Model Railway Constructor Drawing Service to December 1967 as Printed



MRC Plans Service to December 1967
General Arrangement GA
Detailed D
Size in mm of drawing 7, 4, 3.5 etc
Article a
Constructional c
Dimensioned d
Illustration i
Livery details l
Plan p
Southern Railway
2-6-0 LBSCR K Class GA4 May-35
4-4-2T LBSCR I3 Class Dd Jun-38
2-6-4T River Class D4d Jul-38
4-4-0 Schools Class GA4ca Dec-38
4-6-2 West Country Class GAia Oct-45
4-4-0 LSWR T9 Class GA7ia Apr-50
0-4-0 LCDR Crane Loco GAdia Dec-50
0-6-0 LBSCR C Class GA7di Apr-53
2-4-0WT LSWR 0298 Class    
Electric Loco No.748 GAdia Mar-59
Electric Loco No.E5001 GA4dia Nov-61
Electric Loco No.2003 GA4dia Nov-61
2-4-0WT LSWR 0298 Class D4dia May-67
Electro-diesel Loco D4dia Jul-67
64' 9'' Boat Train Stock 2nd GAd Jul-35
64' 9'' Boat Train Stock 1st and Brake GAd Aug-35
66' 6'' Buffet Cars Electric Stock Dpal Oct-38
50hp Drewry Petrol Rail Car D7 Oct-48
Coach Sides LSWR GAdl Apr-50
Sentinel Steam Rail-bus GA4ia Dec-51
Electric Motor Parcels Van GAd Nov-61
8 Compartment Compo, Brake 2nd LBSCR GA4ia Jul-63
Railmotor No.3 SECR D4ia Mar-64
Maunsell Corridor Brake 3rd, Compo, 3rd D4ia Mar-65
Electric Portsmouth type 4COR unit D4ia May-65
Maunsell Pantry Brake 1st, Corridor 1st D4ia Mar-66
9 Compartment 3rd LBSCR D4ia Jun-66
Passenger Brake Van D4ia Sep-65
Passenger Brake Van D4ia Dec-66
Bulleid Semi-open Brake 3rd D4dia Jan-67
Bulleid Brake Compo D4dia Feb-67
Bulleid Corridor Compo D4dia Mar-67
Bulleid Corridor 3rd D4dia Apr-67
Bulleid Underframe and Bogie D4dia May-67
Bulleid Corridor 1st D4dia Jun-67
Bulleid Open Saloon 3rd D4dia Aug-67
Bulleid Brake Compo (Loose) D4dia Sep-67
Bulleid Corridor Dining 1st D4dia Oct-67
Bulleid Kitchen and Dining 3rd D4dia Nov-67
Electric 4REP and 4TC Units GA4dia Jul-67
Goods Stock
20ton Mineral Wagon D7cal Mar-36
Express Luggage Van D3.5ca May-36
Covered Van LBSCR D4 Mar-39
20ton Goods Brake Ddia Dec-43
20ton Bogie BrakeVan Ddia Jan-44
12ton Box Van (Lancing) D7dal Jul-47
12ton Box Van (Eastleigh) D7dal Aug-47
10ton Open Wagon SECR D7ia Feb-49
12ton Open Wagon SECR D7 Oct-49
Track Cleaning Wagon D7ia Sep-51
6w Luggage Van LBSCR D7ia Jul-54
Utility Vans GAa Jul-57
20ton Grampus D7ia Aug-61
20ton 6w Brake Van SECR D7ia Oct-62
12ton Open Wagon D7ia Jun-64
Ballast Brake Van LSWR Dia Oct-64
Tunnel Truck D4dia Nov-64
Brake Van LSWR D7da Dec-64
Engineers Side Tipping Ballast Wagon D7ia Dec-64
Dropside Ballast Wagon LSWR D7ia Jan-65
Stone Block Open Wagons D7ia Jul-65
Bogie BrakeVan D4dia Sep-65
Bogie Passenger Luggage Van D4dia Sep-65
12ton Vans D7dia Dec-65
10ton Refrigerated Van D7da Apr-66
10ton BananaVan D7dia Aug-66
10ton Insulated Meat Van D7dia Sep-66
10ton Meat Van D7dia Oct-66
25ton Bogie BrakeVan D4dia Dec-66
Bogie Passenger Luggage Van 25ton D7dia May-67
Edenbridge Town Goods Shed Ddia Jun-59
Teddington Station GA2dia Aug-60
Purley Oakes Station GAdia Nov-60
New Romney Station GAdia Sep-61
Bexhill West Station GA2dia Aug-62
St Margarets Station GA3.5a Nov-63
Standard LBSCR Signal Box D4 Jan-64
Standard LBSCR Signal Box (Wood) D4 May-64
Signal Box Crawley LBSCR D4ia Sep-64
Signal Box Epsom LBSCR D3dia Nov-64
Track Plans
Dorking North   Jan-54
Raynes Park   Apr-53
Hailsham   Nov-55
Hellingley   Dec-55
Farningham Road   Jan-58
Ryde - Ventor I-o-W   Mar-63
Medstead and Fourmarks   Sep-64
Baynards Station   Jun-65
Betchworth Station   Dec-65
Horsham Station   Apr-66
Lynton and Barnstaple
2-6-2T GA7dia Mar-51
2-6-2T GA7dia Apr-51
3rd Class Coach D7dia Aug-51
Brake Composite D7dia Feb-52
Coat of Arms Da Nov-51
Wagon and Van GAdia Oct-52
Bogie Wagon GAdia May-53
2-4-2T Lyn Ddi Feb-54
Bogie Wagon Dd Aug-54
Composite Coach Dda Feb-55
Goods Brake Van Ddia Aug-55
Bogie Van and Wagon Ddia Mar-56
Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway
4-4-0 No.67 D4dia Aug-46
8 ton Van D7ia Sep-65
Midland and South Western Junction Railway
4-4-0 ex M&SWJR No.7 GA4ia May-43
Pullman Car Co.
