Sensei Davies started Shotokan Karate in 1979 (25 years ago) and has made it part of his life.  He started his first Dojo in 1987 to teach traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate-Do.

All our Dojo's are in the Great Barr area of Birmingham and are run by Sensei Ian Davies 4th Dan, Chief Instructor of the MSKA (Midland Shotokan Karate Association).

There are also male and female black belts who assist in the running of the Dojo's.  Sensei Davies teaches all the classes and conducts all the gradings himself and these include Black Belt gradings.

Over the years many top English and Japanese Karate Sensei's have taught courses at Sensei Davies' Dojo's, attracting Karate Ka from all over the country.

In October 2003 Sensei Davies travelled to Japan and the Island of Okinawa (home of Gichin Funakoshi - father of modern-day Shotokan Karate) to improve his knowledge and understanding of Karate and indeed the culture of Japan and its people.

The MSKA is affiliated to FEKO (Federation of English Karate Organisations) and all MSKA students are registered to this governing body.


Chief Instructor - Sensei Ian Davies - 0121 360 3497

Sue Ryan - Licensing Officer

Kelly Templeton - Dojo Secretary

email us at mska@blueyonder.co.uk or click on the 'Contact MSKA' button.