This is a list of part numbers relative to each computer, they are not very well laid out yet but I shall work on that.

Amstrad PC1640HD20
BBC 64K Microcomputer
Compaq DeskPro 286e
Compaq Prolinea 4/66
Dell 210
Dell 425s/L
Dell 450s/NP
FRH 486
Highscreen Tower
IBM Personal Computer 5160
IBM Personal Computer 5170
IBM PS/2 30
IBM PS/2 50z
ICL SD486 - VL
Macintosh 11CX
Olivetti M4 P75s
Olivetti M111
RM Nimbus 186
RM Nimbus 20 Mb.
VIG 11
Wang PC350/16s
Wren Executive
Zenith Data Systems Z200

DELL 425s/L

Motherboard Bar Code No. 37265004DV  
486DX2-66 (ST CPU)    
8MB Ram    
Tseng video    
Conner HDD CP30084E 80MB
Sony FDD MP-F17W-T7 SMM 1.44 MB


3Com Etherlink111 Assy 8352-10 REV A

PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard
2 serial ports
1 Parallel (LPT1)
15 pin VGA
3 Com 15 pin and phone type

Operating System
Dos 6.2
Windows 3.11

Keep a check on the CMOS Battery



DELL 450s/NP

CPU 486DX2-66    
32MB Ram    
Cirrus Video    
FDD Panasonic JU-257A624P 1.44MB
HDD Quantum Pro Drive 210AT RR21A461 REV 03-A A027E 210MB



3Com Etherlink 111 Assy 8352-10 REV D


PS/2 Mouse & Keyboard
2 Com ports
1 Parallel LPT 1
15 Pin Video
3Com 15 Pin & Phone type

Operating System & other software
Dos 6.2
Windows 3.11
MSWorks 3.0
Bulldozer screensaver



Compaq Prolinea 4/66

Motherboard Spare P/N 160173-001 Bar Code N5S96069%
CPU Evergreen upgrade speed unknown (100-133Mhz)
16 MB Ram 4 x 72 pin simm's  
TSENG video chip ET4000/W32 Onboard
HDD Quantum Pro Drive LPS 240AT GM24A491 REV 02-K 232MB
Compaq spare part number 240HD(143226-001) B/C no. 142236135026
3.5" FDD Citizen OSDA-81F-U 1.44MB
5.25" FDD Mitsubishi MF504C-368U 1.2MB Full height
Bios Battery VARTA Ni/Cd 3/V60RT 3.6V 40mAh

Power Supply Compaq

Model No. PA-4151-4C DC Output 146W  
P/N 141023-001 Spares No. 141337-001  
Cooling fan Nidec Beta SL Model D08T-12PG 12V 0.15Amp


3COM Etherlink 3C509TP FCC ID.DF67CC3C509-TP
Assy 8352-10 REV D

Compaq serial/parallel card LPT2 & COM 3 FCC. ID CNT75M990
Bar code PS43108KC

PS/2 Mouse & Keyboard
2 Com ports
Parallel LPT 1
15 pin VGA video
3 Com 15 pin and phone type

Operating system
Windows 95
Word 97




CPU 486DX-2    
16MB Ram    
Cirrus video CL-GD5422/5424/5426/5428 VGA BIOS Version 1.30
FDD Panasonic JU-257A195P 1.44MB
HDD Fujitsu M2684TAM 502MB


3Com Etherlink Assy 8352-10 Rev D

PS/2 Mouse & Keyboard
2 Com ports RS232 1 & 2
15 pin video
15 pin game port
3 Com 15 pin & phone type

Operating System
Windows 3.11
Dos 6.2



Compaq DeskPro 286e

Model 2520    
Motherboard Bar Code 80024 Diagram No. 001227  
CPU N80286-12 & D80287-8  
6MB RAM    
Expansion memory board No. 001246-001 Memory Exp. 286-12-1MB
Bar Code No's 91052 & ZIX6B045G
HDD Conner 20Mb CP-3021i Type 2 Bar Code 89124 Serial No. D0N9K6
3.5" FDD Citizen 1.44Mb OSDA-53B  
5.25" FDD Cannon 1.2Mb MD5501 s/n 16299614 Bar Code 90014 K-61435-06 Half height


