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Preview Issue January 2007
Page No. Content
Front Cover 34022 at Eastleigh 06/08/1961
2 Getty Files 1 - 'J' class tank No.2326
3 S15' class No.30499
5 Editorial
25 Getty Files 2 - 'Merchant Navy' class
26 Terry Cole's Rolling Stock File No.1 - S1 of set 652, set 656 S6406, S6634 of set 331
35 FLASHBACK - 1, Lees Lane signal box Gosport line.
36 FOUND IN A WOODEN BOX - Salisbury turntable 1935/39
44 Getty Files 3 - Ascot 1935 class 'M7' 0-4-4T
45 A Short Sharp Shock - of Steam, Hugh Abbinnett on being a fireman in 1943
61 FLASHBACK - 2, LBSCR C2 0-6-0 No.446 at Waddon Marsh.
62 REAL ATMOSPHERE - Winchester at night 27/02/1965
74 ALL OUR YESTERDAYS - February 1957 SOUTHERN REGION from The Railway Observer
79 Brighton Atlantic - A personal journey
88 THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT (and in the day as well) experimental buffer stop Hither Green 11/1930
90 THE BOTLEY TRAIN FIRE - and the other 'firemen'
97 COLOUR INTERLUDE - I-o-W - W20, W26 at Ventnor 07/1963, Shanklin station, W21 at Wroxall 08/1964, W17 at Sandown, W33 at Cowes.
Back Cover Nursling starting signal towards Romsey winter 1962/3
Issue No.1 September 2007
Page No. Content
Front Cover Petworth with 33018 on pick up freight circa 1963
2 Getty Files 1 - Waterloo 'A' Box gantry being demolished 1936. Ash Level Crossing 1965.
5 Editorial
20 Getty Files 2 - Grove Road Deptford pre WW2
22 Ramblings on, and of: THE E1/R 0-6-2 TANK ENGINES
34 NEW CROSS Circa 1907
36 REAL ATMOSPHERE - Winchester
38 WATERLOO LSWR to BR a brief summary Part1
58 Terry Cole's Rolling Stock File No.2 - S1007, in SOUTHERN livery 1st corridor No.7181, set 513 (3560, 975).
60 PERMANENT WAY NOTES - from Basingstoke to Woking LWRT 360' track train
65 REBUILDING - the letters and comments page
67 OR FOR QUITER CONTEMPLATION - Beddington signal box 1926
68 BRIGHTON LOCO WORKS - Apprenticeship Memories
82 SO FIRST TAKE YOUR ENGINE - the rebuilding of the 'Merchant Navy' class
90 TERMINUS TIMES - Hugh Abbinnett on the bombing of Southampton terminus in 1943
96 WHAT SIZE BANG WOULD YOU LIKE - detonator test between Feltham and Stains 02/10/1929
97 COLOUR INTERLUDE - Interior of PULLMAN VERA, 'H' class 0-4-4T at THREE BRIDGES - Midhurst branch
Back Cover LSWR down home signals Basingstoke 1960s
Issue No.2 January 2008
Page No. Content
Front Cover Wadebridge 1963
2 Eastleigh running shed ? Circa 1903
4 Schools' class No.931 with armoured cab 15/01/1943
5 Editorial
18 A PRIVILEGED PERSPECTIVE - H. L. BUTLER a log of some footplate trips as a pupil apprentice
24 LONGPARISH circa 1900
26 WOOLSTON 1889
28 Purely by chance - number plate off Adams T3 4-4-0 No.E561 with weight diagram
30 THE SWAYING FOOTPLATE - part 1 of Norman Denty's experiences
40 WATERLOO LSWR to BR a brief summary Part2 - with plan of 1922
51 Getty Files 1 - Waterloo to Weymouth train 26/05/1950
52 FOR WHOM THE BELLE TOLLS - the Devon Belle
64 Terry Cole's Rolling Stock File No.3 - ex SECR coaches, composite S5449, 1st S7347, Departmental 1st saloon 1062S.
66 REAL ATMOSPHERE - Walton on Thames - Winchester
68 September1966 - not a good month - accidents.
70 June 1955 had not been good either - ASLEF strike
71 PERMANENT WAY NOTES - WATERLOO STATION platforms 1 to 7 relaying
75 REBUILDING - the letters and comments page
76 Getty Files - junction signal Motspur Park Junction 16/06/1936
77 Weedkilling Trains
80 SOUTHERN STATIONS & HALTS - Monks Lane Halt up and down sides 24/08/1947, High Rocks Halt up and down sides 13/09/1950.
92 35005 'CANADIAN PACIFIC' - the fitting of a mechanical stoker 03/1948 to 04/1951
95 and speaking of steam versus diesel
96 A TASTE OF - 3ton Scammell Mechanical Horse No.2519M
97 COLOUR INTERLUDE - 'Z' class 0-8-0T at EXETER (ST DAVIDS) - Exeter junction - Seaton branch- Yeovil junction
Back Cover 34099 leaving Seaton Junction 03/1963
Issue No.3 April 2008
Page No. Content
Front Cover Class S11 30403 at Bournemouth in mixed SR and British Railways livery
2 King Arthur No. 782 'Sir Brian' at Salisbury Platform 4.
4 Head on view of 21C1 at Eastleigh circa 1941
5 Editorial
6 Pictures at Basingstoke
7 Basingstoke Part 1 - The years down to 1904
23 Missed Opportunities 1 The Urie 4-8-0
26 34085 at Eastleigh Works 9 January 1950
27 Victoria: 9th December 1949 A sad mistake. A collision between 34084 on the 'Golden Arrow', light engine 34085 and an eight coach electric to West Croydon.
33 Picture of 34103 'Calstock' leaving Reading West
34 Pictures around Evercreech Junction
35 Wither the Somerset and Dorset' The sad, and at times downright deceitful way, closure of the S & D was achieved.
44 Sandling Junction two 8 wheeled type 'J' 3rd brake Pullmans P40 and 41 Holiday coaches
46 More from the wooden box Salisbury - west end departures, No. 457 'Sir Belvedere', 449 'Sir Torre', 746 'Pendragon', 768 'Sir Balin' and two views of 747 'Elaine'
52 Memories of a young trainspotter - at St Denys 1945-1949
54 Pictures of I-o-W Central 4-4-0T No.6 and I-o-W Central railcar No.1
55 Audit time on the Isle of Wight - a circa 1940/1 listing of fixed assets, rolling stock, set formations, Ryde Pier Tramway, side view of FY and NR No.1, Pictures of IWC 4-4-0T No. 6, IWC 2-4-0T No.5 and what's left of IWC A1 0-6-0T W9.
68 Picture, signals in St George's Hill cutting Walton on Thames
69 Picture, Waterloo 4-COR and 34052
70 The 1932 Brighton Line Resignalling part 1
79 Picture, Banstead goods yard 1935
80 Terry Cole's Rolling Stock File No.4 - ex SECR O1 Class and 5 comp brake 3rd coach S3291, ex LSWR corridor brake 3rd S3175 both on KESR 13/08/1952, ex LBSCR A1X 32677 and rebuilt ex LSWR 48' lavatory bi-composite 508 to diag 758 now 58' brake composite 6404 to diag 418 Langstone Bridge 03/05/1953.
82 Push-Pull to Alton' - Hugh Abbinnett on a M7 working.
92 PERMANENT WAY NOTES - 'State of the art' track relaying - 1948 use of a TRM and compressor wagon.
96 2-NOL in a carriage washer Orpington 27/03/1946
97 COLOUR INTERLUDE - 30587 2-4-0WT at Boscarne Junction with clay train 22/07/1960 - Hatherleigh Station with Ivatt 2-6-2T 41312 16/07/1960 - 'L' Class 31760 at Aldershot 03/07/1960 - 'E2' Class 32102 at Farnborough circa 1960 - 30729 shunting at Padstow July 1960.
Back Cover Furzebrook on the Swanage branch circa 1950
Issue No.4 September 2008
Page No. Content
Front Cover Urie 'H16' No.30519 at Clapham Junction on ECS workings
2 Bournemouth Central July 1951
4 Swanage 1965
5 Editorial
7 The 150th Anniversary of the London, Chatham & Dover Railway. The development of the LCDR system - a photographic tribute
21 The 1932 Brighton Line Resignalling part 2
29 The Legacy of Mr Price - 2 pictures the third class carriage and 2 of the 'I3' locomotive No.79 involved in his death
33 From RINGWOOD to CHRISTCHURCH an almost forgotten railway
40 RAY CHORLEY - Obituary
42 BRITISH RAILWAYS - SOUTHERN REGION MAGAZINE - the final volume for 1949 reviewed
53 Along the Sussex Coast - 80 Years Ago - picture article of the trains east of Lewis through to Hastings
60 Certainly not an essay in concrete, perhaps more of a sentence - drawing of a pre-assembled concrete fogman's hut to Drg No CW8/46
62 Petersfield Circa 1884/1885 - 2-4-0T No.191 with what is thought to be the Midhurst branch train
64 Burning Bulleids' a definite precursor to the article that follows
67 ERIC BEST Memories of South Hampshire and a Railway Career
90 More on Weedkilling
92 PERMANENT WAY NOTES, Third rail items on the Southern
97 COLOUR INTERLUDE - No.54 'WADDON' restored in 1963 at Eastleigh, 'W' class tank 31922, 'M7' tank 30035, 'V' class 30915 Brighton, 'D1' 31487
Back Cover Wokingham SOUTHERN ELECTRIC sign board
Issue No.5 January 2009
Page No. Content
Front Cover Victoria, June 1963 6PAN set No.3023 Brighton via Quarry Line.
