Bondwell Model 2

This laptop was found by my father at a general auction for only a few pounds, and as he doesn't really want any thing to do with computers I was quite surprised when he turned up with it. But still it was nice to get to see although we had a slight fiddle to try and open the top as one of the catch release levers is slightly damaged and it doesn't operate correctly, so at present I have got a piece of cotton tied round it to make it easier to open. It was nice to turn it on and see it light up (although not very clearly at first) but then it was working out what to do to get it going, not to much trouble once I found a disk that worked properly.

This laptop is based on the Zilog Z80L processor, it has 64K ram and uses a 3.5" 360K single sided floppy disk drive. The display is a 9" x 3" (approx.) LCD, 80 x 25 characters text mode.

The Operating system that came with this is CP/M 2.2 version 3.0, this also came with WordStar, Datastar, Scheduler plus and maybe a few more programs but the first thing will be to try and get used to CP/M as I haven't really used it before.

I get a BDos error on some of the disks so I shall have to try and copy the disks to new ones to try and save the programs from becoming unusable but as yet I haven't managed to copy files from one disk to another. I have managed to make a couple of new disks bootable so that should keep the system going for now.

I did manage to find a site that had got a disk image of a CP/M 2.2 Bondwell model 2 boot/system disk, it is a .tdo file but the software that I have found so far to recreate the disk hasn't been successful, so I am not sure if I shall have to run a CP/M emulator to recreate this disk. It might just be a mater of trying to keep hold of the program files that I have got at the moment. The 2 lead acid batteries do not appear to take any charge but I suppose that is hoping a bit to much.



Please e-mail me if you have further information or any criticism of the details shown.

Bondwell Model 2 Serial no. BI020000700

CPU Zilog Z80L  
Memory 64K    
FDD Teac FD-35E PS-06-U   Part no. 19307180-06
Connects with a 34 pin ribbon 360K single sided 3.5"disks
Batteries 2 x Hitachi HP3-6(6m3) 6v 3ah sealed lead acid
AC Adapter Model no.2-TP114    
Input 240Vac 50Hz Output DC 13.8V 1.3 A


Last Updated 13th September 2002