IBM PS/2 Model 80

Type 8580-111

I had wanted one of these for quite a while before I acctually came across this one at a local computer shop. I thiught it would have great potential for expansion and adding to. But to acctually get it home and find that it had got an MCA bus instead of ISA or PCI meant that I didn't have any cards to add to it. Thhe memory was not easily upgradable as they used special memory cards with a 3 x 32 pin connector on it so I was limited to the 2048Kb that it had got in already.

I also thouhgt that it would be a good unit to put a few extra hard drives in but it has got a 5.25" full height (ESDI) hard disk in there mounted on its side and there is room for one more but that is the lot, and without a MCA hard disk controller card with the IDE type interface I couldn't even try to put smaller hard drives in it.

This also came with an IBM type 8515 Monitor which had a rise and fall, tilt and swivle stand which makes it a bit ont clumsy side but I suppose they had there uses at the time. So all in all this is a nice addition to my collection even if I was slightly dissapointed with it when I first got it home

Basically this is a 80386-16 with 2MB of memory a 115MB hard disk and a 1.44MB floppy disk drive. It is fitted with a nice carrying handle on the top.

6.5" wide x 19" Deep x 23.5" tall



Please e-mail me if you have further information or any criticism of the details shown.

IBM PS/2 Model 80 Type 8580-111

Motherboard No. 33F6836 A79693
CPU A80386DX-16  
Memory 2048 Kb IBM FRU 90X7391 3 x 32 pin connector Bar code 55 233 001567
8 x MCA bus slots    
HDD Type 0669 5.25" full height twin ribbon ESDI P/N 15F6730 115MB
FDD 1.44 MB  


15 pin VGA monitor
25 pin serial
25 pin parralell
2 x PS/2 Keyboard & mouse

Operating system
MS Dos 6.22
Windows 3.11
MS Works for Windows version 2.0a


Last Updated 13th September 2002