Synoptic Situation at 0600 12/12/1962        next day

High, 1032mb, Azores with strong ridge to Iceland.  Low, 972mb, N Denmark,
moving E.  Associated lows - 976mb, Norwegian Sea and 991mb, Brest.  Cold
front lies N Denmark, S Sweden, through Germany to central Iberia.  The
British Isles lie in a cold N airflow.

Weather over the British Isles

A colder northerly became established yesterday with embedded troughs moving
S across all areas.  As the main cold front continued moving SE, most S
areas had spells of rain, moderate at times.  Manchester was the wettest
place with 13mm followed by Stornoway 10mm.  The showers that followed were
confined initially to the N and W , but as the wind veered to the N, E
coastal areas were affected and the showers turned wintry in nature in the N
and E.

Maxima were in range 9 to 11C in the S ahead of the cold front, but 5 to 9C
behind it in the N.   Gatwick, Birmingham and Cardiff 10C, Manchester 9C,
Glasgow 9C, Eskdalemuir and Dyce 8C, Wick 7C, Lerwick 5C.  Belfast was  8C
and Valentia 10C.

Minima were close to or just above zero in most places: Gatwick -3C,
Guernsey 4C, Birmingham 0C, Manchester 2C, Cardiff 0C, Eskdalemuir, Dyce and
Lerwick 0C.  Belfast was 2C and Valentia 3C.

Weather over rest of Europe:

The cold front moving SE over France into Germany and Sweden took a band of
rain with it and there was a small amount of snow in parts of Germany.  More
persistent rain/snow affected parts of S Norway and S Sweden.

Maxima were mostly above zero except over much of Scandinavia and a small
part of SE Europe:  Stockholm -2C ,Helsinki -1C, Moscow -1C, Warsaw 2C,
Prague 3C, Bucharest -3C,  Munich 1C,  Berlin 3C, Paris 8C, Brussels 7C,
Nimes 9C, Bordeaux 10C, Madrid 7C, Venice 5C and Zagreb -4C.

Minima were very low over Scandinavia, close to zero in the S but -10
to -22C in the N.  Oslo 0C, Stockholm -2C, and Helsinki -4C.  In the SE
Venice was -2C,  Zagreb -10C, but to the W and N it was much milder: Paris
5C, Bordeaux 7C, Nimes 8C, Berlin 5C, Brussels 6C, Madrid 2C, Brest 5C and
Copenhagen 6C.


Cold in most places with showers continuing and with snow in the N and parts
of the S.  Strong to gale N winds in N, W and later the in the E. Frost in
many places overnight as skies clear.

Some other 1200 GMT temperatures:

Oimyakon -41C, Murmansk -7C, SW Greenland 2C, Thule -12C, Goose 1C, Gander 4C,
Toronto -6C, New York -6C, Augusta 2C, Pensacola 4C, Dodge City -12C,
Regina -29C, Calgary -13C, Fort Smith -16C and Vancouver 4C.