IBM PS/2 Model 50Z


This one was in the same car as the PS/2 model 30 but I didn't actually get it until about a week later. I was not so fortunate with this one as it will not go at the moment . It gives an error on start up indicating a voltage supply error to the disk drives. The unfortunate thing about these old PS/2's is that parts are not so interchangeable as they are on newer computers, so it is not easy to swap parts about to diagnose the problem. The PS/2's that I have got at the moment all have differences, even so I haven't given up hope of getting it going again.



IBM PS/2 Model 50Z Type 8550

CPU 80286-10
RAM 2048KB
Motherboard Bar code 57F1368 C01307 0534 55Q
SIMM card 72 pin MSC2321-85YS18A P/N 68X6127

HDD Riser 90X9416 IBM FRU 90X9441
HDD IBM Model no. WD-387 60MB P/N 33F5703
IBM FRU P/N 90X8627 72 PIN card edge connector

FDD Riser 90X9418
FDD Sony Model no. MP-F77W P/N 90X6766
IBM FRU P/N 72X8523

IBM FRU 90X9229

92F6959B 2920042PQ 3
B/C KIN83009956

Operating system unknown at the moment as it is not booting. It has got a problem with the floppy disk so I cannot use a reference disk on it to get it to go.


Please e-mail me if you have further information or any criticism of the details shown.



Last Updated 13th September 2002