Synoptic Situation at 0600 14/12/1962           next day

High 1037mb, Azores, stationary. Low 974mb, 300 miles east of Iceland moving
E.  Low, 1001mb, Italy, stationary.  Warm front moving SE lying from just
off coast of Norway through Newcastle to SE Ireland.  Cold front lies just
NW of Scotland with waves moving E along it.  Old front lies N to S from
Finland to the Balkans.

Weather over the British Isles:

Sunny in many S and E districts with a few light wintry showers but more
cloudy in the far W and NW.  Bristol was the sunniest with 5.9 hrs,
Birmingham 3.5 hrs, Manchester 2.7 hrs, Cardiff 3.7 hrs, Newcastle 0.3 hrs,
Glasgow 2.4 hrs, Tiree 0.4 hrs, and Belfast 0.3 hrs. Rain approached the far
N and NW late in the day and spread SE overnight in association with the
warm front.  The wettest station was Lerwick with 13mm.

Maxima were still low away from the NW:   Gatwick 3C, Wattisham 2C,
Birmingham 3C, Cardiff 5C, Manchester 4C, Glasgow 7C, Newcastle 3C, Tiree
8C, Belfast 5C and Valentia 8C.

Minima were lowest in the S:  Gatwick -1C, Cardington -1C, Birmingham 1C,
Cardiff 2C, Manchester 1C. Newcastle 1C, Glasgow 6C, Tiree 8C, Lerwick 2C,
Belfast 3C and Valentia 7C.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

Northerlies covered much of France and Spain with slack winds in central
Europe and light southerlies in the E.  Some rain fell in many parts of
France and Germany, Austria and other southern countries. The east was dry
with some sun, as was most of Norway and Sweden.  Snow continued to affect S
Finland and NW Russia.

Maxima varied little:   Moscow 0C, Warsaw 2C, Bucharest -2C, Zagreb 3C,
Venice 5C, Berlin 2C, Brussels 5C, Paris 4C, Bordeaux 4C, Nimes 5C, and
Madrid 2C.  Scandinavia was largely below zero: Oslo -5C, Stockholm 1C,
Tromso -5C and -20C in the far N.  Helsinki was 3C and Murmansk -12C.

Minima were very low over much of Scandinavia: -23 to -35C in the N and -5
to -10 in the S.  Stockholm -6C, Oslo -5C, Helsinki -3C, Copenhagen -1C.
Further S it was milder: Warsaw and Berlin 1C, Paris -2C, Brussels 4C,
Milan -1C, Nimes 4C, Bordeaux 0C, Brest 6C and Madrid 1C.


Mostly cloudy with some rain in the N and W.  Rather mild, except in the
extreme N, behind the cold front.

Some other 1200 GMT temperatures:

Seimtchan -34C, Reykjavik 1C, SW Greenland -2C, Alert -35C, Chesterfield -16C,
Goose -7C, Gander -1C,Ottawa -26C, Montreal -16C, New York -9C, Norfolk -9C,
Augusta -17C, Pensacola -14C, Charlestown -13C, Washington -9C, Dodge City -2C
Regina -4C, Calgary 2C, Fort Smith -19C, Fairbanks -6C and Vancouver 7C.