2 The result of enemy action at Victoria, 10.25 pm, 9th October 1940. Damage to 'Brighton Belle' sets, Audrey nearest camera.
4 LBSCR steam railcar No.1 in later livery.
5 Editorial
7 Sir Sam Fay London & South Western Days. Covers between 1872 & 1901 including the start of "The South Western Gazette.". With contemporary photographs.
20 Bridge over the River Torridge. Three views of the replacement viaduct being built for the conversion of the line for the NDCJLR.
23 Conundrums - odd pairing on a signal bracket at Stone Crossing Halt in the first half of the 1960s.
24 Basingstoke Part 2 - Rebuilt and Expanded - with track layout and new building alterations.
41 Private Owner Wagons - 10 Ton C. EMMENCE Horsebridge No.9 - 10 Ton LAWRENCE & Co (Portsmouth) Ltd Portsmouth No.12
42 REAL ATMOSPHERE - 73067 in Salisbury loco shed and 'Engine Arrangements' board - a pair of 'standards' outside Basingstoke shed.
42 Victoria - a selection of photographs by George Heiron
48 Victoria, December 1949 - revisited - follow on from issue 3 from a newspaper cutting
49 THE SWAYING FOOTPLATE - part 2 of Norman Denty's experiences continuing as a young fireman at Bournemouth in WW2
54 ROMSEY LSWR - The story of the Cooper Family 1900 - 1931 with a series of photographs taken circa 1912.
64 Southern Shipping -picture article including, MV 'DORSET COAST - ST 'FALAISE' - MV 'SHANKLIN' - ST 'NORMANNIA' - ST 'LORD WARDEN' - ST 'LONDRES' - ST 'MAID OF ORLEANS' - ST 'MAID OF KENT'.
71 The Proposed Railway to East Wittering - a description of the proposed extension of the HMST in 1913.
75 SCENES FROM 1950 to 1952 - photographs including 102501at Oatlands cutting and LBSCR class' I2' WD 72400 and 720401 awaiting scrapping.
82 Terry Cole's Rolling Stock File No.5 a trio of brake-vans - S54900 ex LSWR 12439 10 ton single ended road van branded for internal K&ESR use at Robertsbridge. SR 5587? ex LBSCR (348-361) 15 ton single ended road van at Norwood Junction. S55434 ex SECR 6w 20 ton double veranda van at Esher. Plus correction to issue 3.
84 PERMANENT WAY NOTES, Third rail items on the Southern part 2 - "Southern Conductor Rails" on joining the Conductor Rails and maintaining good earth continuity.
88 REBUILDING' - The letters and comments page
90 THE KENT COAST ELECTRIFICATION Phase 1 - describing the routes, service and stock including delivery dates.
97 COLOUR INTERLUDE - covering July and August 1967 as recorded at Woking and Salisbury. 35030 at Salisbury, unidentified 'Light Pacific' approaching Woking, two 'Standard' 4-6-0's head west from Woking, Salisbury yard.
Back Cover 34019 'Bideford' at Eastleigh.
Issue No.6 April 2009
Page No. Content
Front Cover "West Country" class No.34035 "Shaftsbury" showing cowling modifications as of early 1960 at Eastleigh Works.
2 Circa 1948 Guildford bound from Woking "H16" 4-6-2T No.518
4 Southern Magazine' picture of Swanwick staff possibly 1889 or 1910?
5 Editorial
6 LANCING CARRIAGE WORKS - first in series with plan dealing with the works.
20 BUDEFUL DRUMMONDS - pictures and short notes on "M7" CLASS No.35 and "K10" No.152 at Bude
22 HUMAN ERROR AT LONDON BRIDGE - on collision of two PUL-PAN 6-sets and a doubt about the official accident report.
28 LIFE AT SOUTHAMPTON - part 1: Introduction and Overview. Life at the Southampton Train Supervisors Office.
46 EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY... - picture of 4th Queens Own Hussars tank (non railway type) "On manoeuvres by the Meon Valley line"
49 The SOUTHERN RAILWAY: from inception through to Nationalisation and beyond. Part 1 The 'Railways Act, 1921' on the process of "Grouping" and the ramifications there of.
58 SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES - 3 views of 14th September 1908 showing the signal gantry on Grosvenor bank outside Victoria LB&SCR obscured by smoke. They reveal also interesting rolling stock and train workings.
60 WATER TROUGHS ON THE SOUTHERN - the 1948 'Report of Department set up to consider the provision of Water Troughs' examined.
70 Terry Cole's Rolling Stock File No.6 three push-pull trains - ex LB&SCR set 724 (originally 991) at Brighton 26th September 1951. SE&CR ex rail motors set 482 at Westerham 24th September 1953. L&SWR ex 'Emigrant' stock set 738 or 739 at Paddock Wood on the Hawkhurst branch train 18th August 1951.
72 WHITSTABLE HARBOUR - Two views of the harbour at Easter 1939.
73 BIRDS EYE VIEW - Waterloo centred on the lift to the 'Drain', with 'SUB' and 'EPB' sets in sidings. - 'Train of Events' - 'Merchant Navy' class No.35021 failed on the 'Bournemouth Belle' at Southampton Central
74 The BULLEID STEAM REVERSER GEAR - A description of the gear and its operation.
82 PERMANENT WAY NOTES, Third rail items on the Southern part 3 - "Southern Conductor Rails" on the design and operation of the 'hook switch' to provide electrical isolation.
88 Feed back on George Heiron - George Heiron's Southern Collection WATERLOO to ILFRACOMBE. Barry Sumsion provides amplification and explanation for some of the events depicted in the pictures.
89 ACCIDENTS AND EMERGENCIES AT GUILDFORD - extracts from the Guildford Station St John Ambulance Association 'Occurrence Book' from between May 1931 and February 1934.
90 URIE'S BIG TANKS - the "G16" 4-8-0T and "H16" 4-6-2T classes potted history with livery notes.
96 The Remembrance Class in detail. Picture of No.2329 during rebuild and rebuilt cab view of 1934, plus four colour plates from The Railway Magazine circa 1937 showing suggested livery change for the Southern Railway.
98 Travels with my camera - 1 Barcombe Mills 'Q' class 0-6-0 No.30549. - 2 Pre-grouping survivor, Signal Epsom Downs February 1971. - 3 Hailsham with Tunbridge Wells to Eastbourne service. - 4 Sandown showing stored 'O2's No. 20 'Shanklin', 30 'Shorwell' and ? 31 'Chale'.
Back Cover 22nd November 1964 at Brockenhurst during replacement of signal box and the fitting of new lifting barriers.
Issue No.7 July 2009
Page No. Content
Front Cover The first BR 'Blue' era. 35029 at Stewarts Lane, painting by Craig Tiley.
2 Waterloo SR/BR concourse picture
3 Editorial
4 Pictures of the Callington viaduct under construction.
5 The Callington Branch - History and Memories. With pictures and sketch map.
22 Poster Time - SECR Poster and original photograph.
23 The Southern and the Silver Screen - The making of 'The Wrecker' and 'Oh Mr Porter!'
31 Clapham Junction Signalling School - 3 pictures.
33 Selsdon Road to East Grinstead in 1884. Pictures of the newly completed Croydon, Oxted & East Grinstead Railway in 1884.
42 Clapham Junction 10th May 1965 - The collapse of 'A' Box.
48 Late LSWR to early BR (with a few gaps in-between) - a personal collection of photographs.
60 Scuppering the "U-Boats" - The 18 months after the dieselisation of the Redhill - Reading line in January 1965.
66 Scuppering the "U-Boats" - Years Earlier four photographs of No.A800 'River Cray' after the Sevenoaks disaster in 1927.
68 Man of the Southern Sir Eustace Missenden - a look at his railway times.
74 A Brighton Suburban Train of the 1870s - picture of No.70 Blackwell and 4w eight set.
76 Southern Exposure' - a look at aspects of signal working.
82 1948 and all that... some pictures of the 1948 locomotive exchanges.
86 Stock Storage on the Ardingly Branch - follow on from issue 5 on withdrawn and condemned stock storage on the branch.
94 Rebuilding' - The Letters and Comments Page(s)
98 Terry Cole's Rolling Stock File No.7 Some Electric Stock. Tadworth Derby Day 30th May 1951 4-SUB unit 4174 and 4-LAV unit 2927. 4 EPB unit 5026 at Lancing Works.
100 Three Generations of Railwaymen, in Three Different Departments - Locomotive, Traffic and Civil Engineering.
108 Permanent Way Notes, Mechanised Ballast Cleaning at Petts Wood
113 COLOUR INTERLUDE - No.31803 shunting the yard, No.34023 'Blackmore Vale' on a up Bournemouth line service at Farnborough 6th October 1965. Also at Farnborough during the electrification work 'Crompton' D6548 and 'Hymek' D7021, 'Spitfire' No.34066 and 08/09? not known with 'Hymek' D3044.
