(two of which were written for
Sheffield Astronomical Society Newsletters)

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Precession (how the sky changes over the 25,800 year cycle) (Last updated 11 Jul 2004; 27 Mar 2005)
The Eye and Vision (Last updated 14 Apr 2004; 27 Mar 2005)
Tides (Last updated Oct 2004; Mar 2005; Jul 2005; May 2014)
Tips On Designing Web Pages (Updated 04 Oct 2005; some references updated 29 Dec 2007)
The Equation Of Time  (Why Sundial time Differs From Clock Time Depending On Time Of Year) (Last updated May 2014)
Differentiating between a raw and a hardboiled egg  (Telling whether a body's interior is fluid or solid) (Last updated 23 Jul 2006)
The Moon (Last updated 11 Jan 2007, reformatted 17 Feb 2007)
The Sun, and Stars (Last updated 06 May 2007)
The Number e - Some Facts About It (Last updated 27 Dec 2010)
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