FDD connector 34 pin - PCB card connector

Fan IMC Peewee Boxer
Model No. 3110NL-04W-B30
12 VDC 0.1 Amperes

PS/2 Mouse & keyboard
Com 1 & LPT1
15 pin video

Operating system
Windows 3.1
Dos 6.20
Lotus Works 1.0

Compaq 14" Colour Monitor Model 420 Part no. 106995-102

Compaq Enhanced 11 Keyboard Part No. 109232



RM Nimbus 186

CPU 80186 AMD/Intel
572K RAM

Model 3110PL-04W-B20-A00
12 VDC 0.09 Amperes

FDD 3.5" 720K
SHINANOKENSI Co Ltd. This is a name off of a circuit board inside.

RM part no.12858 issue 5 motherboard

RM part no. 12865 issue 4 FDD Connector card

Nimbus Parallel port part no.17560

System comprises:
RM Nimbus 186
RM Nimbus colour monitor
RM Nimbus Keyboard
Citizen 120D Dot Matrix Printer

Operating system MS Dos 3.10



RM Nimbus 186 20MB
CPU 80186?

1024Kb Ram

FDD Namiki name written on a circuit board

HDD Seagate ST-225N 5.5 inch giant 20MB
Bar Code 600003700954

Additional boards
Nimbus parallel port part no. 17560 issue A
Piconet serial I/F part no. 13989 issue 2
Disk controller part no. 12865 issue 4
Memory Expansion part no. 16270 issue 3

Operating system
MS Dos 3.10
Windows 3.0
Apparently modified so as to be able to run on limited memory.

System comprises
RM Nimbus 186 20MB
Nimbus monitor
Nimbus keyboard
Nimbus mouse



IBM PS/2 55SX Type 8555
CPU 80386SX - 16
3968 KB RAM
SIMM 68X6343 B 82F8221 D53

Motherboard 55X36194KFT 92F0623 155

Riser 64F0809/EC01646/1102 B/C 55 X08 119097

FDD Alps DFP723D30A Does not work as someone
EC NO.844421 P/N72X6112 has rammed something other
Bar Code L1P 70081571 than a disk in it and broken
the heads off.
It has a 34-pin connector & no power lead.

HDD IBM Model No. WD - 380S 80MB
P/N 79F4013 MLC C81004 FRU 56F8892
Bar Code B1RM4121625
Connected with a 72 pin PCB connector cable

1 Card Trantor systems Ltd.
SCSI Host adapter card with 1 internal & 1 external port.

Operating system
Dos 6.20
Windows 3.1



IBM PS/1 Type 2110
CPU 80286 - 10
Ram unknown

Motherboard No. GNKASOBLWTK 1057752 055
Plug in G1016D06994

Memory Expansion RA Lares 105 94V-0
EC535100 On the back 1057049A 53R 0388

Additional Outlet port
94V-0 220 1057155 D4
PCP 9046

FDD Mitsubishi MF355C-599MA 1.44 MB
P/N 72X6068

HDD Maxtor Model 7040F1 40MB
P/N 6373570 Bar Code L1232020101 IBM FRU P/N 1383735

Keyboard P/N 1395706 Model M2

Operating system
Dos 4.0
Works 2.0



Amstrad PC1640HD20

CPU P8086-2 AMD
640K RAM
Motherboard Z70 350 MC0040F

Fan Amstrad 8H01DA-A
Part No. Z70 339/A
DC 12V 0.16A
Mounted on base under HDD

FDD Matsushita FMD01720B4

HDD Western Digital WD582R RLL type
Twin ribbon connector
Controller Card 8 Bit ISA WD1002A-27X