Back Cover Platform 4 Christ's Hospital
Issue No.8 October 2009
Page No. Content
Front Cover Oakley station between June 1963 and November 1966.
3 Dover Priory in the early 1950s
4 LBSCR 8 ton Van No.8199 at Littlehampton being loaded from a Duke & Ockenden cart (from West Sussex Past Pictures)
5 Editorial
6 Oakley a simple wayside stopping place - blink and it's gone. With pictures and signalling diagram
10 Terry Cole's Rolling Stock File No.8. ex SECR 1415 as S 1097 S, 10 comp at Sheerness 1954. ex LSWR compo No.886 as 3rd lavatory S 616 at Redhill 1952. ex LBSCR 2 coach IoW set 505 at Bembridge 1953.
12 BRIGHTON 1903, 1890 and 1933. Picture article
16 The Southern Railway Servants Orphanage also known as: 'WOKING HOMES' on the life and times of this most renowned institution.
34 ST JOHNS STATION, LEWISHAM History, Mystery & Connections. A description of the area with diagrams and pictures.
46 EXPELLED! Uppingham to Bradfield the naming saga of Schools class 4-4-0 No.923.
47 LIFE AT SOUTHAMPTON - part 2: Specific Routes and Traffic Flows.
58 DÈ JÀ VU' The 1939 Chalk Fall at Shakespeare Cliff
66 The SOUTHERN RAILWAY: from inception through to Nationalisation and beyond. Part 2 The Inheritance.
83 A DISAPPOINTED MAN a sad tale of a watch.
84 RECOLLECTIONS OF THE A. C. E. a description of a trip.
89 Page top - Poem Last Train from Waterloo. Page bottom onwards 'Rebuilding' - The Letters and Comments Page(s)
92 Permanent Way Notes, Formation Renewal at Paddock Wood.
97 COLOUR INTERLUDE - Tunbridge Wells West ticket office and platforms, Cheam Station frontage, and Plymouth Friary after closure.
Back Cover N' No.31408 near Hinton Admiral 12th August 1965
Issue No.9 January 2010
Page No. Content
Front Cover O2 No.30225 at Eastleigh circa 1962
2 Folkestone Harbour Station in September 1921
4 Eastleigh Carriage Works 26 August 1950 - remains of the side from a Tavern Car.
5 Editorial
6 The LBSCR C2 and C2X GOODS ENGINES - includes front, and either left or right side drawings, with front, right hand sides and rear of three types of tender
22 Waterloo & City with pictures of original stock
26 ON THE ISLAND - A CENTURY AGO - pictures of 0-6-0ST 'BEMBRIDGE' at Bembridge. IOW Rly 2-4-0T 'VENTNOR' at Shanklin. IOW Central Rly No.10 (ex LBSCR N0.69) at Horringford. IOW Central Rly coach No.7 on the Bembridge branch. All circa 1908.
28 THE LSWR CIRCA 1910 - pictures of Adams '460' class 4-4-0 No.526 at Queens Town Road. Easter excursion at Raynes Park.
30 Basingstoke Part 3 - Post-War and Beyond - with appendix on Pneumatic signalling and power signalling at Brookwood.
42 WHAT THE WELL DRESSED SOUTHERN MAN WAS WEARING IN 1948... pictures of caps and uniforms.
48 Two pictures of Lancing Works Thorneycroft petrol engined shunter 499 (DS 499)
49 LANCING Part 2 - The Southern Railway 1930 - 1947 with plan dealing with the works including the War years.
62 SPOTLIGHT DORCHESTER - with signal diagram for 1930 and pictures mainly from BR days
72 DELTICS' FOR THE SOUTHERN REGION? - a look at a proposal to use Deltics on Southhampton boat trains.
82 Terry Cole's Rolling Stock File No.9 'Three 3s'. C2X No.32546 with ex SECR 3 coach 'Birdcage' set Trio Type C Set at Ashurst Junction 1950. L1 No.31759 at Tonbridge 1952 with Maunsell restriction '0' set 941. Bulleid 3 coach set 90 at West Grinstead circa 1964.
84 'Rebuilding' - The Letters and Comments Page(s)
90 Permanent Way Notes, Track design and its Evolution, includes tables.
96 Confessions of a Steam Age Season Ticket Holder - a remembrance of over 350 journeys during the final three years of steam.
102 Tales from the Smaller Sheds - Lymington
105 COLOUR INTERLUDE - coloured brochures from the LSWR, SR, LBSCR and SECR.
Back Cover DORCHESTER Station forecourt.
Issue No.10 April 2010
Page No. Content
Front Cover Ventnor West. Set No.503 in 1952
2 Exmouth Junction, with 21C106 'Bude' on 14 November 1945.
4 Road vehicles - LSWR CM16 ? early 'ro-ro' (? Randall demountable body system also tried on the GWR), And SR 2518M Thorneycroft lorry in the twenties.
5 Editorial
6 THE MIDDLEBERE PLATEWAY It's history and connections with the early railways of Southern England. With map and illustrations of track and equipment.
18 The LBSCR C2 and C2X GOODS ENGINES - continuation of tables from issue 9.
29 ''Rebuilding' - The Letters and Comments Page(s)
32 POISONOUS PORTON - Includes plan of station and pictures of the narrow gauge railway at the Royal Engineers Experimental Station (Chemical Warfare Department).
48 WHO SAID - THE HORSE BEFORE THE CART? - 4 pictures of the 1897 batch of wagons No.572 - 577 for the LSWR at Nine Elms.
50 Terry Cole's Rolling Stock File No.10 Postal Vehicles - ex SECR Postal Stowage Van No.113 of 1907 as 221S. Ex LSWR 44 ft. Postal Sorting Van No.13 of 1898 as 1448S. SR Postal Stowage Van No.4960 of 1939 to diag 3196 as S 4960.
52 Confessions of a Steam Age Season Ticket Holder Part 2 - a remembrance of over 350 journeys during the final three years of steam.
64 SOUTHERN MEN - C J C Latham District Traffic Superintendent London Bridge.
65 CANNON STREET 1910 - Stirling 'F' Class 4-4-0
66 LBSCR AND LSWR DAYS - the V B Orchard Collection - 2 LBSCR, A1 0-6-0T No.643 on Bognor Regis branch c1911, 'Gladstone' 0-4-2 No.187 'Philip Rose' at Clapham Junction c1910, 2 LSWR, of the same train with 'M7' No.44 at Surbiton c1910.
68 THE RAILWAY MEMORIES OF ARTHUR WESTLAKE - 1934 to 1983 in the West Country.
72 FORD 5 August 1951 - The collision at Ford in Sussex resulting in 9 dead and 47 injured. With map of station and pictures of the scene.
78 THE KENT COAST ELECTRIFICATION Phase 1 - Part 2 - describing the consequent effects on local steam traction and upon coaching stock.
90 Permanent Way Notes, Southern Railway switch and crossing Evolution, includes tables.
96 in spring a young's man thoughts turn to SNOW PLOUGHS of course - 'C' Class 0-6-0 No.31725 at Brighton 16 March 1958 and DS 70229 (ex Schools tender rebuild) at Salisbury 20 July 1967.
97 COLOUR INTERLUDE - 'UNION CASTLE EXPRESS' at Southampton (might be 34078 222 Squadron B-o-B), 2 of 34107 as 'BLANFORD' (pre October 1952), Swanage Station view, and Class '4' 2-6-0 (might be 76069) with weed-killing train in the East Yard at Eastleigh.
100 Picture of Crawley Yard.
Back Cover Class 'C2X' No.32522 at Ashford in 1961.
Issue No.11 July 2010
Page No. Content
Front Cover Lord Nelson' 4-6-0 No. 30855 'Robert Blake' past Branksome shed.
2 Sidings just beyond Coulsdon North circa May 1937.
4 Bulleid coach door with details!
5 Editorial
6 Railway accidents and related incidents in Devon' (mainly) or 'The perils of rail travel a century or more ago'
20 Naming the 'West Country' class (-well some of them at least!).
24 The Southern pneumatic Pull-and-Push system.
34 PAINTING. SR painting styles for miscellaneous and line side items 1949, also Barrow types with dimensions for circa 1950s.
36 Signalling Schools - more information.
40 Rebuilt' - The Letters and Comments Page(s) - sketch of SR inspection car No.346S rebuilt at Brighton November 1933.
42 SPOTLIGHT CRAWLEY - with pictures mainly from BR days
55 ~ MOMENTS ~ Reedham Halt on the Tattenham Corner branch circa 1930
56 Terry Cole's Rolling Stock File No.11 A trip to the Isle of Wight - ex LSWR 44' bogie passenger guards van, built June 1898 as No.247, renumbered 4515 then SR No.241 to I-o-W No.1021 as of 25/5/53. ex LSWR 30' 6w passenger guards van, built May 1892 as No.213, renumbered 4482 then SR 4w to I-o-W No.1000 converted to breakdown tool van in 1938 as No.1279S. ex I-o-WCR 7 ton goods brake and tranship van No.3, SR No.56036 converted to Engineers Dept. Tool Van No.445S in 1929
58 Winchester Memories - life at Winchester from 1960.
78 Tales from the Smaller Sheds - 2 Winchester
80 In the second of an occasional series of 'Might Have Beens', Peter Bailey examines Bulleid's 'Ugly Duckling' - which fortunately, never got out of the egg.
