This computer is one of my favourites, it is a very compact unit based on the 80286-10 processors. When I first got this one I
was surprised to find that the power supply is in the monitor, but since then I have got hold of another computer with the same
type of set-up (the Amstrad PC1640HD20). This compact unit was swamped slightly by the OKI Microline 391 Elite printer
that came with it as you can see in the picture below. The mouse is an odd shape thing that feels as though its slipping out of
your hand.

Memory 639K + 384K extended

HDD Maxtor 40MB Model 7040F1 with stacker installed to give it a total drive space of 75MB

FDD Mitsubishi 1.44MB Model MF355C-599MA

IBM Keyboard Model M2 P/N 1395706

IBM mouse P/N 1057313

Monitor 11.5" viewable area

Operating system Dos 4.0 & MS Works 2.0

IBM PS/1 Type 2011


OKI Microline 391 Elite

24 pin dot matrix

paper width 3"- 16"

Dimensions 13.6"D x 21.7"W x 4.6"H

Weight 10.1 Kg

OKI Microline 391 Elite




IBM PS/1 Type 2011
CPU 80286 - 10
Ram unknown

Motherboard No. GNKASOBLWTK 1057752 055
Plug in G1016D06994

Memory Expansion RA Lares 105 94V-0
EC535100 On the back 1057049A 53R 0388

Additional Outlet port
94V-0 220 1057155 D4
PCP 9046

FDD Mitsubishi MF355C-599MA 1.44 MB
P/N 72X6068

HDD Maxtor Model 7040F1 40MB
P/N 6373570 Bar Code L1232020101 IBM FRU P/N 1383735

Keyboard P/N 1395706 Model M2

Operating system
Dos 4.0
Works 2.0



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Last Updated 13th September 2002