Synoptic Situation at 0600 15/12/1962        next day

High 1038mb, Azores, stationary with strong ridge to Iberia.  Low, 972mb,
just off SW Norway with secondary, 976mb, over Baltic.  Low, 964mb, 250
miles S of Iceland, moving quickly E then ESE towards Scandinavia.
Occlusion lies from Scandinavia to N Germany, with warm front extending to
Spain and cold front to SE England.  This front links with a warm front
moving NE over the British Isles, currently lying from the Midlands to NE
Ireland.  Cold front expected to approach NW areas later.

Weather over the British Isles:

A mostly cloudy damp day as the warm front moved SE into France, leaving
most places in a warm sector for several hours.  Clearer weather followed
during the evening behind a cold front, again moving SE during the night.
Only a few places in the SE recorded any sun: Gatwick, Cardington 1.1 hrs
and Wittering 0.6 hrs.  The most rain was confined to the N during the day
and this moved SE overnight.  The wettest places were in the far N of
Scotland - about 12mm, with smaller amounts further south: Gatwick
1mm, Birmingham 3mm, Cardiff 7mm, Manchester 4mm, Mull of Galloway 10mm and
Glasgow 4mm.

Maxima were typically 9 to 11C over all districts with the exception of
Lerwick 6C.

Minima stayed high in the S: Gatwick 8C, Birmingham and Manchester 10C,
Cardiff and  Bristol 9C, Glasgow 7C but colder further NE ahead of the
advancing warm front: Dyce and Leuchars 2C, and Wick 1C.

Weather over the rest of Europe:

Mostly dry and bright during daylight hours except near the old front, now
stretching from NE Russia SW to the Balkans.

Maxima: Moscow -2C, Warsaw and Berlin 1C, Cologne -4C, Brussels 2C, Paris
5C, Brest 9C, Bordeaux 5C, Madrid 6C, Nimes 6C, Munich 1C, Belgrade 10C,
Venice 6C and Zagreb 1C.  N Scandinavia reported very low figures in the
range -20 to -35 under clear skies.  Oslo was -7C, Stockholm -6C and
Helsinki -8C.

Minima were affected in the W by the advancing warm front: Paris 4C,
Brussels 7C, Hanover 5C, Brest 11C but further S and E it was colder: Nimes
2C, Berlin 0C,  Venice 2C, Zagreb -2C, Warsaw -4C, Madrid 1C and Gdansk -1C.
S Scandinavia was being affected by the advancing low and thick cloud cover:
Oslo -3C, Stockholm -1C, Helsinki -11C, but further N temperatures remained
very low in range -10 to -25C but with cloud increasing.  -28C was recorded
in W Finland.


Cloudy at first with rain for all areas.  Clearer and showery weather will
follow from the NW behind the cold front and showers will turn wintry in the
N.  Gales will be general and severe in places.

Some other Temperatures at 1200 GMT:

Oimyakon -41C, Jarjan -48C, Murmansk -6C, SW Greenland -6C, Thule -17C,
Goose -13C, Gander -6C, Boston -11C, New York -6C, Ottawa -15C, Pittsburgh -20C,
Pensacola, Augusta, New Orleans -6C, Omaha -16C but W areas were again milder:
Regina -6C, Calgary 1C, Fairbanks -8C and Vancouver 11C.