82 Travels with my camera - 'Schools' class 4-4-0 No.30926 'Repton' at Stewarts Lane for Royal Special. - 31801, 34062 '17 Squadron', 34059 'Holsworthy', 30901, 30928, 33019, 80067. On shed at Tunbridge Wells West 31543, 31308, 31005. 31067 and 31739, 31822 and Tonbridge 0-6-0 diesel mechanical shunter, 30533. 31870, 31522,30544' 31803and 31411. Unidentified 'N' at Crowhurst, 75069. pictures circa early 1960s.
93 Permanent Way Notes, Southern Railway switch and crossing Evolution, continued.
99 COLOUR INTERLUDE - Crawley 1967 Brighton Road crossing with 2Bil set. Crawley Station 1966-67 up train 2Bil set + 2Hal set? Two views of Crawley Goods Shed and yard. Three Bridges and electric loco No.20003 on van train.
Back Cover Southampton Central in early 1960s with Southampton Corporation Albion Nimbus on the Airport service.
Issue No.12 October 2010
Page No. Content
Front Cover N' 2-6-0 No. 31835 at Eastleigh Works.
2 D15' 4-4-0 No. 30465 at the Ocean Terminal Southampton 1950-56?
4 Waterloo Station, 1934'
5 Editorial
6 Peckham Rye Circa 1870, pictures of station.
10 Southern Railway three dimensional publicity. Models, jigsaws, ashtrays etc.
18 From Redhill 'B' to Three Bridges - via Dorking Town, Merstham and Redhill 'A'.
31 The Longest Passenger Train ever to arrive at Horsham? November 1947.
32 Extracts from the Southern Railway Traffic Conference Minutes - circa 1926.
34 Lewes - Railway Memories circa 1960s.
46 Terry Cole's Rolling Stock File No.12 'Retired' Vehicles. Camping coaches at Poppleford on July 1952. S3 ex LCDR 28' 3rd 1896 No.153 - SECR No.3107 - SR No.1675. S11 ex LCDR 28' 3rd 1897 No.1218 - SECR No.3420 - SR No.1764. Kemp Town, No.1282s SECR 6w centre birdcage guards van. Newhaven Harbour 10T van No.S42928 ex LSWR circa 1913 for internal use only.
48 From Salisbury to Dorset - via Downton and Fordingbridge
52 The South Eastern Main Line - final wisps of steam. A look at trains etc. between 1958 and 1961.
64 Rebuilt' - The Letters and Comments Page(s) - a catch up of matters arising from recent issues.
70 Winchester: part 2 - photographic update covering August 1963.
76 The Southern 'Standard Fives' - article on the 25 further examples that at times work on the Southern.
84 LIFE AT SOUTHAMPTON TSO - part 3: Specific Routes and Traffic Flows. See also issues 6 and 8.
96 Brighton Works Memories - more apprentice stories.
102 Permanent Way Notes, Southern Railway switch and crossing Evolution, continued, crossings.
Back Cover No.34067 'Tangmere' on Eastleigh scrap road 1964.
Issue No.13 January 2011
Page No. Content
Front Cover Rebuilt MN No.35026 Lamport & Holt Line circa 1964 at Waterloo with Bulleid and BR coaches
2 Guildford Station early 1900s with L12 Class No.412 arriving with a Waterloo - Portsmouth service.
4 Two views of Guildford Station, 19th century.
5 Editorial
6 B R STANDARD Mk1 STOCK ON THE SOUTHERN REGION 1951 - 1967 Part 1 'WESSEX' :The four coach sets of 1952: The three coach sets of 1954 - 1957: Non - corridor stock. Pictures of S15021, S13003, S34156, S80009, S1010, S34276, S35015, S46285, S1000S.
16 THE MAN WHO REALLY DESIGNED THE MAUNSELL 'MOGULS' - SECR 2-6-0 No.822, Z Class 0-8-0T proposal, Z Class 0-8-0T No.30953, proposed 4-4-0 W-785, proposed 4-4-0 No.E17766, U1 No.31891, W Class 2-6-4T No.1917, K Class 2-6-4T No.804 'River Tamar'.
24 DREWRY INSPECTION CAR No.346S - The Standard 20HP Drewry Car, LBSC Inspection car 347s?
27 Picture 'Terrier' No.13 1948 at Ventnor West
28 WESTWARD HO! - IN RETROSPECT (Southern Region Engineman) - WC No.34067, WC No.34007, T9 4-4-0 No.30729 & 30289, Sir Lamorak No.30451, M7 No.30021.
38 FROM PUBLIC SCHOOL TO BORSTAL - No.30939 Leatherhead, No.30900 Eton, No.30901 Winchester, No.30915 Brighton, No.30926 Repton, No.30934 St Lawrence, No.30910 Merchant Taylors.
44 ALLAN COBB A PHOTOGRAPHIC TRIBUTE - D Class No.75, SECR women carriage cleaners, Bricklayers Arms Loco turntable renewal, Tattenham Corner race day, Sevenoaks rail crash.
53 Selsdon Road to East Grinstead in 1884. Part 2. Bridges and viaducts.
61 BOURNEMOUTH CENTRAL 1955 A sad case of Dé jà vu'. Collision of 22 January 1955 echoing events at Victoria on 9th December 1949.
69 Poem 'DRIVER FRED' - picture of cab of an oil fired King Arthur
70 FLOODING IN NORH KENT 1953 - includes the Canterbury Loop reinstatement.
86 Permanent Way Notes, Borough Market Junction, London Bridge. War time renewal.
92 Rebuilt' - The Letters and Comments Page(s) - a catch up of matters arising from recent issues.
96 Terry Cole's Rolling Stock File No.13 Strengthening Vehicles. S194S ex LSWR 48' 3rd 1894 rebuilt on 58' under frame - SECR No.1437 - S974S 10-compartment 3rd. S1314S SR open 3rd 1932/3.
98 The SOUTHERN RAILWAY: from inception through to Nationalisation and beyond. Part 3 The Priorities. Continuing the story up to the end of the Brighton overhead electric.
110 THE GOOD OLD DAYS? - A tale of the Railway Mission helping a badly disabled navvy.
112 MORE ON PUSH - PULL WORKINGS - on the Isle of Wight push pull stock with drawings Brake 3rd No.4169, Composite No.6367, Brake Composite No.6987.
116 The Last Word - on Redhill Post Office traffic working.
Back Cover BR Mk1 Corridor Second S25446 as on the K&ESR in 2009.
Issue No.14 April 2011
Page No. Content
Front Cover L' Class 4-4-0 No.31760 shunting at Aldershot.
2 D1' No.255 in Grove Road, Deptford.
4 "JACK" THE RAILWAY DOG. 'Stuart' Postcard dated 1905.
5 Editorial - picture of 'M7' No.252 at Bude.
7 WATCHING TRAINS ON THE SOUTHERN 1938 - 1948 Part1A: Prior to and during World War Two. With tables and pictures.
23 THE MIDDLEBERE PLATEWAY: PART 2 It's history and connections with the early railways of Southern England. With map and illustrations of track and equipment.
34 ASHFORD WINTER 1962/3 with pictures of snowploughs fitted to class 'C' No.31280, 31271 and 31592.
40 THE EXETER BANK - Picture article on banking during BR days
50 B R STANDARD Mk1 STOCK ON THE SOUTHERN REGION 1951 - 1967 Part 2. 6 or more vehicles sets, boat sets, loose vehicles, catering vehicles, non-passenger coaching stock, with tables.
64 I1X TANKS (and memories) at BOGNOR REGIS
68 Terry Cole's Rolling Stock File No.14 'Emigrant' Push-Pull Trains (1) table with rebuild information, pictures of Driving Brake 3rd S2646S set 736, Trailer Composite S4761S set 736, and probable set 737.
70 Extracts from the Southern Railway Traffic Conference Minutes - circa 1935. A look at 1935 minutes with tables.
74 "HELLO, TRAIN ENQUIRIES - HOW CAN I HELP YOU?" training of enquiry clerks'
79 Picture of a un-named No.35029 early part of 1951.
80 Rebuilt' - The Letters and Comments Page(s) - a catch up of matters arising from recent issues. Included diagrams of demountable bodies and lorry chassis.
86 ON BRIGHTON LINES: THE FINAL WISPS OF STEAM - Picture article on the final steam worked lines of the LB&SCR.
102 Permanent Way Notes, Further notes on formation work to support the Permanent Way.
109 COLOUR INTERLUDE - Q1 No.33001 at Guildford early 1960s. Five pictures in and around Bricklayers Arms Junction box mid 50s. Ryde St. Johns Road with possible LC&DR full brake No.1011 or 1012
Back Cover No.34092, 'City of Wells, at Clapham Junction 1964.
Issue No.15 July 2011
Page No. Content
Front Cover C' Class 0-6-0 No.31588 at Ashford with third rail cleaning brushes.
