15th January 1963

"Eight more people were gassed as a result of burst mains, five of them in
one family in Salford"

16th January 1963.

"A compromise was reached in the dispute over wages which led to the
work-to-rule in power stations.  For the twenty-fifth consecutive day the
temperature in London was below -4deg.C., the only comparable spells there
being runs of 24 days in 1890 and 1895.  Blizzards swept over the Yorkshire
Moors and 100 vehicles were abandoned on the road between Whitby and
Pickering.  The A39 at Porlock Hill in Devon was blocked for the
twenty-first day in succession"

January 17th

"In spite of the pay settlement the work to rule continued unofficially in
some power stations.  This together with a record demand for power in the
area, caused yet another blackout in South-east England.  At the laying of a
foundation stone in Nottingham a brazier had to be lit to stop the concrete
from freezing"

January 18th 1963

"Blizzards virtually cut  Scotland off from England and more than 200
vehicles were abandoned on Stainmore in Westmorland.  Locomotives in the
Western Region began to freeze up while they were running.  In
Gloucestershire a woman was found frozen to death outside her cottage.  But
the chilliest news of the day was of the death of Mr. Gaitskell"

As reported in the Manchester Guardian booklet "The Long Winter 1962-63"