Dell 425s/L

Well this is another ex-network 486 computer, manufactured in 1993. It is fitted with an ST 486DX2-66 & 8MB Ram. It has a Conner 80MB hard drive and a Sony 3.5" 1.44MB floppy disk drive there is also room for one additional 5.25" drive. It has Tseng onboard video, Headland chipset, and it is fitted with a riser with 3 x 16 bit ISA slots for the I/O cards. The 3.5" floppy drive is fitted in 5.25" drive bay with the use of adapter plates. This has PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports, 2 serial ports, 1 parallel port & a 15 pin VGA port.
To get into the BIOS setup press
<CTRL> <ALT> + <ENTER> then when prompted press F2.



DELL 425s/L

Motherboard Bar Code No. 37265004DV  
486DX2-66 (ST CPU)    
8MB Ram 4 x 72 pin SIMM slots  
Tseng video ET4000/W32  
Headland chip set    
Conner HDD CP30084E 80MB
Sony FDD MP-F17W-T7 SMM 1.44 MB
BIOS battery Rayovac 840 4.5 volt external plug in
Liteon Power supply PA-4151-4 146W


3Com Etherlink111 Assy 8352-10 REV A

PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard
2 serial ports
1 Parallel (LPT1)
15 pin VGA
3 Com 15 pin D type and RJ45

Operating System
DOS 6.2
Windows 3.11

Keep a check on the CMOS Battery


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Last Updated 13th September 2002