2 Merchant Navy' No.21C1 'Channel Packet' at Salisbury on a freight early 1941.
4 Templecombe S&D loco coaling crane.
5 Editorial.
6 LONDON'S LAST STEAM TRAINS. The final week of steam at Waterloo.
18 NAMING THE 'BATTLE OF BRITAIN' CLASS (-well three at least!) being 21C155 'FIGHTER PILOT', 21C153 'SIR KEITH PARK', 21C167 'TANGMERE'.
20 THE 1953 SPITHEAD REVIEW: a look back at the steam excursion workings.
32 THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE LSWR - four pictures from before WW1 circa 1902.
34 STEWARTS LANE From Southern Railway to Southern Region - a look at the shop engine repairs book 1945 - 1953.
40 THE PIONEER DIESEL AND ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVES OF THE SOUTHERN REGION - A look at their availability and failures, with tables.
53 THE BULLEID LETTER - and a puzzle in its contents.
54 BUNGALOW TOWN - A picture look at some Sussex seaside bungalows using railway carriages.
57 Extracts from the Southern Railway Traffic Conference Minutes - circa 1928. A look at some minutes with tables.
60 SPAWNING THE TADPOLES.... - A look at the 20 year operational history of the 3R DMUs.
65 "WE ARE SORRY THAT DUE TO............" (The tales of a train announcer 1972-1992)
69 Rebuilt' - The Letters and Comments Page(s) - a catch up of matters arising from recent issues.
72 WESTERHAM STATION 1961 - includes sketch of station layout.
80 Terry Cole's Rolling Stock File No.15 'Emigrant' Push-Pull Trains (2) table with rebuild information, pictures of Trailer Composite S4764S set 739, Driving Brake 3rd S2648S set 738 and probable set 738 or 739.
82 THE RAILWAYS OF THE ISLE OF WIGHT. An overview of the history and development of these railways line by line.
105 COLOUR INTERLUDE - Sc1498S built Eastleigh 1950 open third. Portsmouth Gasworks 4w DM No.1139. DE No.10202 at Derby in 1963. Hampshire DEMU Unit 1128 at Eastleigh May 1962. D6506 (33006) as new in 1960 at Eastleigh. Mr Waterman in 2010.
Back Cover 4-6-0 No.30772 'Sir Percivale' at Basingstoke circa summer 1959/60.
Issue No.16 October 2011
Page No. Content
Front Cover Singleton Station painting
2 E4' No.2512 near Groombridge 25 March 1948
4 No.856 'Lord St Vincent' being cleaned!
5 Editorial.
6 Singleton Station plan
7 FORGOTTEN SINGLETON - with drawings of buildings, signalling plan and a selection of photographs
22 Pictures at Broadstone of No.73051 March 1964 and No.30910 'Merchant Taylors' April 1960
23 LIFE AT SOUTHAMPTON TSO - part 4: Mail, Parcels, Vans and Fish. See also issues 6, 8 and 12.
32 PASSING THE PARCEL' The story of the SECR Passenger Luggage Van No.132 the 'Cavell Van'
42 LISS - 1946 Story behind a photograph of the Station Staff
43 Extract from SR Magazine on lady booking clerks
44 SECR 'C' CLASS TENDERS - Pictures and tables of the pairings and other variations
54 THE FOVANT MILITARY RAILWAY with signalling diagram of Dinton circa 1915
57 SAM FAY and ARCHIBALD SCOTT further extracts from his diaries see also issue No.5
60 WATERLOO additional information and photographs following on from issues 1 and 2 on rebuilding
64 EASTLEIGH CARRIAGE (AND WAGON) WORKS photographs from the 30s and 40s
68 MEMORIES OF DAD AND DOWNTON STATION' a family story of life in and around a country station.
80 Terry Cole's Rolling Stock File No.16 LSWR/SR 'IRONCLADS' 3rd Brake No.S4043S. Full 3rd No.S747S. Compartment Brake Diag 135 No.S3190S.
86 Rebuilt' - The Letters and Comments Page(s) - a catch up of matters arising from recent issues.
93 Permanent Way Notes. A SHORT HISTORY OF PERMANENT WAY IN THE SOUTH OF ENGLAND - with pictures and drawings
105 COLOUR INTERLUDE - Charing Cross 05/04/1957 No.30930 'Radley', Diana Doors at Woking Home 20/08/1983, Chandlers Ford during singling circa1972, Corfe Castle 07/1966 with camping coaches P43 and P52.
Back Cover 4-4-0 No.120 class T9 09/1963 at Norwood Junction shed.
Issue No.17 January 2012
Page No. Content
Front Cover Muscle power at North Camp
2 Itchen Abbas LSWR
4 Picture - LBSCR Overhead wiring at West Croydon over bridge
5 Editorial.
6 North Camp Station Level Crossing Rebuilding: circa May 1961
16 The Water Gauge - diagram of sectioned gauge with key features named
17 BOILER FAILURE ON LORD NELSON CLASS LOCOMOTIVE - description of the requirement for and use of the water gauge. A description of the boiler failure of No.854 'Howard of Effingham' on the 23rd of April 1945, with the Board of Trade report and drawings of the boilers used in this class.
24 Picture - Langston Bridge with LBSCR No.635 crossing south towards Hayling.
25 OVER THE BRIDGE AT LANGSTON' - description of its operation and three pictures.
28 THE HUMBLE LUGGAGE LABEL (Southern 'Way' of Course) covering the different labels used from pre grouping to early BR, with coloured examples.
42 Picture - Marsh 'I3' tank No.22of 1908 on the Quarry line
43 ASHFORD TO BRIGHTON (via Stoke) Basil K Field - Locomotive Engineer - article with pictures
48 THE SOUTHERN TRAVELLER'S HANDBOOK 1965/66 - Recalling a little known publicity exercise - article with pictures
54 ANOTHER BULLEID ENIGMA - A speculation on how much influence from previous Bulleid drawings the Brighton drawing office may have used in the Standard 4MT tank.
56 SOUTHERN RAILWAY SEAM BREAKDOWN CRANES - Part 1 Inherited Cranes - an overview of those cranes owned by the pregroup companies to coincide with the publication of Peter Tatlow's new book Railway Breakdown Cranes - Volume 1. Article includes table of these cranes and pictures of LSWR 10-ton Appleby, 15-ton Dunlop & Bell, 20-ton Stothard & Pitt, 36-ton Ransomes & Rapier with 36-ton Cowans Sheldon, and SER 15-ton Cowans Sheldon.
60 SOUTH COAST STEAM - a personnel remembrance of services centred on Barnham from the 50s to the end of steam. Covering the Brighton expresses to the west and Wales with sample diagrams.
73 'Rebuilt' - The Letters and Comments Page(s) - a catch up of matters arising from recent issues.
78 GENERATIONS - 1966/67: the final transition from steam on the Southern. But so much else was taking place/changing at the same time - a picture article looking at various facets during that time.
86 Terry Cole's Rolling Stock File No.17 SR 'THANET STOCK' composite No.S5530S. End view of composite. Thanet Brake Third.
86 The SOUTHERN RAILWAY: from inception through to Nationalisation and beyond. Part 4 Continuing Investment. Completion of Eastern section suburban electrification, re-signalling including four aspect coloured light, the end of LBSCR ac overhead, conversion of old steam carriage stock to electric and new stop-gap corridor carriages for main line services.
101 PARAFFIN TO COAL (Via Andover and Salisbury) (or to be more accurate: from Lamp Lad, Andover, to Fireman at Salisbury) - The memories of Peter Brown starting over 65 years ago.
108 Picture - Twilight at Furzebrook - p/w gang on the narrow-gauge line
Back Cover 0-6-0 No.31064 at Norwood Junction shed 13 July 1957
Issue No.18 April 2012
Page No. Content
Front Cover Push-Pull at Bentley. No.30027 on 19 April 1957
2 K&ESR Robertsbridge on 22 December 1924 with the Ford railcar set
4 Pictures - Midhurst station being shunted by 30545, and from the tunnel mouth back to the station.
5 Editorial.
6 The Hundred of Hoo Lines. A picture look at that part of Kent's' railway history and its desolate landscape dotted with a variety of agriculture through military establishments to Gas, oil, and power stations since 1882. Oh, and not forgetting European Ferry Terminal.
22 FINAL BILL' A look at the last year of operation of the 1935-1938 SR 2-BIL. Together with a list of the withdrawal dates and disposal.
30 A Look at Southern Goods Brake Vans Part 1 - From Dance Hall to Pillbox. A look at the 4w vans from grouping to BR days.
45 EXTRACTS FROM THE SOUTHERN RAILWAY TRAFFIC CONFERENCE MINUTES Waterloo 20 February 1933- A look at minutes number 8210 platform tickets, 8222 insulated containers, 8223 the company and the Automobile Association, and private residences of officers of the traffic department
48 Terry Cole's" Rolling Stock File No.18 SR Maunsell Stock (1). Low window stock 1926-29 R1 composite S5162S of set No.450, High window stock 1929-34 R4 set No.194 brake third S3740S, 'Steel stock' 1935-36 2 coach set of 1935 stock R4.
