February 11th 1963

"The Air Ministry decided that the cold spell would not end "for quite a
long time to come", while troops with bulldozers struggled through snow
drifts to relieve five farms in West Carmarthanshire.  The Scottish Football
League Management Committee, anxious that 1963 should remain a unique
experience, proposed that in future the close season should extend from
December 7 until the first Saturday in March."

February 13th 1963

" The Meteorological Office prophesised that temperatures would shortly rise
in all parts of Britain, and Devon's flood-emergency plan was again brought
out of the cold.  In the North-west stocks of house coal were "almost

February 14th 1963

" Devon got its floods at last and so did other parts of the West Country.
There was 4ft. of water on the Crediton-Okehampton road, 3ft. between Exeter
and Bridgewater, and the same depth on roads between Taunton, Langport and
Wantage.  The Army sent in eight D.U.K.W.s to Taunton where cars were
stranded in the flood water.  On the Scottish Border, however, snow
conditions were "fearful,", according to the R.A.C., workers at Fylingdales
were again marooned, there was more snow in Derbyshire, and a full blizzard
in Hampshire."

As reported in the Manchester Guardian booklet "The Long Winter 1962-63"