Zenith Data Systems Z-200

This computer was in use at The Open University and was acquired for me by a friend John, who also got a couple of IBM's 5160 & 5170 for me as well many thanks' John. When I first powered this up I had to enter the BIOS settings which fortunately for me were write down on a piece of paper that came with it, since then I have replaced the BIOS battery which saves that hassle every time I want to run it. With this I also got an owners manual and a 4 volume set on MS DOS 3 by Zenith.

This is assembled in an unusual way compared to modern computers. It has a backplane board screwed to the base of the case and then the CPU/memory board and all other I/O boards and expansion memory boards are plugged into the backplane board. The BIOS battery is fitted to the backplane board.

Well this is the system as it stands:

Z-200 model ZW-248-84

Taxan 760 EGA monitor 14" colour

Zenith Data Systems Keyboard

Logitech Mouse

O/S DOS 3.21

The Zenith keyboard is QWERTY layout but it takes a bit of getting used to as some of the additional character keys are not where you expect them to be. Notice the F keys are down the left hand side. It weighs quite a bit but after dismantling it to clean it most of the weight is the metal base plate.

The Logitech three button mouse M/N C7DOAB this has a DB-25 female connector which plugs into an SCA/2 card additional serial port.

This is a large and heavy unit, it weighs 49lbs (23Kgs)


Width 21"

Depth 17"

Height 6.25"

Although it is a large unit there is not any spare room inside with 2 x 5.25" floppy disk drives at the bottom right of the picture, underneath those there are 2 x 5.25" hard drives. At the rear right is the power supply and on the left are all the I/O boards, from left to right there are:
1 & 2 Emulex Persyst memory board
3 SCA/2 additional serial port for mouse DB-25 male
4 Paradise Basic EGA board
5 I/O board 1 x serial & 1 x parallel port
6 CPU/Memory board 85-3261-01E
7 Irwin tape drive controller
8 Disk controller for floppy & hard drives
Here is a size comparison between a 4MB 72 pin SIMM and one of the Emulex memory boards, these contain 9 rows of 12 chips which are broken down into 2 sets of 6 banks. These boards have been set up as a VDISK

Dimensions of the Emulex board

13.5" (337mm) wide x 4.5"(115mm) high



Please e-mail me if you have further information or any criticism of the details shown.


List of details & part numbers

Z-200 Model ZW-248-84  
Serial no. 543AF0128 FCC ID: BJ486E-041CPU07  
CPU's Intel R80286-8 & C80287-3  
Memory 5632Kb  
FDD A: Panasonic JU-475-2 1.2MB
FDD B: Panasonic JU-455-5 360Kb
HDD MiniScribe Model no. 6085 Serial no. 423222
Part no. 040006092H-398 Dimensions 5.75"W x 8"D x 3.25"H E:/F: 65MB
HDD Magnetic Peripherals Inc. Model no. 94155-48 Serial no. 05161696
Part no. 77772546 Dimensions same as MiniScribe C:/D: 40MB
Disk controller card Data Technology Corp. P/N 10-00283 DTC5290CZ
Bar code no 283 516068  
Irwin Tape controller 3102004-3 FCC ID: E4A3VDIRWIN4251
CPU/Memory board 85-3261-01E 052086 32 86 CPU R80286-8 Intel & C80287-3
Paradise EGA basic video board R2TP 528448 FCC ID: DBM8FL2LYRPAEGIA
Additional serial port SCA/2 REV: B DB-25 male
2 x Emulex Persyst boards PT 1010204-07D containing 108 x D41256C-12 chips
Backplane board 85-3191-1 081585  
BIOS battery Crompton Eternacell Lithium TCL 3.7 volt TO68AA


Last Updated 13th September 2002