50 A Snapshot of Horsham Steam 1940 - 1960 Jack Brooker looks back at life in West Sussex on the footplate.
58 UPWEY BANK - Saturday 6 July 1963 a day spent photographing on the bank.
62 ROBERTSBRIDGE 1947-50 Memories of the train service through this Sussex Wealden area.
67 'Rebuilt" - The Letters and Comments Page(s) - a catch up of matters arising from recent issues.
72 WATCHING TRAINS ON THE SOUTHERN POST WAR. Part 2: 1945 to 1948 With tables and pictures.
96 FROM SCHOOLBOY TO SIGNAL BOX - The Memories of Bill Trigg Part 1 - the early years up to 1948.
102 Picture - Durnsford Road power station replacement chimney (damaged in air raid of October 1940) being constructed.
103 Renewal of Star Lane Crossing Gates with Automatic Half Barriers, July 1964 - picture article of the work involved.
109 COLOUR INTERLUDE - 'Bil' at Bognor, ISLE OF WIGHT MEMORIES (6 PICTURES FROM LATE 1960S), ALLHALLOWS Station water tank amid the mobile homes.
Back Cover MILLBROOK before Freightliner terminal circa 1950s.
Issue No.19 July 2012
Page No. Content
Front Cover Race day at Tattenham Corner. No.30926.
2 WD 2-8-0 No.77259 at Brighton April 1948.
4 Picture - 35019 at Surbiton August 1952.
5 Editorial.
6 WILLIAM ADAMS - ENGINEER and ARTIST - A look at the man and his locomotives including a good selection of pictures.
29 DS74/75 - RELICS FROM THE PAST - A picture article of these two electric service locomotives.
32 STATION MASTER - STEYNING - A description of this delightful West Sussex branch line in BR days.
40 STATIONARY STEAM - Tony Booth's listing of stationary steam boilers on the Southern.
46 CWS MILK TANKS FOR EAST CROYDON - listing the services and a good collection of photographs of the road/rail tanks.
58 Picture of Langston Bridge
59 Picture of E4 No.2514 on the Horsham shed turntable.
60 Picture of Ryde Pier from the west side.
61 Picture of a 'Jenny' steam cleaning machine being used on a 'Mogul' possibly a U1.
62 OLD DAYLIGHT HEADBOARDS Part 1 - a look at some of the many types of LC&DR, SER and SE&CR headboards.
70 MEMORIES OF TATTENHAM CORNER.... - a look at the line and its services as remembered by Nicholas Owing.
75 THE BACK OF BEYOND- PERHAPS Picture - a picture of the back of a King Arthur tender fitted for oil firing, No.30752 Eastleigh 1949.
76 EXTRACTS FROM THE SOUTHERN RAILWAY TRAFFIC CONFERENCE MINUTES No.251, Waterloo 24 May 1937- A look at minutes such as 9974c derailment just past Angmering, 9995 Naval Review, Spithead, 10009 Whyteleafe siding for Coulsdon and Purley UDC.
83 SO WHO WAS PERCY? - dedication in book by Sir Eustace Missenden
84 'Terry Cole's" Rolling Stock File No.19 SR Maunsell Stock (2). High window stock, 1930 R4 brake-composite S6589S originally loose shown as of 2-set No.104, Low window stock 1929 R1 4-set No.450 brake third S4070S, High window stock, 1930 R0 brake-third S3686S shown as of 3-set No.214.
86 SOUTHERN EXPOSURE Part 3 - of the S&T career of Peter Squibb see SW 7 & 14
96 EASTLEIGH DUTY NUMBER 313 - WINTER 1966 - a look at services around Andover
99 ''Rebuilt" - The Letters and Comments Page(s) - a catch up of matters arising from recent issues.
103 COLOUR INTERLUDE - ANOTHER PINTA? SR Van C Stove (BR BY) No.404 and ROTANK No.3030 with Dyson 6 wheel trailer. MN/WC/BB showing back of boiler firebox. Swanage 1950s with SE&CR non-corridor third spare No.S1093S. Tattenham Corner 1993 overrun on a local service ? driver drunk.
106 and Back Cover former SE&CR lavatory-brake of 1910 SR No.3363 as DS22 tunnel gauging vehicle now restored on the Bluebell Railway
Issue No.20 October 2012
Page No. Content
Front Cover ex SECR "L" CLASS 4-4-0 No.31760
2 L & B Woody Bay with No.759 'Yeo' awaiting departure to Lynton.
4 Picture - S60820 at Bexhill West 15 June 1964.
5 Guest Editorial - Alan Charles Moon. Picture of A1x No.2636 at Newhaven circa1948.
6 A Look at Southern Goods Brake Vans Part 2 - Gondolas, Queen Mary's and Ploughs. Continuation of this article.
18 Southern Railwaymen - A picture article of signalmen and linemen.
22 The EPB Story Part 1 - A Introduction - a look at the factors giving rise to the need for electrification on the Southern.
30 SOUTHERN PRIVATE OWNERS - pictures of private owner wagons of Southern traders, Gann & Brown No.224 10 ton Whitstable, Oxted Greystone lime Co. Ltd No.10 with tarpaulin bar Oxted, C Emmence No.9 10 ton Horsebridge, Bradbury No.1493 10 ton Southampton, Lawrence & Co Ltd No.12 10 ton Portsmouth, Bradbury No.1493 10 ton Portsmouth, Itshide Ltd No.265 12 ton Petersfield and three Bournemouth West coal merchants Basil King No.6 10 ton, William Ambrose No.4 8 ton, Walter Burt No.2 8 ton.
35 Picture - Steam on the Brighton Main Line 1906
36 FROM SCHOOLBOY TO SIGNAL BOX - The Memories of Bill Trigg Part 2 - 1948 and Hampton Court Junction.
42 Deepdene House - picture feature of the WW2 Southern HQ.
44 Farningham Road - A Station in Kent - A brief history Part 1.
55 Picture - and now for something completely different... motor coach No.2004 on test with 30 loaded coal wagons!
56 The Last Steam age Fireman - Part 1 1962 starting as a Eastleigh Shed cleaner
66 'Terry Cole's" Rolling Stock File No.20 SR Maunsell Stock (3). High window stock, 1929 R4 long brake third S4097S diagram 2101 originally to the Sunny South Express, 1933 R1 nondescript saloon brake S4431S diagram 2654 for Continental Boat services, High window stock, 1936 6-compartment brake-third S4239S shown as of 3-set No.956 to diagram 2113.
68 OVER and UNDER - pictures, Sandown line viaduct Newport, Cowes line viaduct Newport, Shalford Junction bridge south of Guildford, Tonbridge - Redhill line crossing of the Oxted line, Redbridge viaduct west of Southampton, Canal bridge at New Cross Gate, River Adur at Shoreham-by-Sea, Cooks Pond Bridge at Dormans, 2 of the Wallington Viaduct east of Fareham, Tavy Viaduct Bere Ferrers, Meldon Viaduct, Barnstaple Viaduct over the River Taw, and Barnstaple Junction station.
76 'Rebuilt" - The Letters and Comments Page(s) - a catch up of matters arising from recent issues.
82 The SOUTHERN WAY CATALOGUE - an on line record of SOUTHERN WAY entries at
84 The 'J' CLASS ENGINES OF THE SE&CR A Small Band of Brothers - a look at the antecedents of these 5 0-6-4T locomotives and then their service life ending in 1951.
94 IN RETROSPECT AT BRIGHTON - A short eulogy by H M Madgwick accompanied by a selection of his photographs.
99 COAL DELIVERT AT LYMINGTON JUNCTION - picture of a Brockenhurst porter delivering supplies
100 Picture of 'O2' No.30177 on a 1949 Portland to Weymouth train.
103 COLOUR INTERLUDE - Atlantic Coast Express tour 1975 at Barnstaple Junction - Closed Stations, Templecombe Lower Platform 1974 derelict state, Ashwater as of 1984, and two of Barnstaple Town circa 1974, Pride of Sussex 'P' class 0-6-0T No.31556 December 1970 at Hodson's Mill Robertsbridge.
Back Cover Pair of 2 HAP's headcode 30 to Brighton running into Bosham Station in late 1970s.
Issue No.21 January 2013
Page No. Content
Front Cover "BoB" Class 4-6-2 No.34064 Fighter Command at Andover wreathed in steam.
2 "Failed to proceed" Battle scared No.3441 towing Merchant Navy minus vital bits at Worting Junction.
4 Picture - Southern Region Brighton Station looking over platform No.7.
5 Guest Editorial - Jeremy English. Picture of Clapham Junction, LSWR side with signal gantry and 'A' box with LBSCR overhead lines on right.
6 THE SEVENOAKS CUT-OFF. A description and history of this line. Pictures "BoB" Class 4-6-2 No.34088 at Sevenoaks July 1959, Britannia No.70004 at Tonbridge with Golden Arrow, 'H' No.31523 at Dunton Green, 'V' class No.30905 'Tonbridge' at Chislehurst April 1955, 'N15' No.30798 'Sir Hectimere' at Polhill Intermediate box April 1955, 'L1' No.31758 passing Petts Wood Junction September 1956, 'WC' No.34021 'Dartmoor' London Bridge May 1959, 'C' 0-6-0 No.31694 Dartford loop May 1959, 'V' class No.30923 'Bradfield' at New Cross September 1957.
