ISAC`S Sea Fishing Venues:- Avon Beach Mudeford
Avon Beach Mudeford Sea Fishing Venue  ISAC
Mudeford Avon Beach Sea Fishing Venue ISAC
The second match of 2003 Hants & Dorset Premier League was fished at our traditional February venue, Avon Beach, Mudeford, Christchurch on Satuday 1st, from 6 to 11pm, Pegs were laid out from the Avon Beach Cafe up to the last stone groyne H11, at Highcliffe. Poor weather hroughout the week grid-locked much of Britain but that did not affect the south Dorset coast and subsequently 127 entrants turned up for the challenge which was fished on a calm, clear but cold winters evening. This the leagues Mudeford Avon Beach Map Directions  sea fishing venuesecond highest attendance, saw ISAC divide the match into 6 zones and pay out 1540 in 31 cash awards. 20 Flounders, 102 Pout, 297 Rockling and 24 Whiting provided the sport with a record 111 anglers returning fish to the scales for a total weight of 103lb, 46,715kgms. Zones: A1-21 3 Flounder, 17 Pout, 69 Rockling, 8 Whiting for 22lb 14 and a quarter ozs 10.381kgms, B22-45: 2 Flounders, 15 Pout, 36 Rockling and 1 Whiting for 12lb 10 and a quarter ozs 5.733kgms, C46-68: 7 Flounder, 23 Pout, 25 Rockling and 1 Whiting for 14lb 6 and a half ozs 6,533kgms, D69-89: 3 Flounder, 17 Pout, 36 Rockling and 6 Whiting for 13lb 11 and a quarter ozs 6,215kgms, E90-111: 4 Flounder, 14 Pout, 49 Rockling, 2 Whiting for 16lb 7 and 3 quarter ozs7,47kgms, F112-133: 1 Flounder, 16 Pout, 82 Rockling, 6 Whiting for 22lb 14 and a quarter ozs 10,379kgms. MIKE KEMPSTER from Worthing landed a Pout of 14 and a half ozs, 0,411gms, the heaviest fish of the match. BRIAN FISK from Poole caught a 5 Bearded Rockling of 9 and a half ozs,0,269grams, setting a new league record weight for the species.
Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.