Coleco Vision

Well I have just had an interesting afternoon messing about with this old games console. When I first plugged it in it seemed as though it was trying to work as the screen went blank on the TV set instead of all the snow that is there with no signal, but it wasn't putting any picture up on the screen. So I set to and carefully dissmantled it and had a look around inside it but couldn't really see anything wrong, so I decided to Check the voltages from the power supply and the 12 volt outlet was down to 10 volts. But seeing as the power supply was well sealed up I decided to use a different power unit which had the necasary +5, -5 & 12 volt outlets and wired it in according to the pin layout of the original supply. This now meant that the console powered up correctly so I finished up playing games on it for the next hour or so.

This was made by CBS electronics, around about 1982 and used the Zilog Z80 processor, although you cannot see the procesor for the heat sink that is fitted to it as you can see below. The hand controllers are quite large with the joystick and a number pad all in one.

The game cartriges that I have got with this are:

Donkey Kong
Lady Bug
Mouse Trap
Space Fury




Please e-mail me if you have further information or any criticism of the details shown.


Processor Zilog Z80 at 3.58 Mhz
Ram 8k ? or 16k ? not certain
Screen Resolution 256 x 192 pixels
Colours 16

Last updated 13th October 2002