Synoptic Situation at 0600 10/12/1962         Next

High, 1026mb, SE Europe declining.  High, 1037mb, W of Portugal intensifying
and pushing N.  Low, 962mb, N. Finland moving E.  Low, 998mb, just W of
Iceland moving E.  Warm front stretches from Iceland to W Ireland and is
linked to cold front moving SE over central and E Europe.

Weather over British Isles:

The whole area was dominated by a showery NNW airstream and a wave, on the
warm front, moved SE across W Ireland, SW England into NW France.  The
showers were wintry at times in the far N.  Rainfall amounts were small, the
wettest area being SW Scotland 9mm, and parts of N Scotland.  Most places
had some sun, the most was at Dishforth 6.1 hrs and London Airport 6.0 hrs.

Maxima varied from 11C on Guernsey,  9C at Gatwick, 8C in Birmingham, 7C in
Manchester, 6C at Eskdalemuir to 7C at Lerwick.

Minima were above zero in all places but many stations recorded a ground
frost.  London Airport 2C, Birmingham and Manchester 5C, Cardiff 6C,
Eskdalemuir 2C, Prestwick 4C, Lerwick 1C, Tiree 4C, Belfast 4C and Valentia
10C behind the advancing warm front.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

The cold front continued moving SE slowly, but was weakening all the time.
Rain fell along this front through central France and Germany up to Finland.
A stagnant surface layer of cold air persisted in the SE with sub-zero
maxima: Vienna and Zagreb -5C and Belgrade -1C.  W and N areas saw much
higher values than of late: Brest 11C, Paris 9C, Brussels 7C, Berlin 3C,
Hamburg 5C and  Bordeaux 11C.  Scandinavia was largely above zero, Oslo 4C,
Stockholm 3C and Helsinki 4C.  Moscow, ahead of the advancing warm front,
was -5C.

Minima were below zero over parts of N Scandinavia, but Oslo saw 4C,
Stockholm 1C and Helsinki 3C.  Berlin was 4C, Paris 6C, Bordeaux 10C, Nimes
7C, Madrid -4C.  Only SE Europe was much below zero with -5C at Zagreb, -6C
in Belgrade, and -10C near Vienna.


Bright and mostly dry in the E at first, whilst the cloudy weather affecting
W areas with some rain/drizzle will move steadily E to all parts during the
Rather cold weather will return to NW districts.

Some other 1200 GMT temperatures:

Oimyakon -44C, Verkhoiansk -50C, Murmansk -6C, SW Greenland +4C,
 Thule -27C, Chesterfield -27C, Goose -1C, Gander 4C, Montreal -1C, New York
2C,  Pensacola 2C, Dodge City -3C, Regina -9C, Calgary -10C, Fort
Smith -28C, Fairbanks -37C and Vancouver-3C.