Synoptic Situation at 0600 11/12/1962           next day

High, 1036mb, 500 miles W of Portugal, persisting with strong ridge across
Atlantic to Newfoundland.  Low, 1012mb, 500 miles SW of Azores. Low, 982mb,
Shetlands, moving ESE with warm sector crossing Br.Isles. Low, 1003mb, just
S of Italy, deepening.  Warm front is approaching S Norway, Denmark and
crossing W France.  Cold front is moving SE across Scotland and Ireland.

Weather over the British Isles:

Some sun in the E at first, ahead of the advancing warm front.  Kew recorded
5.9 hrs, Gorelston 5.8 hrs, Birmingham 0.7 hrs, Manchester 2.4 hrs,
Eskdalemuir 2.6 hrs.  Stations further N and W were cloudy all day with some
rain on the warm front: Sule Skerry 18mm, Lerwick 15mm, Belfast 2mm,
Belmullet 6mm and Valentia 7mm.

Maxima were in range 6 to 9C over a wide area : Gatwick 8C, Birmingham 7C,
Manchester 8C, Glasgow 9C, Belfast 9C, Valentia 11C.  The exception was in
the Northern Isles where Lerwick was 2C with sleet showers.

Minima were above zero in all places but very close in the far SE :  Gatwick
0C, Guernsey 9C, Birmingham 5C, Cardiff, 8C, Manchester 5C, Glasgow 8C, Dyce
3C, Lerwick 1C (and still with sleet showers), Belfast 7C, Valentia 8C.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

Largely dry, except for stations affected by the cold front moving SE over E
areas, and some parts of W France as the warm front moved E..  Sleet fell in
parts of Finland and W Russia, and rain over Switzerland and central France.

Maxima varied widely from -11C in N Norway/Sweden, 1C in Helsinki and
Stockholm, 2C in Oslo, 0C in Moscow, 4C in Berlin, 6C in Brussels, 8C in
Paris, 11C in Bordeaux but still below zero in the SE, Zagreb -3C, -8C in
Sofia, -3C in Vienna, but further W it was much milder, Nimes 12C and W
Portugal 9 to 15C.  Coastal Norway was 0 to 2C in the N and 3 to 5C in the
S.  Iceland was below zero at all stations, with a N wind developing.

Minima  were below zero over all of Scandinavia, apart from coastal fringes
in the S.  Most parts of central and E Europe were just above zero: Berlin
4C,  Warsaw 3C,  Paris and Brussels 6C, Bordeaux 9C, Nimes 6C, Corunna 8C,
Sagres 8C, Madrid -3C.  Frost was still being reported in the far SE: -3C in
Venice and Zagreb, -4C in Bucharest.  Iceland was -2 to -6C in strong NE


England,Wales and S Ireland - cloudy with some rain at first.  Brighter,
colder and showery weather already over Scotland and N Ireland will spread
quickly SE to affect all areas by midnight. A second cold front will
introduce much colder air to all areas overnight and showers will turn
wintry in the N.  NW gales are expected to develop in the N and W.

Some other 1200 GMT temperatures:

Verkhoiansk -50C, Murmansk -2C, SW Greenland 2C, Thule -23C, Eureka -36C,
Chesterfield -24C, Goose -6C, Gander 1C, Toronto -5C, New York -4C,
Pensacola -4C, Augusta -3C, Dodge City -1C, Regina -17C, Calgary -15C,  Fort
Smith -38C, Fairbanks -11C and Vancouver 2C.