Highscreen Tower


I was given this one with a matching keyboard on the 8th January 2002 along with a GigA 386, unfortunately I missed out on the matching monitor as they needed to keep it. This is an attractive looking tower which was made in Germany around about 1993. When I first powered this up it had a keyboard error, the mouse didn't function very well, and there were a few missing files when it tried to run Windows 3.1. It also had problems reading CD's.

So I decided to strip it out and clean it up, the battery is leaking on the motherboard which is unfortunately soldered to the board, so I will have to try and find a replacement for that. I have cleaned of the corrosion that has already occurred as well as possible. I dismantled the floppy disk drive to find 2 x 5 pence pieces in it which obviously went in a lot easier than they came out, now that works OK. I cleaned the lens in he CD-ROM and that's OK now. The keyboard error seems to have gone since I cleaned the corrosion of the board and cleaned the connector.

The error on Windows start up was some Internet Explorer files missing but when it started there wasn't any sign of Internet Explorer at all so I had to remove the reference to the files in the System.ini file that has stopped that and it starts up clean now. I think that the mouse was just set up wrong a quick reinstall sorted that out.

This is a full size tower 23.5" tall x 17" deep x 7.5" wide excluding the base, the base adds about an inch all round and half an inch to the height. it is a 486DX2-66 fitted with a 3.5" 1.44MB floppy drive, a 3.5" 251MB hard drive fitted in a removable tray which I don't have the key for. It has had a Reveal CD-ROM (Panasonic Interface) fitted & a Reveal FX1 16 bit stereo sound card. This has got 5 x 5.25" external bays, 1 x 3.5" external bay & 1 x 3.5" internal bay for an additional hard drive.

With this I also get a set of install disks for Windows 3.1, MS DOS 6.2 and set up disks for the FX1 sound card. The books that came with it were Windows 3.1 user guide, MS DOS 6.2 user guide, 3 books for the FX1 multimedia sound, handbook for the Highscreen tower & handbook for the Highscreen monitor which I didn't get.


Highscreen Tower

Motherboard UC4915-B/C A10 REV:1.1    
6 x16 bit ISA slots 4 x 72 pin SIMM slots  
CPU 486DX2-66    
Memory 8MB    
HDD Conner CP30254H Type 47 User  
CYL Heads WPcomp Lzone SEC SIZE
895 10 65535 895 55 240MB
FDD Newtronics Co. Ltd Mitsumi Model D359T3 1.44 MB
CD-ROM Reveal CR-563B Panasonic Interface
ISA Cards    
Reveal Sound FX1 Card SC400 REV. 3 FCC ID 138-MMSN811
Bar Code 1G17153    
OCTEK Video AVGA-20 Ver.B Rev.2.1 EP20069R21 Cirrus Logic CL-GD5420-75QC-C
Power Supply Fair Electronics Co. Ltd Model No. CPS-200



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Last Updated 6th January 2003