Brother WP-6


Well this is a self contained word processor, with a mono (5" x 9" CRT) display 7.75" x 3.25" viewable area , detachable keyboard, 3.5" 240Kb floppy disk drive and a daisy wheel printer. It would appear that this came with a demonstration program to show you how to use it but unfortunately I don't have the original disk with the program on it. When you start a new document it gives you a memory capacity of 32.4Kb to work with.

The 3.5" 240Kb disk drive is a single head Brother part no.13194989 and is connected with a 15 pin ribbon. If you put a blank disc in, it initializes (formats) the disk to a capacity of 236.5Kb.

The printer is a BI-directional daisy wheel, so the types and size of fonts that it can print are obviously restricted to the number of daisy wheels that you have (in my case 1). If you use various sizes of font in a document it stops printing for you to change the wheel back and forth.

The keyboard is attached to the front of the main unit by the two adjustable legs on the back of the keyboard and hinges up over the display for storage or as is shown in the top picture can be detached to make it easier to use.

Dimensions 17"deep x 16" wide x 7" high

Weight 25lbs



Please e-mail me if you have further information or any criticism of the details shown.


Last Updated 13th September 2002