HP Processor

This processor is one of a pair that I found in an unmarked computer case at the local scrap yard, presumably a Hewlett Packard. It was unmarked because it was incomplete, but I thouhgt it looked interesting so I brought it home and dissmantled it to find out what numbers were on it. But a search on the internet didn't reveal anything about so any info about it such as type or speed particularly a comparison to Intel x86 family welcome, or a date of manufacture might be interesting.
Dimensions of main case & fan

150 cm x 135 cm x 65 cm

Dimension of processor

60 cm x 50 cm

Contact pins are 33 rows of 33 pins = 1089 pins

Numbers from on processor

REV 5.1 9805

Number from main cover

HP. PN A4457-62003

These are a couple of the simms from the same HP unit from what I managed to find out they are 128Mb 50ns 72 pin
Part no.A3890-60001

Dimensions 108mm x 47mm
They are the same length as standard 72 pin simms but a lot taller, I pressume that they will not work in a standard PC. Most wouldn't have room to fit them any way.



Please e-mail me if you have further information or any criticism of the details shown.

Last Updated 13th September 2002