Hello, welcome to my website. It is of my own design. To get the date and time allow Active X Controls, it shouldn't harm your device.

The current date and time are:

The main places I have currently been to on holiday are: London, Auckland in New Zealand, Blackpool, Berlin, Paris, Rome, and Orlando Florida.

Of those I enjoyed Berlin the best.

I currently have a black labrador called Meg. Here are a couple of my thoughts about dogs:

I don't agree with the pronoun "it" being applied to dogs; they're not objects, they're sentient beings! In addition I don't agree with the proper name for a female dog; if it's an ugly word when applied to a girl or a woman then why is it OK for a female dog?

I have taken my hit counter off so I would really appreciate signatures in my guestbook, I would like to know that people are actually visiting and also - I would really like to read from you!

My age: well I'll just say that I'm a young-ish adult and also that I'm not middle-aged yet.

I'm currently looking for a volunteering opportunity/work placement in digtal art/web design/database design. I'm also currently brushing up on my French part-time at college, (UK), as I haven't had the opportunity to study French in a lot of years. I can currently speak 2 languages apart from English, they are French (français) and German (Deutsch).

My current interests are: part-time courses, digital art, web-design, playing sport and Wii-fit plus on my Wii, keep-fit (excercise bike), walking around my home town, eating crêpes, Bratwürst, waffles and churros when the continental market is on nearby, going to cafés for a milkshake/hot chocolate, listening to the radio and watching Eggheads and Doctor Who on TV.

In terms of music the only artists I like who are still releasing are Snow Patrol, Stereophonics, Eric Prydz/Pryda, DJ Mog and DJ John Gibbons. I also like Fierce Angel.

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