Operating system
Dos 3.2
Word Perfect Works 1.0

System comprises
Amstrad PC1640HD20
Amstrad keyboard & mouse
Amstrad PC-ECD Monitor
Citizen 224 dot matrix printer



Viglen Vig 11

S/N 206761
CPU 486DX4 -100
Motherboard TK-82C491 JK-042A Socket 3

Additional cards
Video Card Cirrus Logic PWA-MVGA-542X 41190200XXX-R03
Sound card ESS Audio drive ES1868F 230X-3 961030
IDE controller card Winbond PWA-M10-WB759 4119024010XX-R02

Viglen Power supply model no. SS-200G

FDD 3.5" Panasonic 1.44MB JU-257AA195P
Not original as I had to replace it when I first got it.

FDD 5.25" Teac 1.2MB model no. FD-55GFR
Bar code TWFD135376 Part no. 19307351-59

HDD Seagate ST3541A 540MB

CD ROM Vuego 8x Model no.685A 144 FCC ID JVP685A-D

Operating system
Windows 95
Word for Windows 95 Word version 7

This has got a battery on the motherboard



Wang PC350/16s
Model no. PC350/40C FCC ID.B4YPC350-40C
WPN. 615-3873/2 S/N A40801
Motherboard Micronics 09-00086-07 Rev F2
B/C MB22006320
Power Supply W.P.N. 725-6015-1

3.5" FDD Mitsubishi MF355C-267UW 1.44MB
5.25" FDD Panasonic JU-455-7830 360KB

HDD IBM model Dala-3540 540MB
P/N 85G3674 FRU P/N 06H8729

ISA Cards
IDE controllers card Acculogic Side 4 FCC ID. EU45UEWDAT44D
Memory expansion card Micronics M810
09-00106-01 Rev B S/N MM34200747
Video card AD Chips FCC ID.B4YUDC0006-PC2 B/C AD531517
Sound card Advance Gravis Ultra Sound FCC ID. HYN-700-0021-XX


Operating system & other software
Dos 6.22
Windows 3.1
MS Office 4.2
MS Publisher 2.0

System comprises of:
Wang PC350/16S
Wang monitor model no. MON-1450 FCC ID.B4Y90YMO1450
Analogue & TTL inputs
Wang keyboard model no. 724 FCC ID. B4Y5K5724
Logitech 3 button mouse

Onboard battery



IBM PS/2 Model 30 Type 8350
CPU 8086-2 & 8087-2
Motherboard Part no.61X8825 02
SIMM Part no. TM42560U9
Power supply model no. AA13610 IBM P/N 61X8574
Fan Panaflo FBS-08A12L DC12V 0.1A

Riser P/N 61X8864
Contains a battery P/N BR-2/3A

FDD Toshiba. FDD 4449A0213 F07. No. BTC7756884

HDD IBM Model WDI-325Q Part No. 72X7568 (61X8929)

Additional Cards
PC/AT Parallel Printer/Input Manufactured By Aert Technology Ltd

16/4 Token Ring adapter 92F4555 EC24968 V0011 202850

Serial/Parallel board Assy. No. 990085-01 REV A4 by Wyse Technology

Operating System
Dos 5



IBM PS/2 Model 50Z Type 8550

CPU 80286-10
RAM 2048KB
Motherboard Bar code 57F1368 C01307 0534 55Q
SIMM card 72 pin MSC2321-85YS18A P/N 68X6127

HDD Riser 90X9416 IBM FRU 90X9441
HDD IBM Model no. WD-387 60MB P/N 33F5703
IBM FRU P/N 90X8627 72 PIN card edge connector

FDD Riser 90X9418
FDD Sony Model no. MP-F77W P/N 90X6766
IBM FRU P/N 72X8523

IBM FRU 90X9229

92F6959B 2920042PQ 3
B/C KIN83009956

Operating system unknown at the moment as it is not booting. It has got a problem with the floppy disk so I cannot use a reference disk on it to get it to go.



