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London & South Western Railway Locomotives
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A12 Class 0-4-2 JUBILEE RM Sep-75 general arrangement
A12 Class 0-4-2 JUBILEE MRN May-67 A12 572-56, O4 597-656
B4 Class 0-4-0T MRN Dec-71 Dock Tank E103
C8 Class 4-4-0 RM Jan-73 Sketch
C14 Class 2-2-0T & 0-4-0T RM Aug-68 n/e
C14 Class 2-2-0T RM Jul-89 1906
E10 & T7 Classes 4-2-2-0 RM Jan-70 Double Singles
G6 Class 0-6-0T RM Jun-67 Sketch
G6 Class 0-6-0T RM Aug-97 Pre Grouping
H12 & H13 Classes BRJ No. 4 1984 Drawing is of H13 class
H13 Class MRC Oct-78 Rail Motors No. 3-15 1905
H15 Class 4-6-0 MBT 04-05/1994 Vol 4-1 Drawings of variations plus article
H16 Class 4-6-2T RM Dec-88 n/e
H16 Class 4-6-2T RM Dec-69 n/e
K10 Class 4-4-0 RM Oct-70 n/e
K14 Class 0-4-0T RM Jul-89 1908
L11 Class 4-4-0 RM Oct-70 n/e
L12 Class 4-4-0 RM Jul-84 Sketch & modelling notes
M7 Class 0-4-4T & Rebuilt No. 126 RM Aug-68 l/p 10/68
M7 Class 0-4-4T RM Jun-82 n/e
M7 Class 0-4-4T MRN Oct-84 328, see also 11/1984
N15 Class 4-6-0 MRN Jan-78 URIE 736 KING ARTHUR Class EXCALIBUR
KING ARTHUR 4-6-0 N15 Class MRJ 80 - 1995 North British series with 5000gal URIE outside framed bogie tenders. URIE 1918 Eastleigh series.
KING ARTHUR 4-6-0 N15 Class BT 03/1995 Vol 9-3 F J ROCHE Drw S/L101 & S/TE/12. Urie version with sketches of Maunsell veriations. Tender 5000Gal.
O2 Class 0-4-4T RM Aug-68 l/p 10/68
O2 Class 0-4-4T MRN Mar-60 232
O2 Class 0-4-4T RM Jul-92 SR I-o-W Version
S15 Class 4-6-0 MBT 10-11/1994 Vol 4-4 509 & URIE TENDER, 30506 & DRUMMOND TENDER
T3 Class 4-4-0 MRN Mar-66 561
T3 Class 4-4-0 RM Jan-88 1890's
T9 Class 4-4-0 BRM Dec-08 No.706 L/H side and front drawings 1899 version with 6w tender. No.281 R/H side and front drawings Urie rebuilt version with extended smoke box, 6w tender, circa 1930s. No.119 L/H side drawing with extended smoke box, 8w tender, circa 1930s with removable crests on leading splashers. No.30724 L/H side, cab and front drawings with extended smoke box, 8w tender, circa 1950s.
T9 Class 4-4-0 MRN Mar-64 Greyhounds post 1928 early version, loco only see 08/64 for tender
T9 Class 4-4-0 MRC Feb-68 Greyhounds Built & Rebuilt, see l/p 04/1968
LSWR T9 Class Loco MRC Apr-50 Basic drawing of final 15 built with 8w bogie tenders
T14 Class 4-6-0 RM Jul-72 Paddle Boxes Sketch
T14 Class 4-6-0 RM Feb-95 Paddle Boxes 1911-1912
282 Class 0-6-0 - The LSWR ILFRACOMBE GOODS 0-6-0s BRJ Summer 1988 No.22 ILFRACOMBE Goods as built 1873 p-s-end/elv and S & M R no.3 "HESPERUS" No.3 Ex LSWR No.324 s-end/elv. See also No.23 Autumn 1988 correspondence for additional notes.
282 Class 0-6-0 MRN Sep-69 ILFRACOMBE Goods built 1873 (0394) as running as No.3 EKR.
282 Class 0-6-0 MRN Oct-69 ILFRACOMBE Goods Rebuilt as (ex LSWR 324) No. 3 HESPERUS on S&MR. K&ESR No. 7 ROTHER (349) & No. 9 JUNO (284) similar.
