Grid 140-XT

This laptop is based on the NECV20 processor with 640K base memory and 128K expansion memory. It has a 720Kb 3.5" floppy disk drive and an Alps 20MB hard disk drive, the display is a 9" x 4" multi shade blue This is also fitted with a Tandy V21, V22 modem although I don't think there is any software (drivers etc. ) on the hard drive for it.
External ports
5 pin keyboard
DB9 male RS232C
DB9 female RGB monitor
DB25 female printer
37 pin female for external disk drive



Please e-mail me if you have further information or any criticism of the details shown.

Grid 140-XT

CPU NECV 20 CPU Clock speed 8 MHz
Memory 640Kb base 128Kb expansion
AC adapter 12Vdc  
FDD Teac FD-235F 720Kb
HDD Alps DRP020A14A Serial no. 0006700 20 MB
CMOS type 243  
614 Cylinders 512 Bytes/sector 17 sectors/track
Display 9" x 4" Blue screen    
Tandy V21, V22 modem Cat. no.25-7801  

Operating system and installed software

MS Dos 5.0
MS Works version 2.0
PFS: First Publisher version 3.0


Last Updated 13th September 2002