30 A "BRIT" (and others) at DOVER - Picture article No.70004 "William Shakespeare" on Golden Arrow and Dover shed. Also heading towards the Warren, "BoB" No.34077, "N15" No.30770 and "D1" No.31246.
37 BASINGSTOKE - Revisited. Follow on pictures to TSW Nos. 3, 5, 9.
44 BASINGSTOKE (JUST) - Pictures of Will Hay on the Basingstoke and Alton line.
46 THE LIGHTER SIDE - odd pictures and articles on railway humour.
51 A PAIR OF OLD BOILERS - Odd set of heating boilers at Brighton Works.
52 Rudyard Kipling and the 'Brighton' - on Kipling's skit on this railway plus some of Ahrons observations in the same vein. Pictures of the viaduct at Brighton 1870s, down Brighton train passing Balham intermediate, No.40 with a south London line set of 4 wheelers.
54 MAUNSELL'S THREE CYLINDER 'N1' PROTOTYPE - A look at the design of these locomotives including a sectioned GA, diagram of valves and valve motion, and sectional elevation, plan, and end view of cylinders, steam chest and valve motion. Pictures of 822 in ex works grey, A 878, 31877.
62 "A PAIR OF BRACES" - Pictures of Bulleid's at Brighton in 1947/48, 21C165, 21C166, 21C167 and 34068.
64 The Last Steam age Fireman - Part 2 continuing his early days as a fireman. Pictures No.73170 front end, Nos.34042, and 34091, 700 class 30689, 31859, 92006, 76064 and 76069.
74 SOUTHERN EPHEMERA - a collection of printed material both Southern and constituents.
68 WD & SR BUILT WW2 'PILLBOX' BRAKE VANS - A BRIEF HISTORY - Potted history with pictures of existing vans.
91 THE CANNON STREET SIGNAL BOX FIRE - On the 5th of April 1957 fire which caused chaos and the subsequent efforts to restore normal running. Pictures include the burnt out box and the temporary signal box brake van M730181
96 LONG LIVE THE 'L & B'! - Picture article using a collection of new sources of material.
108 ''Terry Cole's" Rolling Stock File No.21 SECR Saloons. S7357S bogie 1st (SECR No.960), S7919S bogie 1st with corridor and gangways (SECR No.3785 at one time in the Royal train), S5499S 1st/2nd composite (SECR No.1349 as centre vehicle of 3-coach set No.201)
110 CROYDON LBSCR - picture article, B1 0-4-2 No.198 Sheffield, B2 4-4-0 No.319 John Fowler, B4 4-4-0 No.45 Bessborough, D1 0-4-2T No.263, D1X 0-4-2T No.A79, E5 0-6-2T No.591 Tillington, G 2-2-2 No.A329 Stephenson (2 pictures), I3 4-4-2T No.78, J2 4-6-2T No.326 Bessborough, L 4-6-4T No.332, B4 4-4-0 No.66 Balmoral, B2X 4-4-0 No.318, H2 4-4-2 No.421.
118 SOUTHERN RAILWAY STEAM BREAKDOWN CRANES Part 2: SR CRANES - Continuation article on the SR Ransomes & Rapier cranes and the war allocation together with the BR Cowans Sheldon allocation.
122 ''Rebuilt" - The Letters and Comments Page(s) - a catch up of matters arising from recent issues.
Back Cover Two pictures 70 years apart, Chris Watts and Everybody's magazine.
Issue No.22 April 2013
Page No. Content
Front Cover Southern Railways original DE No.1, in last BR livery as No.15201 at Eastleigh.
2 1920 view of Nine Elms yard and 'Loco Junction' signal box.
4 Pictures - 4 of work on platform at Guildford and around Clandon.
5 Guest Editorial - Alan Postlethwaite. Picture of St Olave's name plate.
6 THE BATTERSEA TANGLE A Chronology of Railway Developments - Map of the area covered and a chronology of the various company's, lines, Stations, yards and depots etc. in this part of south west London.
24 NAMING CEREMONY 'SHAW SAVILL', 30 JULY 1942 - On the brochure produced together with notes on SHAW SAVILL's war losses on 'Operation Pedestal'.
26 Permanent Way Notes - RAIL FAILURES and DETECTION PROCEDURES - A look at types of rail failure and their cause, together with the detection of them using ultrasonic equipment.
34 WEST COUNTRY JOURNEY - Pictures from a 1962 holiday in the west country. M7 0-4-4T No.30025, M7 0-4-4T No.30251, WC 4-6-2 No.34015 "Exmouth", N 2-6-0 No.31835, Beattie Well Tank 2-4-0WT No.30587, WR Pannier Tank 0-6-0PT No.1368.
40 THE FINAL YEARS OF THE 'Brighton radials' - A look at these classes in BR days with a selection of duty diagrams. Pictures of E6X SR No.2407, E5 LBSCR No.400, unknown E4, E1 No.32606, E4 No.32479, bunkers of Nos.32473, 32487 and 30321, E6 SR No.32408, E6 SR No.32417.
46 IN FOR A SERVICE'/'SOUTHERN INFRASTRUCTURE' - Pictures from Nine Elms and Clapham Junction of boiler washing and ashpan emptying on Bulleid's and an assortment of water columns.
52 REMEMBER BOURNEMOUTH? - Article with pictures including T9 SR No.281, U No.31808, WC No.34010 Sidmouth, 7F No.53806, 2P No.40601, M7 SR No.40, N15 King Uther SR No.737, MN French Line C. G.T. No.21C19, WC Crewkerne No.34040 and yard crane DS60, WC Lynton No.34038, Q1 No.33040.
68 EVALUATING THE 'PEPs' - Article with pictures on the three prototype units 2001,4001 and 4002 and of the subsequent fleet production.
78 REMEMBER THE CORs? - Pictures of set No.3153 and 3120
81 SOUTHERN EPHEMERA - a collection of printed material both Southern and constituents.
91 MOMENTS - Pictures of Woking Homes collecting dog and SR snow plough No.1.
92 'Terry Cole's" Rolling Stock File No.22 SECR 'Birdcage' Brakes. 45ft 3 comp Third Brake possibly No.2298 with side corridor and lavatory (SR No.3245?), 53ft 10in 6 comp Third Brake No.1061 originally in set No.102 (SR No.3334 set No.541), Three-coach set No.592 showing 8 comp third brake No.S3425S (SECR No.1163) 1st/3rd saloon composite No.S5465S and lavatory 3rd brake No.S3497S.
94 THE EASTLEIGH GRAVEYARD - Pictures of the scrap sidings at Eastleigh during the twenties and early thirties showing many striped and derelict locomotives.
106 KEPT IN THE DARK AT OTTERY ST MARY - Article on the inner workings of a parcel office in the 1950's.
110 REMEMBER LONGMOOR? - Picture article on the Army at Longmoor, 2-10-0 'Gordon', 0-6-2T 'Sir John French', ex LBSCR I2 4-4-2T Nos.WD72400 & WD72401 (ex SR Nos. 2013 & 2019), ex SECR 'Birdcage' brake No.13583.
116 ''Rebuilt" - The Letters and Comments Page(s) - a catch up of matters arising from recent issues.
120 COLOUR INTERLUDE - 24th June 1962 LCGB "The Sussex Coast Limited" with three pictures of E4 No.32503 and E6 No.32417.
Back Cover 8th September 1962 LCGB special with Beattie 2-4-0WT No.30587 at Boscarne Junction.
Issue No.23 July 2013
Page No. Content
Front Cover No.34029 'Lundy' passing Woolston on a Brighton service.
2 T9 No.30304 leaving Chandlers Ford for Eastleigh.
4 Picture - of platform 16 gate at Waterloo.
5 Editorial.
6 THE BRIGHTON ATLANTICS - The life and times of this beloved class.
22 BRIGHTON TO BOURNEMOUTH ON AN ATLANTIC - an anonymous article on a Saturday in October trip on the footplate of No. 32421 South Foreland.
26 Strangers on the Southern - two pictures of GWR locomotives.
27 THE LIGHTER SIDE - odd pictures and articles on railway humour.
28 BEVOIS PARK SIDINGS - an interlude beside the River Itchen - observations while working in the area in late 1957.
36 pictures of H15 No. 30482 at Northam Junction 27 July 1958 and WD 2-8-0 at Woolston date unknown.
37 pictures of MLV No. S68002 at Dover 1960, and LSWR 'Ironclad' pantry brake-first No. 7714 as WD 1647 possible taken in late 1944.
40 The SOUTHERN RAILWAY: from inception through to Nationalisation and beyond. Part 5 - Changing Times. Looking at some more updating in other areas while previous parts 3 & 4 were taking shape.