Standard 57' 3rd Class GA7ac Mar-34
H Class 65' 4'' Car Hibernia D4ia Aug-53
63' Standard 6w Car GAda Nov-57
Railway Clearing House
12 ton Mineral Wagon Ddia Jan-59
ex WD 16 ton Mineral Wagon D7ia Apr-62
MWT 16 ton Mineral Wagon D7ia Apr-62
British Rail
Class 9 2-10-0 GAdpal Mar-54
Class 3 2-6-0 GAdpal Jun-54
Class 5 4-6-0 GA1 Jan-57
Class 9 2-10-0 (Franco-Crosti) GA Nov-57
Standard Corridor Stock GA4&3da Jul-58
Clacton Electric Stock GA4ia May-63
Clacton Electric Stock GA4ia Jun-63
XP 64 Stock GA4ia Sep-64
Pullmans - Euston/Manchester Electrics GA4ia Jul-66
BRCW 3-Car Diesel MU D4dia Nov-67
Goods Stock
20ton Goods Brake D7dia Dec-51
Palbrick A D7&3ia Aug-58
Palvan 12ton Ddia May-59
Parcels Vans BG, GUV, CCT D4dia Oct-61
Ferry Van D7ia Jun-63
Pipe Wagon D4ia Apr-64
Engineers Dept. Side Tipping Ballast Wagon D7ia Apr-64
London Transport
4-4-4T No.107 ex Met GAdia Jun-61
ex Met Ashbury Coaches GA4dia Apr-61
Tube Stock 1938 Driving Motor Car D4dcal Apr-40
Tube Stock 1938 Non-Driving Motor Car & Trailer D4dcal May-40
Weighing Machine Van D7d Aug-38
Kennington Track Layout   Jul-40
Camden Town Track Layout   Jul-40
Industrial Railways
0-4-0ST Barclay GA7 Sep-48
0-4-0ST GK&N Queen Mary & King George GAdia Sep-57
Brush Diesel 300hp GAdia Nov-59
Rushton Diesel 200hp GAdia Nov-59
Fowler Diesel 176hp GAdia Nov-59
LCC Class M 4w D/D D4 Sep-39
Glasgow Bogie D/D D4 Oct-39
LCC Class E1 Bogie only D10ia Jul-40
Huddersfield 4w D/D D4i Mar-45
Birmingham 4w D/D open top D4i Jul-53
Trolley pole D7 Aug-54
Blackpool Dreadnought Ddia Dec-56
Newcastle Submarine Ddia Mar-57
Overheads and poles Dd May-57
Accrington No. 7 Class Ddia Jul-57
LCC Feltham Class D4 Sep-66
Preston type standard 4w D4 Dec-67
Buses and Coaches
London Transport RT type D/D Ddip Jun-56
Daimler Roadliner D4d Mar-67
Commercial Vehicles
Albion Carter Patterson Van GA4a May-44
Thornycroft J type 1922 Lorry D4a Aug-48
Morris FJ K140 7 tonner D4 Aug-66
Ford 3 ton chassis D300 D4 Nov-66
Bedford 3 ton Van D4 Nov-66
Albion 5 ton parcels Van D4dia Apr-67
Fairground Vehicles D4 Jun-67
Karrier 5 ton Lorry LMS D4dia Jun-67

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