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He invites you, the browser or reader to read an extract from one of the books on offer,
and if your interest is stirred, to buy online.
The plots range from the story of the crew of a B-17 Flying Fortress, through Time Travel, Murder,
the Assassination of a President, to a Man who finds he can Heal.
All books are sold on-line, and books are transmitted as an
Adobe Acrobat .pdf, attachment to an e-mail reply,
once payment is received. All files are checked for virus.
Payment is accepted by Credit Card through Pay-Pal. Currency Conversion available at Check-Out.

American Cemetery

A novella about a B17 Fortress crew on the ground and in battle in the air,
in this three-day snapshot of the Air War with Nazi Germany
$6.50 --(App. 3.60) .pdf file

The Strings of Time

A novella telling of inexplicable events which transfer long-lost objects,
paintings, photographs & music to modern times.
$6.00 (approx .3.30) .pdf file

The Only Good Friend

Based on events in Vietnam, and the effects they placed on two families,
one British, one American, with cold-blooded murder the precursor
and the outcome. $5.75 (approx . 3.21) .pdf file

Continental Attack

An American executive finds that his company is under a two-pronged assault,
with murder and mayhem as the tools, with money and power as the prize.
$7.00 (approx .3.91) .pdf file

Some Gentle Power

An ordinary man finds that he is suddenly extraordinary, with the narrative relating
his struggle to retain his humanity amidst the unparalleled pressures he faces.
$5.50 (app. 3.07) .pdf file


Continental Attack
American Cemetery
Strings of Time
The Only Good Friend
Some Gentle Power

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