Dell 450s/NP

This is another scrap yard recovery. It is basically a 486DX2-66 ex-network computer, fitted with a 210MB Quantum hard drive and a Panasonic 3.5" 1.44MB floppy disk drive. There is room for 1 additional 5.25" drive, it has PS/2 mouse & keyboard connectors, 2 serial ports, 1 parallel port, and onboard video. It is fitted with a riser card with 3 x 16 bit slots and has 2 x 72 pin SIMM slots. Seems to work OK, is installed with MS DOS 6.20, Windows 3.11 and MS Works 3.0. Other than that there is not a lot to say about it.



DELL 450s/NP

Model no 450/P Manufactured date 11/07/94 FCC ID. E2K486Q
Motherboard Bar code 43854B182Q  
CPU IT's ST 486DX2-66  
8 MB Ram 2 x 72 pin SIMM's  
Cirrus Video CL-GD5428-80QC-A  
Benchmarq RTC chip bq3287AMT  
FDD Panasonic JU-257A624P 1.44MB
HDD Quantum Pro Drive 210AT RR21A461 210MB
REV 03-A A027E    
Power supply Model no.SA145-3436 145W output


ISA Cards

3Com Etherlink 111 Assy 8352-10 REV D 15 Pin D type & RJ45


PS/2 Mouse & Keyboard
2 Com ports
1 Parallel LPT 1
15 Pin Video
3 Com 15 Pin D type & RJ45

Operating System & other software
DOS 6.2
Windows 3.11
MSWorks 3.0


Please e-mail me if you have further information or any criticism of the details shown.



Last Updated 13th September 2002