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Other Railway Magazines of which only a few copies are held

Home Mechanics - HM. Model Rail - M RL. Model Railway Journal - MRJ. Modelling Railways Illustrated - MORILL. Modern Railways - MOD/R. Modern Railways Pictorial - MRPP. Railway Archive - RA. Railway Pictorial and Locomotive Review - RPLR. Steam Classic - St C. Steam Railway - St R. The Tenterden Terrier - TTT. Trains Illustrated - T ILL. Ian Allan - IA. War Machine - WM.

Home Mechanics - HM
11/1958 Vol LX11-No. 1604 Bristol - Eastern Coachworks 4w Rail Bus Chassis only
Model Rail - M RL
1998 Winter Class 9 2-10-0 'Spaceship' Article plus N, 00, 0 drawings on loose insert
1998 Winter Killer on the tracks modelling article with pictures, the AgrEvo weedkilling train circa 1990.
Model Railway Journal - MRJ
12 - 1987 MOROUS' and friends Article on 'SIDLESHAM', 'MOROUS' and 'RINGING ROCK' with drawing of Manning Wardle OLD CLASS 'I' locomotives and modifications, on the WEST SUSSEX RAILWAY (SELSEY TRAM-WAY).
12 - 1987 SCRATCHBUILDING MODEL WAGONS Article on the layout of a open wagon with its parts named with drawing and pictures of, 1927 Charles Roberts 1923 RCH standard 12 ton wagon for Pease & Partners Ltd THORNE No.740, also 12 ton SOUTH KIRKBY No.3061, 10 ton S C No.18734, 12 ton HULL CORPORATION ELECTRICITY No.112.
26 - 1988 L&Y 10 ton BRAKE VANS trace of LYR drawing 2769 of 1892
26 - 1988 PULLMAN CARS ON THE LMS 1923-25 built cars by CLAYTON Carriage and Wagon Co Lincoln 1923 and Metropolitan Carriage, Wagon and Finance Co 1925.
32 - 1989 10 ton BRAKE VAN - LSWR 5190, covered by SR Diag 1541
54 - 1992 Steel Mineral Wagon 16 ton to Diag 1/108, 1/109, 1/194 (10' wb)
55 - 1992 DIY Plastic Moulding Article
55 - 1992 Jackson Couplings Article - part 1
55 - 1992 Steel Mineral Wagon 16 ton to Diag 1/105, 1/109, 1/116
56 - 1992 Jackson Couplings Article - part 2
56 - 1992 LOADING GAUGE concrete post and arm
56 - 1992 Steel Mineral Wagon 16 ton Diag 1/108 rebuilt
63 - 1993 A Class / A1X Class 0-6-0T Marsh boiler, I-o-W Bunker
63 - 1993 Class 47 BRUSH Type 4 Co Co with modelling notes and pictures
72 - 1994 Distant Drums - wagon loads No.7 cable drums Article
72 - 1994 Manning Wardle 0-4-0T Engineers Department A225S Ex Folkstone Harbour shunter 313 to Meldon Quarries 1925
77 - 1995 16 ton WELDED MINERAL WAGONS - REPAIRS and REBUILDS Diag 1/108, 1/109, 1/194 plus notes on clasp brakes and plate axle boxes.
77 - 1995 24½ ton MINERAL WAGONS Diag 1/115, 1/118
77 - 1995 Allsop's Larger Beer van picture ALLSOP's LARGER BEER 8 ton No.4 with ice tanks
77 - 1995 SAMUEL HEATH Junr coal merchant Crewe picture SAMUEL HEATH Junr coal merchant Crewe 8 ton dumb buffered mineral wagon No.32 ? GloucesterRC&WC
77 - 1995 W.LYCETT salt works, winsford mineral wagon picture W.LYCETT salt works, winsford 10 ton dumb buffered mineral wagon No.40 ? GloucesterRC&WC
80 - 1995 KING ARTHUR 4-6-0 N15 Class North British series with 5000gal URIE outside framed bogie tenders. URIE 1918 Eastleigh series.
Modelling Railways Illustrated - MORILL
11-12/1993 Vol 1-2 0298 Class 2-4-0WT BEATTIE Well Tank rh side round splashers
11-12/1993 Vol 1-2 AUSTERITY 0-6-0ST, Locoprofile - war and peace lh side, plan, front, back plus sketches of later alterations
11-12/1993 Vol 1-2 BODMIN & WADEBRIDGE 0-4-0ST BODMIN 1863 rh side and split front/back
01/1995 Vol 2-5 Q1 class 0-6-0, Profile utility - or just plain good sense? l/h side, plan, front, cab, tender front and back
09/1995 Vol 3-1 USA Class 0-6-0T Ex U S A T Corps both versions (WD & SR) l/p 10/1995
10/1995 Vol 3-2 MERCHANT NAVY 4-6-2 Locomotive only
10/1995 Vol 3-2 ROD BRAKE VAN l/p on later history.
02/1996 Vol 3-6 Class 20 Metallurgist on E 4 sets of drawings showing chages to livery and alterations to cab , nose and bogies
02/1996 Vol 3-6 Class 9 2-10-0 Profile Journey into space Article plus lh side, front and scrap of air pumps, tender lh side
02/1996 Vol 3-6 Milk Tanks - Modelling Moment Article. EXPRESS DAIRY Co Ltd. pic. No.78 6w LNER No.2445 to diag 323 1943. - UNITED DAIRIES. pic. No.638 4w LMS lot 357 circa 1920s (rebuilt to diag D1993 1937 No.44000).
