Synoptic Situation at 0600 13/12/1962             next day

High, 1036mb Azores, with strong ridge to Norwegian Sea, Low, with several
centres, covers much of W and central Europe.  Front stretches from Finland
through the Baltic States, Poland to S Italy.  Front is approaching W shores
as the Atlantic ridge declines.

Weather over The British Isles:

The day was dominated by wintry showers in many places, particularly heavy
over some central and S counties with snow lying in several places by the
end of the day.  The following places had snow lying, Gatwick 5C, Birmingham
4C, Wattisham 4C, Boscombe Down 4C, Cardiff 6C, Eskdalemuir 1C, Belfast 3C,
Cape Wrath 5C and  Lerwick 4C.
Sunshine was limited in most places and the sunniest was Thorney Island 3.7 hrs
in GB and Collinstown 5.0 hrs in Ireland.  Much of central and S Ireland had a
sunny day.  The station with most precipitation was West Raynham 18mm with 10mm
in Wick.

Minima were kept up by the still strong N wind over all areas: Gatwick -1C,
Guernsey 2C, Birmingham 0C, Cardiff -2C, Manchester 0C, Newcastle -1C,
Glasgow -2C,  Eskdalemuir 1C,  Tiree 2C, Lerwick and Belfast 0C,  Roches
Point 1C and Valentia 2C.  Many stations, over the whole area, reported snow
cover this morning as the showers continued.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

The N winds had spread right through W areas down to N Africa.  Central
areas had slack winds, close to the low centres, and eastern areas had light
S winds.  Scandinavia had persistent snow in the S, close to the main low
centre with drier, but colder, conditions further N.  Tromso -4C,
Sodankyla -15C,  Oslo -3C, Stockholm 4C and  Helsinki 0C. Coastal Norway was
sub-zero in the east winds.  Apart from the far E and SE, Moscow -1C,
Bucharest -4C, Venice 0C and Vienna 1C, most places went well above zero:
Berlin 6C, Paris 6C, Brussels 4C, Nimes 9C, Brest 7C, Bordeaux 9C, Madrid 8C.

Showers or longer spells of rain were seen along the main front and behind
it over parts of France and Germany.  Eastern and SE areas were clearer and

Minima were as low as -33C in N Norway and Sweden, -8C in Tromso, -2C in
Oslo, 0C in Stockholm and 1C in Helsinki.  Elsewhere Berlin and Paris 0C,
Brussels 2C, Brest 4C, Bordeaux 1C, Nimes 2C,  Bern 0C,  Belgrade -3C and
Madrid 3C.


Showers dying out from the NW but will still give moderate snowfall in
places during the rest of the day.  Frost will occur in all except NW areas.
Cloudy weather with a little rain or snow will move SE across most places by
tomorrow midday, with milder air following.

Some other 1200 GMT temperatures:

Oimyakon -49C, Murmansk -2C, S Greenland 0C, Thule -17C, Goose -7C, Gander 3C,
Toronto -11C,  New York -7C, Chicago -22C, Charleston -13C,
Omaha -24C, Salt Lake City -6C, New Orleans -9C and Pittsburgh -20C, Dodge
City -10C, Regina -12C, Fort Smith -17C, Fairbanks -12C and Vancouver 1C.