Compaq Prolinea 4/66

This is another computer that I rescued from my local scrap yard. It is a nice tidy little unit although there isn't any room in it for any expansion, as you can see the bays in the front are filled with a 3.5" & a 5.25" full height floppy drive. It has got 3 x 16 bit ISA slots on a riser board and it is fitted with a Evergreen Upgrade processor. I did try to increase the memory on it when I first got it but I couldn't get it any higher than the 16MB that it came with so I am not sure if that is the maximum that the board will take or if it is choosy as to the type of memory it uses. (I have now found some different memory from another Compaq and it now has 32 MB 13/03/2002 )

It is installed with Windows 95 and word 97 which unfortunately only leaves 40MB on the hard disk, quite obviously this used to be a network machine so the amount of disk space left wasn't so important. I did try installing the PC speaker driver for windows on this just to see how well it would work, but it stops everything dead while it makes a sound (windows sound effects) so I shall probably remove that again. The one thing that I have found with Compaq computers is they usually put all the jumper settings on labels inside the case.

CPU Evergreen upgrade

32 MB Ram

3.5" FDD Citizen 1.44MB

5.25" FDD Mitsubishi 1.2MB

HDD Quantum Pro Drive LPS 232MB

Dimensions 16"Wide x 15.5"Deep x 4"High

  It would appear going by the number of emails that I get that it is difficult to access the Bios on these and it almost seems impossible on some.

To access the Bios on my Prolinea on power up it runs the memory check then you here it check the floppy disk and hard disk drives then there are two beeps, at which point there is a white square that appears at the top right of the screen then you press the F10 key which lets you into the Bios. This access period is only avaiable for a second or two after which it continues to boot.

If that doesn't work then you can get a file SP1363.exe which when executed creates a boot disk on a 1.44MB floppy disk that gives you access to the Bios



Please e-mail me if you have further information or any criticism of the details shown.

Compaq Prolinea 4/66

Motherboard Spare P/N 160173-001 Bar Code N5S96069%  
CPU Evergreen upgrade speed unknown (100-133Mhz)  
32 MB Ram 4 x 72 pin SIMM's    
TSENG video chip ET4000/W32 Onboard  
HDD Quantum Pro Drive LPS 240AT GM24A491 REV 02-K 232MB  
Compaq spare part number 240HD(143226-001) B/C no. 142236135026  
3.5" FDD Citizen OSDA-81F-U 1.44MB  
5.25" FDD Mitsubishi MF504C-368U 1.2MB  
BIOS Battery VARTA Ni/Cd 3/V60RT 3.6V 40mAh  

Power Supply Compaq

Model No. PA-4151-4C DC Output 146W  
P/N 141023-001 Spares No. 141337-001  
Cooling fan Nidec Beta SL Model D08T-12PG 12V 0.15Amp


3COM Etherlink 3C509TP FCC ID.DF67CC3C509-TP
Assy 8352-10 REV D

Compaq serial/parallel card LPT2 & COM 3 FCC. ID CNT75M990
Bar code PS43108KC

PS/2 Mouse & Keyboard
2 Com ports
Parallel LPT 1
15 pin VGA video
3 Com 15 pin and phone type

Operating system
Windows 95
Word 97



Last Updated 13th September 2002