IBM PS/2 Model 30

This computer was one that I found in a car at my local scrap yard. It was around the time when I first started taking an interest in older computers so I thought I would get it and see if it would go. I suppose the thought was that there was nothing to loose but I might actually learn something about how they work without delving into the inside of my main computer and possibly destroying that one. But to my surprise when I got it home and connected it to a spare monitor that I had got it went straight away, although the hard disk whine's very load.

CPU's 8086-2 & 8087-2

Motherboard Part no. 61X8825 02

Memory 640Kb

FDD 3.5" 720Kb Toshiba

HDD IBM model WDI-325Q

Bios battery part no.BR-2/3A



IBM PS/2 Model 30 Type 8350
CPU 8086-2 & 8087-2
Motherboard Part no.61X8825 02
SIMM Part no. TM42560U9
Power supply model no. AA13610 IBM P/N 61X8574
Fan Panaflo FBS-08A12L DC12V 0.1A

Riser P/N 61X8864
Contains a battery P/N BR-2/3A

FDD Toshiba. FDD 4449A0213 F07. No. BTC7756884

HDD IBM Model WDI-325Q Part No. 72X7568 (61X8929)

Additional Cards
PC/AT Parallel Printer/Input Manufactured By Aert Technology Ltd

16/4 Token Ring adapter 92F4555 EC24968 V0011 202850

Serial/Parallel board Assy. No. 990085-01 REV A4 by Wyse Technology

Operating System


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Last Updated 13th September 2002