0330 Class 0-6-0ST MRN Jun-70 as on K&ESR. No.4 1932, Ex L S W R No.0335
LSWR 0330 Class 0-6-0ST RM Mar-08 No.4 1932, Ex L S W R No.0335. Beyer, Peacock 1876
336 Class 0-6-0ST MRC Feb-72 0330 Class 1876
380 Class 4-4-0 MRN Feb-55 Steam Rollers No. 382 1879
700 Class 0-6-0 RM Jul-06 Black Motors 1897 DÜBS & Co as built and as superheated with 6w 3500 gallon tender.
700 Class 0-6-0 MRN Jun-63 Black Motors 1897 DÜBS & Co as built
0298 Class 2-4-0WT MRC Feb-70 BEATTIE Well Tanks 1867
0298 Class 2-4-0WT 1863 & 1884 RM Sep-85 BEATTIE Well Tanks
0298 Class 2-4-0WT MORILL 11-12/1993 Vol 1-2 BEATTIE Well Tank rh side round splashers
0298 Class 2-4-0WT MRC May-67 BEATTIE Well Tanks 30585
0298 Class 2-4-0WT PHOENIX MRN May-82 BEATTIE Well Tanks, 3 versions drawn & modelling notes
0415 Class 4-4-2T RM Aug-83 ADAMS Radial Tanks
0415 Class 4-4-2T RM Mar-85 ADAMS Radial Tanks
0415 Class 4-4-2T MRN Jun-71 ADAMS Radial Tank as EKR No.5
0415 Class 4-4-2T MRN Sep-82 ADAMS Radial Tanks, Sketch
0415 Class 4-4-2T MRN Sep-77 ADAMS Radial Tanks, No. 60, see l/p 11/77
0460 Class 4-4-0 MRN Oct-61 1880-84, NEILSON & Co 467 as built
BODMIN & WADEBRIDGE 0-4-0ST BODMIN MORILL 11-12/1993 Vol 1-2 1863 rh side and split front/back
BODMIN & WADEBRIDGE 0-4-0ST No.1 MRN Sep-76 1863
SHARK 2-4-0 MRN Sep-65 1867
DRUMMOND WATER CART TENDER MRN Aug-64 see also l/p 01/65
P D & S W Jct R 0-6-2T RM Dec-97 L S W R 757, 758 as built
LIVERIES BRM Jan-95 Article Class T9 No.708
T9 Class 4-4-0 BT 11-12/1992 Vol 6-6 Pictures
William Adams BT 09/1995 Vol 9-9 Article, see l/p 10/95
South Western Four- Coupled HMRS 04-06/1997 Vol 16-2 Notes on two pictures of No.560 'T3' 4-4-0 and No.522 '415 Radial Tank' 4-4-2T.
700 Class 0-6-0 BLACK MOTORS MRC Mar-87 Article
Class D15 4-4-0 MRC Apr-80 modelling notes
EARLY LOCOMOTIVES MRC Aug-75 modelling notes
LIVERIES M7 0-4-4T MRC Feb-74 Article
LIVERIES M7 0-4-4T MRC Mar-74 Article
0415 Class 4-4-2T MRN Nov-62 modelling notes
0415 Class 4-4-2T MRN Dec-62 modelling notes
T9 Class 4-4-0 MRN Jun-64 modelling notes
T9 Class 4-4-0 MRN Jul-64 modelling notes
The DRUMMOND 'S11' CLASS 4-4-0s of the LONDON & SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY RA No.13 2006 Article on Class S11 4-4-0 - Pictures
DRUMMOND'S MOTOR TANKS - The LSWR 'C14' class RBL 6/1998 Vol 3-4 Article on these small 2-2-0T/0-4-0T tanks - Pictures and principal data.
The L&SWR B4 Class 0-4-0Ts RBL 10/1999 Vol 4-11 Article on Dock Tanks - Pictures 1
The L&SWR B4 Class 0-4-0Ts RBL 11/1999 Vol 4-12 Article on Dock Tanks - Pictures 2
E10 4-2-2-0 No. 373 RM Jan-86 Sketch & modelling notes
PUSH PULL RM Oct-68 l/p
PUSH PULL RM Dec-68 l/p
0415 Class 4-4-2T RW Feb-86 Article ADAMS Radial Tank
T7 Class 4-2-2-0 RW Jul-78 Article No. 720