IBM Personal Computer AT 5160
CPU AMD N80L286-12/S
Motherboard S/N 8J027137 Manufactured in Taiwan R.O.C.
ISA slots 2 x 8 bit 6 x 16 bit
Most of the chips are manufactured by Suntac, the numbers are:
ST62BC001-B / ST62BC002-B / ST62BC003-B / ST62BC004-B1 / ST62C008
Phoenix Bios
Memory 640K + 3456K extended
Power Supply IBM P/N 83X1555 Model No. AA13740
Bar code no. B1 M02 023098
FDD 5.25" Manufactured in Japan for IBM
YD-580 320/360K Type 1355
B/C 30411520020 P/N 6480174
HDD IBM Type 13 20MB Model no. WD25
B/C B1 P00 117049 Twin ribbon type
ISA Cards
HDD/FDD controller card LCS-6620TX REV: B2N
Manufactured in Taiwan R.O.C 90556338
Main processor Longshine LS1C6620
Async. Card 1501485 340293 V0011 25 pin male D type connector
Microsoft Universal Pointing Device Adapter Made in U.S.A.
900-255-018 Rev E 9 pin mini din connector
Video / Parallel Hercules P61108810
This one would not boot when I first got it and I am not sure about the video card, as the two monitors that I have will not work on it. I had to reinstall IBM Dos 5.0 and the windows that I got with it, which was Windows 2.03. But it doesn't seem to be the version that had been on it as the MS Word that is installed on it will not work as the windows is too earlier version, so I would think that it must have been Windows 3x. I used a VGA card to get it going at least I knew that the card and the monitor worked OK, that way at least that was one thing not to worry about until I came to refitting the Hercules card so that I had got a parallel port again. The mouse is an early Microsoft mouse with a 9-pin connector.



IBM Personal Computer 5170
Type 5170 339 S/N55 0113103
CPU IBM CG 80286 8C / D80287-8
Motherboard 62X0670 A43295 7777 B/C W3 700 010809
6 x 16 bit ISA 2 x 8 bit ISA
Bios battery Duracell XL Type DL223A 6Volt
Power Supply Part no. 6480014 Type32098E Serial no.351227

HDD 5" full height Manufactured by IBM (UK) Ltd, Havant, England. 31MB
270187-ESP185-38 Type 0665 B/C 046493838
Sequence no. 990383829 Ship serial no.020665-38570050791
FDD 5.25" YD-300 1.2M Type 1711
P/N 62X0705 S/N 1433-0483 B/C 34914330483
Disk Controller Card P/N 68X3814 X1 VEXX B/C B1L4102555
Main CPU WD11C00C-JU
2 x floppy and 2 x hard disk drive's

Memory expansion board STB Grand Byte 128K/2.5M
Contains 18 x D41256C-15 in one row out of 5 rows. I also have the manual for this.
25-pin male D type connector
Serial / Parallel card 6135933 340301 7777 B/C W08071287
9-pin male D type & 25-pin female D type

CIRIUS VGA video card that I put in to try the computer, as it did not have a video card in it. It is running Dos



Zenith Data Systems Z-200
Model ZW-248-84
Serial no. 543AF0128 FCC ID: BJ486E-041CPU07
CPU Intel R80286-8 & C80287-3
Memory 5632Kb
FDD A: Panasonic JU-475-2 1.2MB
FDD B: Panasonic JU-455-5 360Kb
HDD MiniScribe Model no. 6085 Serial no. 423222
Part no. 040006092H-398 Dimensions 5.75"W x 8"D x 3.25"H
HDD Magnetic Peripherals Inc Model no. 94155-48
Serial no. 05161696 Part no. 77772546 dimensions same as MiniScribe
Disk controller card Data Technology Corp P/N 10-00283 DTC5290CZ Bar code no. 283 516068
Irwin Tape controller 3102004-3 FCC ID: E4A3VDIRWIN4251
CPU/Memory board 85-3261-01E 052086 32 86 CPU R80286-8 Intel & C80287-3
IO board 85-3240-01 1 x serial port 1 x parallel port
Paradise EGA basic video board R2TP 528448 FCC ID: DBM8FL2LYRPAEGIA 1 x 9 pin female D type 2 x ?
? SCA/2 REV: B 25pin male D type connector
2 x Emulex Persyst full length memory boards PT 1010204-07D Each contains 9 rows of 12 memory chips D41256C-12
Backplane board 85-3191-1 081585
Bios battery Crompton Eternacell Lithium TCL 3.7 volt TO68AA




