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Medical information for Ladies!

The topics dealt with here are important from a Womans perspective.The information is purely for general information and the aim is to simply point you in a particular direction for further research, and it has to be made clear that it is neccessary to consult a Doctor about any specific problems or concerns you may have, and not to rely on anything on this site with respect to your own personal concerns or conditions.

Particular areas of concern to Women:

The process of aging
Artificial insemination explained
Some methods of birth control discussed
Breast Cancer
Is it possible to choose when to have your period?
Common sexual difficulties and problems
A discussion on depression
Vaginal Discharge
Douching of the Vagina
Emergency contraceptive methods
The benefits of regular exercise
Hormone replacement therapy
Infertility issues
Vaginal infections and lubrication
The Menopause
Period pains and cramps
Osteoporosis explained
An introduction to Pap smears
Pre-Menstrual Syndrome
Rape and other sexual assault's
Sexually transmitted diseases,(STD's)
Urinary tract (bladder, kidney) infections
Infections of the Vagina
Vaginal muscle exercises
Virginity and restoration
Losing weight

Other areas of popular interest

Bad breath problems
Caffeine intake
Crisis response
Flu shots
Lack of sleep and Insomnia
Jet lag
Men taking female hormones
Nausea from chemotherapy
Older Men taking small amounts of male hormones
Pain relief in the terminally ill
Optimizing the semen specimen
Relaxation techniques