56 THE NARROW GAUGE RAILWAY AT ASHCOTT (in the mysterious and misty Somerset peat fields)
62 The Last Steam age Fireman - Part 3 continuing his early days as a fireman till 1964.
72 More 'BRITS' - and other BR Standards. Pictures of 70009, 70009, 70009 & B4 0-4-0, 70014, 70014, 92127 (2), 92205.
82 'Terry Cole's" Rolling Stock File No.23 The East Kent Railway. Bogie Open Brake Corridor Composite No.1 (ex KESR No.17), 4w Full Brake No.2 (ex NLR, ex KESR No.14), 6w 4 comp Brake compo No.4 (ex MR), first No.5 6w 3 comp Brake compo (ex LSWR), second No.5 Bogie 5 comp Brake corridor compo (ex LSWR), 4w 4 comp Third No.7 (ex first LCDR, also to the left possibly No.8 4w 4 comp Third ex LCDR), No.9 4w 3 comp Brake Third (ex LCDR), 4 plank open wagon No.29.
88 A 'J' Class Postscript - 2 pictures of No.A 129.
101 HOME and AWAY - No. s21C167 'Tangmere' at Cannon Street, No. 34094 'Mortehoe' Birmingham Snow Hill 27/04/1963
102 ''Rebuilt" - The Letters and Comments Page(s) - a catch up of matters arising from recent issues. Includes drawings of Bournemouth West.
106 COLOUR INTERLUDE - No. 30791 Farnborough 31/07/1957, Bournemouth train at New Milton, Camping Coaches No. P60 and P61 at Sway, west bound train for Bournemouth/Weymouth. No. 34010 at Bournemouth Central ? 1958, No. 35018 in Blue Livery leaving SouthamptonCentral, No. 76007 at Eastleigh, No. 92001 at Tipton yard 04/08/1963, Class 3 No. 82022 at Tipton St Johns 10/09/1960, E1R No. 32124 at Exeter St Davids 17/11/1956.
Back Cover No. 34105 'Swanage' leaving Bournemouth Central with 'Pines Express'
Issue No.24 October 2013
Page No. Content
Front Cover No.30064 ' inside of Eastleigh shed.
2 Diesel-electric No.10201 with the corridor connection fitted.
4 Picture - of Lymington Town down starting signal.
5 Editorial.
6 (GREAT) SOUTHERN WAY: MAUNSELL'S PARALLEL UNIVERSE - a look at the engineering life and experiences which shaped the locomotive designs of Maunsell.
26 REMEMBER THE 1950's? - No.30464 at Waterloo ,and No.32680 at Barnstaple Junction 1953. No.10800 at Norwood 1954. V2 No.60908 at Eastleigh 1953.
28 The EPB Story Part 2 -The need for new Suburban Electric Trains - the spread of the third rail from the twenties onward.
36 REMEMBER LYMINGTON? - pictures from 1960s.
42 TICKET CLERK - SOUTHAMPTON - a look at the working of Southampton Terminus in the 1950s.
47 CICESTRIAN CAMEOS - a look at the locomotive variety at Chichester in the 1950s.
56 "Terry Cole's" Rolling Stock File No.24 LSWR 'Gate' Stock - Driving saloon brake 3rd S2622S of 2set 373, trailer 3rd S738S of 2set 373. Trailer 3rd S739S of set 374 with driving saloon brake S2624S behind.
59 Pictures - DS 3002 Tender, use unknown and class 33 on what appears to be a test run.
60 Mr Bulleid's rebuilds - pictures of No.34056, No.35022, No.34015, No.35022, No.34034, taken between Basingstoke and Farnborough between 1958 and 1966.
64 SOUTHERN INFRASTRUTURE 1922-1934 a introduction to the forthcoming book of the same title.
68 SOME GEMS FROM A WORKING TIMETABLE - a dip into the LSWR working timetable for the summer of 1909 and the oddities etc. that were found.
80 FROM SCHOOLBOY TO SIGNAL BOX - The Memories of Bill Trigg Part 3 - 1949 and National Service.
86 'A Rose amidst the Thorns' READING SOUTH - life as a fireman at the Southern shed.
98 Farningham Road - A Station in Kent - A brief history Part 2.
108 'THE PERKS OF THE JOB' - (.. And the early Railtours of the 'REC').
111 ''Rebuilt" - The Letters and Comments Page(s) - a catch up of matters arising from recent issues.
Back Cover No. 30952 Z Class at Eastleigh.
Issue No.25 January 2014
Page No. Content
Front Cover Brighton locomotive shed.
2 30517 on Fawley empty oil tanks approaching Swaythling.
4 Picture - of T 14 No.444 at Nine Elms 16/07/1949.
5 Editorial.
6 VARIATIONS ON UTILITY VANS Part 1: Pre-Grouping development and four-wheeled Covcars/Luggage Vans to 1939. Starting with SECR No.132 of 1919.
24 SOUTHERN EPHEMERA - a collection of printed material both Southern and constituents.
33 LAST CALL FOR THE BELLE - Recalls the end of regular steam working on the Bournemouth Belle in December 1966 and the final week of working in July 1967.
40 BESIDE THE NORTH DOWNS - A photographic review of the Redhill to Guildford line in 1959.
48 Memories of journeys from Guildford to Reading (known as 'The Rattler').
66 The Bug' - Mr Drummond's Private Saloon - short article on the use of this unusual vehicle.
68 The EPB Story Part 3: The Double-Decker - an attempt to increase passenger loadings without station platform lengthening.
80 The Brighton 'Moguls' - a look at this useful and successful class which surely deserved one being preserved.
91 The Twickenham Timeline - The story of Twickenham Station down the years.
100 Terry Cole's Rolling Stock File No.25 In Colour - breakdown train coaches ex LSWR 4-comp corridor brake third DS3198 (SR 3161 diag 134) and 4-comp non-corridor brake third DS3210 (SR2956 diag 124), Special Traffic set 389 ex SECR corridor tricompo birdcage brake S6629S?, ex LBSCR push-pull set 650 driving brake composite S6940S and third S2087S.
102 The Terry Cole Colour Files - The Southern in the Fifties and Sixties - picture article of the fifties and early sixties 30907 'Dulwich', 30516, 30486, 30450 'Sir Kay', 31574, 31337, 31768, 32353 and 32351, 32424 'Beachy Head', Ashford scrap line includes 31337, 31370, on shed 31902.
108 (EARLY) CLOSED LINES - 1 Ford to Lyminster, the 1846 part of the route which was abandoned in 1887 on completion of the new alignment.
112 ''Rebuilt" - The Letters and Comments Page(s) - a catch up of matters arising from recent issues.
116 REMEMBER FULLERTON? - picture article on this long closed station.
120 Geographic Bias in The Southern Way - a breakdown by company of articles.
Back Cover Slumbering Fullerton.
Issue No.26 April 2014
Page No. Content
Front Cover 4SUB No.4356 approaching Clapham Junction
2 N15 No.30805 'Sir Constantine' at Ashford coal stage 1953
4 Picture - of 4SUB No.4348 on withdrawn stock line at Longparish branch.
5 Editorial.
6 SOUTHERN COAL REVIEW - A look at coal, combustion of coal, coaling facilities, coal mines and coal yards.
24 NEW IMAGES OF 'LEADER' - five new found images of 36001 in steam.
26 The EPB Story Part 4: The Ten-car Scheme - the reasons behind the decision and the station rebuilding which resulted from it.
38 THE OLD ORDER CHANGETH'S ... at Bournemouth, a picture feature of the change from steam to diesel at 70B.
44 SOMETHING RATHER SPECIAL - A choice selection of photographs of the Isle of Wight.
51 QUESTIONS ...? Of pictures of the 'Devon Belle' poser.
52 Meldon Quarry - in the early 1960s.
58 Pictures of - class 71 No.71 011 with pantograph raised at Hither Green?, 30084 at Dover with tank wagons but no barrier wagon.
59 Want to run a railway? - (The story of the 1962 booklet distributed to commuters by the Southern Region)
64 The Chessington Branch An Ambition Unfulfilled - the story of the why and how of the branch construction and its abrupt stop at Chessington South. Includes the SOUTHERN RAILWAY MAGAZINE for June 1938 article on Surrey's New Railway.
80 REMEMBER HORSHAM? - A picture look at Horsham shed during 1961. With 84026, 41291, and 30545 on shed.
85 TUNES OF GLORY - A musical selection evocative of the Southern.
86 VARIATIONS ON UTILITY VANS Part 2: Covcars and Luggage Vans post 1939, Gangwayed and Scenery Vans.
102 'GOODBYE 700' - Pictures of the Drummond 700 class last days with 30689 and 30700.
102 Terry Cole's Rolling Stock File No.26 SR Rebuilds of LSWR Non-corridor stock. S 2 S a 9 comp Third to diag 33 as part of 2 coach push-pull set 653, non-corridor lav compo S4750S to SR Diag 287 in 2 coach set 58, and loose 3rd lav brake S2611S ex 2 set 21 and set 257.
106 S C Townroe's Journey in Steam. Pictures of, T9 No. 715 entering Templecombe in 1938 with set No. 146, oil storage at Eastleigh in 1952, testing 'Kelbus' re-railing gear Eastleigh 1952 using Q1 No. 33019, crane DS3084 having extention jib attached, Iron Foundry at Eastleigh, diesel shunter 15233 under repair in Eastleigh yard.
110 ''Rebuilt" - The Letters and Comments Page(s) - a catch up of matters arising from recent issues.
112 Worting flyover with SR main line diesel passing on West of England train.
Back Cover Brighton 'Belle' on a dismal 4 December 1971 at Brighton.