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Leaving Sunnydale '99

After preventing Faith from killing Finch, Xander and the Slayer flee Sunnydale together.

Bostonian Musings by Maria

Faith's thoughts on her friend, her troubled past, and possible future as they travel to LA.  Warning:  Dark fic.

LA Style

Xander and Faith save Gunn from a gang of vampires.

Triple Trouble

Xander and Faith make some new friends in Frisco.

New Friends

Xander and Faith meet a runaway by the name of Tara Maclay.


Xander undergoes some drastic changes.

Bright Lights, Bad City

A newly changed Xander leads his friends to Las Vegas.

The Deathless One

An ancient power is accidentally unleashed.

Down Mexico Way

Xander and the gang head down to Mexico to recruit a new ally.

Another Type Of Vampire

Xander and the others run into something that is neither human or vampire, but a creature inbetween.

The Truth

When Xander and the gang run into Scully and Mulder while demon-hunting things get complicated.

Over-Protective Parenting

When Xander saves a young woman from vampires, her uncle's reaction is unexpected.

Demons Of The Past

Faith is confronted by the figure that haunts her nightmares.

Old Friends, Good Times

Xander's determined to give 'his family' the best Christmas ever.

Taking A Chance

The gang discover some important new allies.

A Swinging Town

Xander and the gang arrive in New York.  And run straight into a gang war.

Capo De Vampires

When the gang arrive in a small town, they find it run by a master vampire with criminal connections.

Less Than Grateful

Xander and the others rescue a demon hunter from a master vampire, only to get an unexpected reaction.

Past Sins

Returning to Boston to investigate some mysterious deaths, Faith runs slap bang into her past.

Gangs & Clubs

Xander and his group gain some unusual allies while fighting organised crime on two fronts.

Leap Of Faith

When Faith and the others are killed by the Council, God sends a former champion to 'right what once went wrong'.

Rasputin’s Charm

Xander and the others come up against a dark mage with an artefact that once belonged to 'The Mad Monk'.


Travelling to Canada in the hope of setting up a Mithras Branch there, Xander and the others find themselves immersed in a plot to return the Wolf-Demon to this plane of existence.

No Defence

Quentin Travers and the Council's ruling body decide what is to be done about Faith.


Faith discovers that she's fated never to take a vacation.  There's some people trouble follows everywhere.

A Spot Of Jonesing

Xander and Faith travel to Brazil to prevent an ancient party from rising.  Unfortunately there are other forces at work, including Faith's mysterious admirer. 

Humans & Demons

Most vampires are chosen because of the attractiveness of their human host.  Some are chosen for their potential for evil

Future Saved

A cybernetic assassin is sent from the future to prevent Xander and Faith's legacy before it's taken seed.

A Change Of Direction

Xander and the gang gain an unexpected ally in their quest to bring the Order down.

Call To Arms

Xander finds himself in a fraught situation when Jack Crow enlists his help to track down his missing protégé.

Kazaa Hataf

Alerted by Lorne, Xander and the others fly to the Middle East to prevent a terrorist from unleashing a zombie-creating virus.

The Feud

Xander and the others find themselves in the middle of a feud with the most famous vampire of all time.

A Stab In The Back

Xander and the others gain a new team member as they find just how ungrateful Watchers can be.

Immortal Tragedy

The Mithras Brotherhood meet the Highlander, in the process a devastating secret is revealed


A face from Mithras' past plagues the heroes.


All hell breaks loose when the Council get their hands on Faith.

Another Loss

The gang return to Boston as Faith struggles to recover from her ordeal at the hands of the Council.

The Chronicles Of Veneer

The gang travel to Greece to find a mystical book of vampire prophecy.

Friend's Legacy

When Lorne discovers the whereabouts of Thor's hammer, the gang have to battle mutants, gangsters, and intelligence agents to get it.

The Forgotten Crusade

When a thought-dead enemy returns with an ancient weapon of extraordinary power, the gang are forced to act fast to stop a possible middle east war

Il Lumison Legatus

An ancient cult seek to destroy America as they've brought down civilisations since the beginning of time.

Immortal Prophecy

The gang travel to Corsica to rescue an Immortal friend of Connor MacLeod's.

Death Won't Wait

When a Valkyrie goes rogue, Xander offers himself as bait.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Faith discovers just how hazardous homecomings can be.

Baby It's Cold Out Here

After the Initiative unearth a demon in Antarctica, it’s up to the gang to clean up the mess.

Divine Tragedy

The gang travel to Italy to save the world from a scientist's mistake.

The Slayer Who Saved Christmas

The gang have to save the avatar of hope from an unlikely host of enemies.


After returning to California to meet their back-up staff, the gang become embroiled in a Council member's quest for vengeance.

Kali's Crown

The gang are forced to act when a face from Mithras' past threatens India's fragile stability.

Atlantis Of The Sands

The gang are forced to investigate when a mythical Middle Eastern city reappears.

Responsibilities & Consequences

The gang are forced to recover some A-Team technology from an arms dealer and on the way resc ue Potentials from Wolfram & Hart's clutches.


The Immortal Draco attempts to use a demon to split the gang up, so he can kill Xander.

The Dangers Of Alchemy

Xander and the gang are forced to Chicago to help save the world.  While there they make new friends and are forced to face an old foe who has twice before managed to survive meetings with them.

A Blitz In Time

Demonic and clandestine forces the world over are forced to take notice when an angry Xander runs roughshod through half a dozen American cities not yet covered by the Brotherhood.

Crossed Swords

When the gang head to the Orient to stop a mass resurrection, they end up putting into motion the very event they sought to stop.

Slayer's Strength

When Faith's secret admirer has her kidnapped, Xander is forced into a confrontation with his most powerful enemy yet.

Never Again

The gang are forced to travel the world to prevent a monstrous yet very human evil from rearing its head again.

Open Season

When the gang head to turbulent South Africa, they become the prey in a bounty hunt.

The Pandora Experience

The gang are caught up in the opening of a box that managed to devastate much of the Sumerian empire while Xander is shocked

by a meeting with an old school friend.


The gang rush to rescue a soldier from a magical brainwashing intended to turn him into a killer.  In the process Xanders gets an offer from a very powerful source.

Give A Lobo A Bad Name

The gang go to Mexico to investigate rumours of a fake Mithras group and end up falling afoul of mystical monsters, Aztec witches, and vampires.


When a fallen Angel escapes from hell, it's up to the Quartet to stop his rampage.

The Beast In Us

When a member of the Mithras Brotherhood is kidnapped, Xander and the gang sweep into action.

Man Of God

Xander and the gang run up against the foulest of evils, while President Palmer moves decisively against the Brotherhood's enemies.

Hammer Of Heretics

Xander and the others run into trouble on a seemingly routine recruitment trip.

An Ascendant's Tale

Faith learns first-hand the might and majesty of an Ascendant.

A World To Save

The gang come face to face with not one but two of history's most notorious vampires.

A Bunch Of Good Ol' Boys

A camping trip in Arkansas turns into a nightmare.

Unnatural Cravings

The gang end up in South America attempting to stop W&H developing a drug that will allow them to control all vampires.

The Drow

An ancient enemy of the first Mithras returns.


Buffy's foolish rashness has repercussions through the supernatural and mundane world.

The Strange Fate Of Fulad-zereh

The gang battle to stop a dangerous weapon starting a Middle Eastern war, then face attacks from one of their own.

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