Olivetti M111 Model XP1021

Motherboard Pegasus Inc TPB-J.V10 LTA2-0001-01 REV.C10
CPU NEC V30 D70116L-10  
Memory 640K    
FDD 3.5" Ye Data YD-702 6077 C 34 pin ribbon connector Serial no.D059ZP
HDD 3.5" Conner CP-3027 44 pin ribbon connector
Bios battery Yuasa Battery Co. 3-51FT 3.6v 50mAh
Main battery Olivetti Nickel- Cadium 12V DC 2200mAh

Numbers from power input board. NJD-2464A : 9520302 : D1016 0102/89 : Serial no.002630

Numbers from keyboard 952029UTA143 0102/89 : Mitsumi 890215

Cooling fan 37mm SPROFAN model no.SJ-40A12C : DC 12V 0.09A

Display No's off PCB Epson P300028200 E91964 3134L
Display No's off label ECM-A0417  
External connectors on the back:
9 pin serial RS232
9 pin CGA video
25 pin parallel LPT 1
External connectors on the side
9 pin mini din for Number keypad
PS/2 mouse



Highscreen Tower

Motherboard UC4915-B/C A10 REV:1.1    
6 x16 bit ISA slots 4 x 72 pin simm slots  
CPU 486DX2-66    
Memory 8MB    
HDD Conner CP30254H Type 2 251 MB
FDD Newtronics Co. Ltd Mitsumi Model D359T3 1.44 MB
CD-Rom Reveal CR-563B Panasonic Interface
ISA Cards    
Reveal Sound FX1 Card SC400 REV. 3 FCC ID 138-MMSN811
Bar Code 1G17153    
OCTEK Video AVGA-20 Ver.B Rev.2.1 EP20069R21 Cirrus Logic CL-GD5420-75QC-C
Power Supply Fair Electronics Co. Ltd Model No. CPS-200





Motherboard Bar Code M/10001674 AMI BIOS
Bios string 30-0000-D01128-00101111-070791-SISD-8 SIS chipset
8 x 30 pin simms Bank 0 simm slots 1,3,5,7 Bank 1 simm slots 2,4,6,8
Onboard battery Varta 3.6V 3/V60R  
External battery connector JP7 located opposite side of keyboard connector to battery
Power supply Max Power Model MPS-200P 200W output
Cooling Fan Superred CHA8012B DC 12V 0.16A
HDD Fujitsu Model M2616ET Part no.B03B-7065-B302A#D
FDD 3.5" Panasonic Model no. JU-257A604P M/1000176
FDD 5.25" Teac FD-55GFR Part no. 19307351-49
ISA cards    
Trident Video TVGA8900C FCC ID HNG8916CX248C2
Disk controler IDE Plus-V3 KT0366274 Goldstar Prime 2





Dell 210

Model no. SYS 210 FCC ID E2K50YDELL210 Bar code 06L3X
Motherboard PWA 60536 REV B04 SCH10536 REV A01
CPU Intel N80286-12 Paradise Video PVGA1A-JK Dallas Clock chip
6 x 30 pin simm slots    
Riser PWA60518 SCH10518
Power supply Astec Model no. SA85-3407 Output 85W
Cooling Fan Nidec Beta SL Model no.D08H-12PLL 12V 0.08A
Simm Part no's NMBS TCC-T-H7V MM2801J9S-08
HDD Seagate ST-157A Bar code 11150914
FDD Sony Model no. MP-F17W-12 1.44MB
8 bit network card DCA Bar code HT 005 YM4  
Chip no's 02-99908-000 17G032AT0210