Useful Link's


Below are a few sites that I have found helpful in the endeavour to get my computers going and to find out information about them from. They are in no particular order but I hope you find something of interest.

The Obsolete Computer Museum a good collection of computers

The Obsolete Computer Museum Helpline Friendly and very helpful has a lot of computer diagnostic & rectification tips plus lists of error codes & IBM stuff including Reference & Start-up Disks. Well worth a look if you have got some spare time. this is about the best search engine that I have found but if you know of a better one please let me know. This site has got a lot of CPM related information and downloads

Driver Zone a good site for all your driver needs

PC Drivers another driver site which at the moment I haven't really tried but looks quite good.

Old another good museum site

Macs for Windows Users This is a very usefull site if you are a PC user and you happen to get hold of a Mac to play with, it guides you through the basic operations which are some what different to PC/Windows operations although they seem easier to use once you get used to them.

World Of Windows Networking a very good site if you want to set up a network at home it is all explained in detail and covers everything from Dos up to XP. Also covers direct cable conection and USB networking. Used to be but they had to move there web site. a site that shows jumper settings for hundreds of different motherboards, I/O boards, sound cards etc. but there are no pictures to identify the boards its all on part numbers.

Bloxham-online this is my village web site which shows some of the local area This site has a lot of guides to show you how various PC hardware works This site has a very large directory of electronics and computer web sites

DLL World This site has a large collection of DLL & OCX files listed alphabetically

Digibarn another computer museum web site well worth a look.



Last Updated 13th September 2002