Dell 210

Model No. SYS210

This is another one from the scrap yard so the first thing to do with this was to strip it out and check for any water inside. So whilst it was in bits I cleaned it all, the only trouble with this is some rust on the case. Next it was to power it up and find out a bit more about it, unfortunately when it started up there was a hard disk error, so I checked the BIOS settings and they seemed to be OK. So then it was onto swapping ribbons and that didn't work so I had just about given up when I decided to swap the power cable for one of the others and to my surprise it actually went this time, although there is still a problem as the system doesn't always recognise it so it might be dying.

This is a 80286 based computer that was made around 1990, they were shipped with 512k memory standard which was with 2 SIMMs fitted. This one has 4 SIMMs fitted for a total of 1024k memory. This is fitted with a Seagate ST-157A 40MB hard drive & a Sony MP-F17W-12 1.44MB floppy drive, there is room for an additional 5.25" drive as well. They say that you can't add an additional hard drive as the power supply is only 85w and also there is not sufficient cooling so it would over heat. It has an onboard colour VGA output, PS2 type keyboard, 2 com ports & 1 parallel port. It is also fitted with a full length DCA network board thin coax type.

It is installed with DOS 3.3 & WordStar



Dell 210

Model no. SYS 210 FCC ID E2K50YDELL210 Bar code 06L3X
Motherboard PWA 60536 REV B04 SCH10536 REV A01
CPU Intel N80286-12 Paradise Video PVGA1A-JK Dallas Clock chip
6 x 30 pin SIMM slots 4 SIMMs fitted 640k + 384k  
Riser PWA60518 SCH10518
Power supply Astec Model no. SA85-3407 Output 85W
Cooling Fan Nidec Beta SL Model no.D08H-12PLL 12V 0.08A
SIMM Part no's NMBS TCC-T-H7V MM2801J9S-08
HDD Seagate ST-157A Bar code 11150914
FDD Sony Model no. MP-F17W-12 1.44MB
8 bit network card DCA Bar code HT 005 YM4  
Chip no's 02-99908-000 17G032AT0210


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Last Updated 13th September 2002