Compaq LTE(8086)

This one was pointed out to me by one of the lads down at the local scrap yard. Had I seen it laid on the floor I wouldn't have recognised it as a computer at all it was all covered in mud and he said it had been in a puddle as well. You couldn't really open it up more than an inch or so but I thought it was worth a try to see if it would go again. There was no power supply but I didn't even think about that at the time.

When I got it home I washed off the worst of the mud so that I could open it up. Then I decided to dismantle it and find out how much water was inside, but to my surprise it was fairly dry even inside the floppy drive, and fortunately the mud hadn't got into the keyboard. So I continued to dismantle it to get it to a point where I could wash the case properly. The display looked as though it had got a water stain across the bottom 25% of it, but the majority of the inside was clean and looked OK.

When I eventually got it back together again I then had the problem of no power supply and no indication of the voltages required, not even on the battery. I did a search on the Internet and managed to find out that it was a 4.8 volt battery, but as I couldn't find out the voltages to the four pin power connector I decided to connect a 5 volt power supply to the battery terminals at which point it powered up and I managed to get it to boot from a floppy disk.

I have run the set up disk but at the moment I cannot get it to see the hard disk although you can hear the disk going and the LED flashes, all the cables appear to be OK but it keeps showing a hard disk 1780 error on boot up. Still it is getting old and it works with the floppy disk so that will have to do for now. It would have been nice to get the hard disk going just to find out what applications were on it to know what I can actually run on it. At the moment I have got MS Word 5.0 for DOS and MS Works 1.0 for DOS (The snag with Works is that its the Spanish Version I think so all the menu's etc. are not very understandable.)

Now that this has been stood in the house for a month or so the display has dried out and is perfect again. I have found a means of charging the battery so it is now useable but still floppy only.

Dimensions 11" wide x 8.5" deep x 2" high (closed)

Weight 7 lbs (3.2Kgs) including battery

CPU 8086

Memory 640K

FDD Citizen 1.44MB

HDD Conner 20MB CP-4021 Type 54

Display size 8" x 4"




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Last Updated 5th January 2003