IBM PC XT(AT) 5160

This one used to belong to the Open University and was acquired for me by a friend of mine John. When I first tried it the monitor didn't work so I tried another EGA one but that didn't work either, so I tried a VGA card and monitor in it and managed to get a picture but it didn't boot. So I installed IBM DOS 5.0 and the Windows that came on some of the disks that I got with it, this turned out to be Windows 2.03. Quite obviously this wasn't the Windows that had previously been installed on it as there was MS Word on the hard disk and it wouldn't run with this version of Windows so I have now installed a cut down Windows 3.1 and that got it sorted.

It turned out that the Hercules EGA graphics card was no good and unfortunately neither was the IBM EGA monitor, so I am now running it on VGA stuff instead. Now all I have got to do is get it to work with both graphics cards in so as to get a parallel port back again.

The keyboard is a heavy IBM 1390136 standard UK QWERTY layout, this is a very clicky positive action keyboard. The mouse is an early Microsoft bus mouse which has a 9 pin mini din connector (similar to PS/2) that plugs into a Microsoft Universal pointing device adapter card.

This is quite a large computer with very little room for any additions, but there is space for another 5.25" floppy disk drive. The majority of the space is taken up by the power supply, a full height 5.25" IBM 20MB hard disk and a full height 360K 5.25" floppy disk drive. It has 2 x 8 bit ISA slots and 6 x 16 bit ISA slots.

Although this is marked on the case as an XT I think it is an AT as it has an AMD N80L286-12/S processor I am not even sure if it is the original motherboard. Memory 640K + 3456K extended all onboard.

Dimensions 19.5" wide x 16"deep x 5.5" high

Weight 31 lbs (14Kg)



Please e-mail me if you have further information or any criticism of the details shown.

IBM Personal Computer XT(AT) 5160

S/N 5160-BG-550043004    
CPU AMD N80L286-12/S    
Motherboard S/N 8J027137 Manufactured in Taiwan R.O.C.
ISA slots 2 x 8 bit 6 x 16 bit Phoenix BIOS  
Most of the chips are manufactured by Suntac, the numbers are:
ST62BC001-B / ST62BC002-B / ST62BC003-B / ST62BC004-B1 / ST62C008
Memory 640K + 3456K extended    
Power Supply IBM P/N 83X1555 Model No. AA13740 Bar code no. B1 M02 023098
FDD 5.25" YD-580 320/360K Type 1355 P/N 6480174
Manufactured in Japan for IBM   B/C 30411520020
HDD IBM 20MB Type 13 Model no. WD25
Twin ribbon type   B/C B1 P00 117049
ISA Cards    
HDD/FDD controller card LCS-6620TX REV: B2N Manufactured in Taiwan R.O.C
90556338 Main processor Longshine LS1C6620
Async. Card 1501485 340293 V0011 25 pin male D type connector
Microsoft Universal Pointing Device Adapter Made in U.S.A.
900-255-018 Rev E 9 pin mini din connector  
Video / Parallel Hercules P61108810 FCC ID. EW65T5HERCULESMMM


Last Updated 13th September 2002