My Main Computer


Well this is the computer that I am using at the moment. Its an Olivetti M4 P75S which I have fitted a P100 processor to I have increased the memory to 64MB as it had only got 16MB when I first got it and it meant that the hard disk was running all the time while I was on the internet, increasing the memory made a lot of difference it hardly goes at all now.

Since I got this I have also added a Creative 32x CD ROM, sound card, 56K modem, a 3Com network card and a second HDD. The printer that I am using is a HP DeskJet 520, the scanner is an OptiPro 4830P and the speakers are Arrowana. I am using a Samtron monitor, a Tiny keyboard and a Microsoft Wheel mouse.

Since I started setting up this site I have got a slightly newer computer, a Dell Optiplex GN+ 200MMX so as to get use of some USB ports to run a Web cam. At the moment I am using either the webcam or the scanner to get the images for the site but I have not got total used to using them yet so some of the images are not very clear but I shall try and improve them in time.

Olivetti M4 modulo P75S

Socket 5 motherboard

CPU P100

Memory 64MB

FDD 3.5" 1.44MB

HDD C: 1.01Gb

HDD D: 611MB

Creative 32X CD ROM





Please e-mail me if you have further information or any criticism of the details shown.