This is another one from the scrap yard and works fine. It is made by International Computers Ltd in London. It is of the slim type construction, dimensions are 16.25"w x 16"d x 4" h but it has plenty of room for expansion, as it has 2 x 5.25" bays unused and it has 5 slots on the riser 3 x 16 bit ISA and 2 x 32 bit VESA. It has got an onboard game port which plugs into JP9 although once this s fitted you loose one of the slot openings on the back as there isn't a space to put it anywhere else. Although it has an Intel sticker on the front it is fitted with an ST 486DX2-66 so I am not sure what was original for this.

I decided to experiment with this one and install OS2 1.1 to see what it was like and make it a duel boot system. But at the end of the set-up for the duel boot I got an error and it didn't finish setting up so it left it just booting into OS2 and wasn't particularly interesting or that much different in appearance to Windows 3.0 I messed about with it and got it to boot back to DOS again. After all that I decided to format the hard disk and reinstall DOS 6.22, Windows 3.11 and Lotus Smartsuite version 4.0.

The Lotus Smartsuite I had got from a car boot sale last year (2001), it was an unopened set of disks and I hadn't got round to installing it on anything so I thought it was time to try it while I had got a computer with a decent amount of hard disk space to spare. I got very pissed off when it came up with a disk read error on disk 18 out of 37 and aborted the install. At this point I got Winimage to read the disk and check it was OK, all appeared to be fine so I decided to install it across the network from another computer floppy drive and see what happened, this time it went through the install without any problems. It's interesting to see what these other office suites are like and what they can do, it has some different features to play with the screen cam is a different idea. Although most of this type of suite do very similar things it takes a while to get used to the different layouts and differently worded commands.




Please e-mail me if you have further information or any criticism of the details shown.


Model no. AH02CA11EB01  
Motherboard Bar code K2563SUC01D24700340D
YANG AN YA-1 E114139-94V-0  
BIOS string 40-0100-001283-00111111-080893-SIS461-H
Hit < DEL > for set-up AMI BIOS  
Cirrus video CL-GD5428-80QC-A VGA BIOS Version 1.30
ODIN clock chip OEC12C887A  
SIS chipset 85C461  
CPU It's ST 486DX2-66 Intel overdrive socket 2  
Game port plugs into J9    
16MB Ram 4 x 72 pin SIMM slots  
Riser contains 3 x 16 bit ISA 2 x 32 bit VESA
FDD Panasonic JU-257A195P 1.44MB
HDD Fujitsu M2684TAM 502MB
Part no. CA01237-B340 Bar code 00H90200117566  
Power supply   Model no. HPC-150E1
Cooling fan Craft fan Model no. CH80S12M 75cm DC 12v 0.13A
IAW Shing Electronic Ind. Co. Ltd    


3 Com Etherlink 111 3C509TP Assy 8352-10 Rev D

PS/2 Mouse & Keyboard
2 x DB9 male Com ports RS232 1 & 2
15 pin video
15 pin game port
3 Com 15 pin & RJ45

Operating System
Windows 3.11
DOS 6.22
Lotus Smartsuite 4.0




Last Updated 13th September 2002