Compaq DeskPro 286e


When I got this one it was pretty scruffy it had got sticky kids hand marks all over it. The release button for the 5.25" floppy drive was missing and the 3.5" floppy drive didn't work, which turned out to be because one of the heads was bent out of alignment. Fortunately I managed to straighten the head as the disk drive was different to any that I had got, and I made a button for the 5.25" floppy which got it all going again. Although this has got a push button release 5.25" floppy the disk doesn't automatically lock in, you have to press the button when you have put the disk in to lock it in.

It has got a memory expansion board in it which gave it 2MB of memory and I added another 4MB card to the expansion board to bring it up to 6MB. It is installed with MS DOS 6.0, Windows 3.1. Xtreegold and Lotus Works release 1.0.

This has a converter card on the 3.5" floppy drive with a 34 pin card edge connector & a 4 pin power connector on the computer side and a 26 pin ribbon type connector on the drive side so the power is fed through the ribbon as well as the data.

Since I got this CPU I have got hold of a Compaq monitor model no. 420 and a Compaq Enhanced 11 keyboard which makes it look like more of a set.

CPU N80286-12 & D80287-8

Memory 6MB

FDD 3.5" Citizen OSDA-53B 1.44MB

FDD 5.25" Cannon MD5501 1.2MB

HDD Conner CP-3021i Type 2 20MB

4 x 16bit ISA slots

1 special 2 section slot for memory expansion card

Compaq 14" colour monitor Model no. 420

Compaq Enhanced 11 Keyboard


Please e-mail me if you have further information or any criticism of the details shown.


Compaq DeskPro 286e

Additional Part numbers and descriptions

Model 2520      
Motherboard Bar Code 80024 Diagram No. 001227    
CPU N80286-12 & D80287-8    
6MB RAM      
Expansion memory board No. 001246-001 Memory Exp. 286-12-1MB  
Bar Code No's 91052 & ZIX6B045G  
HDD Conner 20MB CP-3021i Type 2 Bar Code 89124 Serial No. D0N9K6  
3.5" FDD Citizen 1.44MB OSDA-53B    
5.25" FDD Cannon 1.2MB MD5501 s/n 16299614 Bar Code 90014 K-61435-06 Half height


Fan IMC Peewee Boxer
Model No. 3110NL-04W-B30
12 VDC 0.1 Amperes

PS/2 Mouse & keyboard
Com 1 & LPT1
15 pin video

Operating system
Windows 3.1
DOS 6.20
Lotus Works 1.0

Compaq 14" Colour Monitor Model 420 Part no. 106995-102

Compaq Enhanced 11 Keyboard Part No. 109232



Last Updated 13th September 2002