06/1996 Vol 3-10 PROFILE Class 33 Bo-Bo 'Cromptons' Article with with drawings of 33:0 sides 1960's, 1970's and front, 33:2 side No.1 end on R/H and front 1970's, front 33:2
08/1996 Vol 3-12 Class 73 Bo-Bo JA / JB 'Eds'
Modern Railways - MOD/R
04/1968 Vol XX1V No.235 VICTORIA LINE MOTOR CAR & TRAILER CAR picture unit 3009
04/1968 Vol XX1V No.235 Centralisation of LT signalling and control Article
04/1968 Vol XX1V No.235 Container Wagon Air Braked for 75 MPH Container Services
Modern Railways Pictorial - MRPP
Jul-83 PROFILE: 2 SR DEMU stock Article - from 6S Class 201 to 3D Class 207 with drawings and unit/set numbers to date.
Railway Archive - RA
2006 Vol 13 Coal and Coke Wagons Geo J COCKERELL & Co south london No.5375 R Y Pickering 1902, T C FREEMAN forest gate 10 ton R Y Pickering,
2006 Vol 13 FLY SHUNTED 1 .: .: .: S&DR 2-4-0 No.3 Picture of S&DR 2-4-0 No.3 of 1861.
2006 Vol 13 The DRUMMOND 'S11' CLASS 4-4-0s of the LONDON & SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY Article on Class S11 4-4-0 - Pictures
2006 Vol 13 THE EARLY YEARS OF LONDON'S RAILWAY COAL TRADE Article covering the trade to the end of the 1890s with pictures and drawings of wagons, carts, tipping gear and shoots, depots and yards.
2006 Vol 13 Wagons in articles dates of pictures TS&C Parry and Clay Cross wagons 1868 view of the wagons at LSWR Windsor. Hirwain Coal & Iron Co wagon 1871, Wm Cory & Son Ltd No.811 10ton 1898, Bradwell Wood No.123 coke wagon 1898, J K Harrison & Co St Pancras No.83, 2 Pixton wagons - 1 dumb buffered No.731 circa 1890s, Premier Salt Works pent roofed wagon, Crystal Palace LL part of coal yard, E D Earl of Dudley 4 wagons 1- No.498 circa 1920/30s, Walter Moore c/m Uxbridge yard with cart dumb buffered No.s 328, part 37, 6 of National Coal Strike 1912, Diamond Coal Co trolley, 2 GloucesterRC&WC coal vans E Draisey Acton and G Bartrip Chingford
Railway Pictorial and Locomotive Review - RPLR
10-11/1949 Vol 2-5 EARLY 2-4-0 LOCOMOTIVES OF THE LC&DR Article - on classes N, P and L
Steam Classic - St C
12/1990 No.9 BR 9F 2-10-0 Article Pics
12/1993 No.45 "SCHOOLS" EXAMINATION Article - includes small drawing of the arrangement of the footplate fittings.
Steam Railway - St R
04/1997 No.204 Vulcan Foundry 2-8-0 Liberation class UNRRA locomotive for supply to European railways. Sectioned view.
The Tenterden Terrier - TTT
Winter 1987 No.44 Hopping Down the Line Article - on the hopper trains, hop farms, hop pickers and hop pickers ' Friends'.
Winter 1987 No.44 Single Line to Dungeness Short article - with map of the history of this line.
Winter 1987 No.44 The Burls Report Short article - on the report for a commission set up as a result of the Development & Road Improvement Funds Act 1909. Published in 1913 comparing the relative costs of road and rail transport in the area served by the K & E S R.
Summer 1990 No.52 The Military Railways of Lydd - Standard Gauge Article - including map of Standard Gauge railway system of the Lydd Military Railway.
Winter 1990 No.53 The Military Railways of Lydd - Narrow Gauge Article - second part of system, the Narrow Gauge.
Winter 1991 No.56 The Railways of Martin Mill - The Pearson Railway Article - The line to the Royal Military School and the eastern block yard opened in 1899, with map.
Spring 1992 No.57 The Railways of Martin Mill - The Martin Mill Military Railway Article - second part, the relaying and extending of the system in 1940. Map of the extentions with gun sites and spurs.
Summer 2004 No.94 Rails at Rye Harbour Article - Short history on the various lines and sidings in the Rye Harbour area. Sketch map of the area.
Winter 2005 No.98 The Trench Warfare Light Railway Article - Short history on the various lines and sidings in the Slades Green area and on to the Thames Ammunition Works. Map of the area.
Trains Illustrated - T ILL
06/1960 Vol X111-No.141 The coastal branches of the South-East Devon Article on train services
06/1960 Vol X111-No.141 North British Type 2 Bo Bo D6300-57 Diesel-Hydraulic Class 22
29 Express Trains
Issue 5 By Southern to the South-West Magazine contents entirely given to this railway line.
British Railways Then & Now
Volume 8 L & S W R Magazine contents entirely given to this railway Company.
Volume 12 L B & S C R Magazine contents entirely given to this railway Company.
Volume 16 S E & C R Magazine contents entirely given to this railway Company.
The last years of British steam
Volume 5 Southern Region Magazine contents entirely given to the Southern Region.
Ian Allan - IA
1982 This is - Southern Region Central Division Magazine covering the Central Division at this time.
1985 Railway World SPECIAL
Magazine contents entirely given to this railway.
War Machine - WM
1984 Vol 1-10 Railway Guns & Armoured Trains Magazine contents entirely given to a brief history of the French, Germany, Polish, British and Soviet equipment.