Wang PC350/16s


This one I got from a car boot sale and it came as the set-up shown plus an Epson LX-800 dot matrix printer. The system is made up of Wang PC350/16s, Wang 14" monitor model no. MON-1450, Wang keyboard model no. 724 and a Logitech 3 button mouse. This PC350/16s has got an AMD386DX/DXL-40 CPU, 16MB Ram which is made up of 8 x 30 pin SIMM's on the motherboard and 8 x 30 pin SIMM's on an ISA memory expansion board. The monitor has 2 x 9 pin D type connectors on the back, one for analogue input and one for TTL input and it is switchable between autoscan and overscan.

This is a quick machine for its age but I am not sure that the motherboard & the 40Mhz processor is standard for this model. I have added an Advance Gravis Ultra Sound, sound card to it, at one point I put a CD-ROM in it as well but I thought that it spoilt the machine a bit so I took it out again and refitted the 5.25" floppy. The printer that came with it works OK but the paper sheet feeder is missing and it has no tractor feeder, so getting the paper aligned takes a bit of practice.

Micronics Motherboard 09-00086-07 Rev F2


Memory 16MB 16 x 1MB 30 pin SIMM's

FDD 3.5" Mitsubishi 1.44MB

FDD 5.25" Panasonic 360K

HDD IBM Dala-3450 540MB

O/S & Software Installed

MS DOS 6.22

MS Windows 3.1

MS Office 4.2

MS Publisher 2.0



Please e-mail me if you have further information or any criticism of the details shown.

Wang PC350/16s
Model no. PC350/40C FCC ID.B4YPC350-40C
WPN. 615-3873/2 S/N A40801
Motherboard Micronics 09-00086-07 Rev F2
B/C MB22006320
Power Supply W.P.N. 725-6015-1

3.5" FDD Mitsubishi MF355C-267UW 1.44MB
5.25" FDD Panasonic JU-455-7830 360KB

HDD IBM model Dala-3540 540MB
P/N 85G3674 FRU P/N 06H8729
Cylinders: 1049

ISA Cards
IDE controllers card Acculogic Side 4 FCC ID. EU45UEWDAT44D
Memory expansion card Micronics M810
09-00106-01 Rev B S/N MM34200747
Video card AD Chips FCC ID.B4YUDC0006-PC2 B/C AD531517
Sound card Advance Gravis Ultra Sound FCC ID. HYN-700-0021-XX


Operating system & other software
Dos 6.22
Windows 3.1
MS Office 4.2
MS Publisher 2.0

System comprises of:
Wang PC350/16S
Wang monitor model no. MON-1450 FCC ID.B4Y90YMO1450
Analogue & TTL inputs
Wang keyboard model no. 724 FCC ID. B4Y5K5724
Logitech 3 button mouse

Onboard battery

Last Updated 13th September 2002