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Terence & Shirley Wise



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Guide to Military Museums
& other places of military
by Terence & Shirley Wise

Pantiles, Garth Lane, Knighton, Powys LD7 1HH U.K.

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The answers are below, but for much more information, all you have to do is spend £5 on the 10th edition of A Guide to Military Museums and other Places of Military interest, which first appeared in 1969. More than 370 museums, sites and collections are listed and the layout has been simplified so the entries appear under the names of the towns or nearest towns.Each entry includes a brief summary of what can be seen on display, the facilities offered, admission prices and opening hours, phone and fax numbers, web site Addresses and directions on how to get there for the more rural locations. A comprehensive index lists the many Army units, naval ships and establishments, and RAF stations (squadrons appear under individual entries) covered by the museums. Really good value for a fiver.

Review: Brian Jewell SOLDIER September 2001”

Answers to opening questions :
a) Army Medical Services Museum, Aldershot

b) The Barracks, Berwick- on-Tweed
c) Historic Warships at Birkenhead
d) Lunt Roman Fort, Coventry
e) HMS Unicorn, Dundee

“There are few opportunities to see artefacts connected with the battles that have taken place on British soil. The spending of £5 on “A Guide...” will go a long way to filling the gap ... In addition to regimental museums there is also a good content of “native” war themes such as the defeat of Simon de Montfort, Border warfare, English Civil War & the Jacobite rebellions.


“Track down that train!

WHERE in Britain can the following be found?

a) First World War Ambulance Train ?
b) Army schoolroom of about 1860 ?
c) Second World War German U-boat ?
d) A reproduction of a frieze on Trojan's Column ?

e) The only surviving wooden frigate ?

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