February 15th 1963

"Once again, the thaw cut out, which at least relieved the threat of
disastrous flooding in the West Country, though hundreds of acres in North
Dorset and east Somerset were by now under water.  There was more snow from
Kent to Scotland.  Roads were again blocked across the Pennines, over Shap,
and in Mid-Wales, North Yorkshire, and Scotland.  Conditions were the worst
of the winter between Perth and Inverness, where vehicles were buried
beneath 15ft. drifts.  Water rationing began in Aberystwyth, an emergency it
shared with Carmarthen.  For the first time since 1947 the Derbyshire
Moorland Grazing Committee started an emergency feeding programme for 3,000
starving sheep on the fells."

February 17th 1963

"In the South and West hopes rose on a day of brilliant sunshine and all
main roads were open across Dartmoor for the first time since Christmas.
Things, in fact, looked like getting back to normal everywhere except on the
Border and in South and East England where many roads were still blocked.
After a snowplough had given up trying to get across Stainmore, an A.A.
patrolman leaned on his shovel and struck the roof of a car buried beneath
his feet."

As reported in the Manchester Guardian booklet "The Long Winter 1962-63"