of network connector on it, it can even connect to a token ring network if you fit an additional card to a couple of 40 pin connectors on the motherboard. It has got onboard microphone and headphone sockets and the video out can be either VGA or SVGA.

When I got this there was nothing on the hard disk so it now tends to get used for experimenting and trying out old DOS games and such that I don't really want to install on anything else, at least not until they are tried. I even messed about with networking it in DOS to a Win 95 & a Win 98 computer you never now I might need to now how to one day.

This is another one with a 34 pin ribbon and no power lead on the floppy disk drive. Quite obviously going by the size of this unit there is no room at all for any expansion cards or additional disk drives.

This is the right side view showing the 3.5" floppy drive, speaker, microphone, PS/2 keyboard & mouse connectors.

Rear view showing 25 pin D type serial connector, parallel port, 15 pin VGA connector. Network connectors 15 pin D type, RJ45 & thin coax.


12.75" (324 cm) wide

14" (355 cm) deep

2.25" (55cm) high


Apricot LS Pro Mitsubishi
Model no. BN73128 Serial no. 158728
2MB onboard + 2 x 30 pin 1MB SIMMs  
HDD Quantum LS Pro ELS 85AT Part no. P108A011 Rev 06-G
FDD 3.5" Sony 1.44MB MP-F17W-OA
VARTA Mempac 3.6V 100mAh BIOS battery

Downloads (Temporary)

LS Pro drivers Audio, Video & Network for Windows 3.1 (1.57MB)
LS Pro Manual in PDF format (1.54MB)
LS Pro Setup disk image (752KB) you will need a copy of winimage from www.winimage.com



Please e-mail me if you have further information or any criticism of the details shown.


Last Updated 24th April 2003