Olivetti M111

I got this one from a car boot sale it was the first portable that I got hold of. It was nice to get home and find that it worked OK and the battery charged up after a few hours, but the usage time of the battery is only about 45 minutes until shut down, the low power light starts flashing after about 15 minutes. I also got a Brother M-1224L dot matrix printer complete with tractor drive unit and a box of paper with this. The display is a multi shade Blue screen 10.5" diagonal view area. The NEC V30 processor that is in this runs at 10Mhz or 8Mhz depending what you select, I also understand that it is supposed to be slightly better than a 80286, some say it was an upgrade but the one in this is soldered in so it must be standard.
In the base of this there are two removable panels behind one is a space to fit an 8 bit ISA card and behind the other is a 40 pin connector for a memory expansion card. On the left side there is a blanking plug over the hole for an internal modem. On the back there is a 9 pin serial port (RS232) , 25 pin parallel port & a 9 pin CGA external monitor port.

I could not find out anything at all about this on the Internet so if you have any interesting information any thing to do with these feel free to e-mail me.

M111 Model no. XP-1021

Motherboard Pegasus Inc. LTA2-0001-01 Rev.C10

CPU NEC V30 D70116L-10

Memory 640K

HDD Conner CP-3027 20MB

FDD 3.5" Ye Data YD-702 6077 C 1.44MB

Main battery 12V 2200mAh

BIOS battery 3-5FT 3.6V 50mAh

AC Power Supply output 17V 2.4A

Operating System DOS 3.30

Dimensions 13"wide x 14.5"deep x 4" high

Weight 15lbs approx.

The Brother M-1224L dot matrix printer, a nice tidy looking compact printer. Parallel Interface.

Printer dimensions

14" wide x 9.25" deep x 5.25" high ( inc. tractor unit)




Please e-mail me if you have further information or any criticism of the details shown.


Olivetti M111 Model XP1021

Motherboard Pegasus Inc. TPB-J.V10 LTA2-0001-01 REV.C10
CPU NEC V30 D70116L-10  
Memory 640K    
FDD 3.5" Ye Data YD-702 6077 C 34 pin ribbon connector Serial no.D059ZP
HDD 3.5" Conner CP-3027 44 pin ribbon connector
BIOS battery Yuasa Battery Co. 3-51FT 3.6v 50mAh
Main battery Olivetti Nickel- Cadmium 12V DC 2200mAh

Numbers from power input board. NJD-2464A : 9520302 : D1016 0102/89 : Serial no.002630

Numbers from keyboard 952029UTA143 0102/89 : Mitsumi 890215

Cooling fan 37mm SPROFAN model no.SJ-40A12C : DC 12V 0.09A

Display No's off PCB Epson P300028200 E91964 3134L
Display No's off label ECM-A0417  
External connectors on the back:
9 pin serial RS232
9 pin CGA video
25 pin parallel LPT 1
External connectors on the side
9 pin mini din for Number keypad
PS/2 mouse


Last Updated 13th September 2002